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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WEHP This Week Primer

**This promises to be one of the more busy weeks for parents, scouts, coaches and everyone involved with bantam hockey.  The Hockey Hounds tournament, featuring 16 teams will begin Friday evening in Medicine Hat.  Then the next day, the NWCAA Rocky Mountain "Classic" begins the nest day with another 16 teams taking part in the Calgary Tournament.  So look for a large caravan of guys in black driving up the Hwy 1 from Medicine Hat to Calgary on Saturday morning or visa versa from Calgary to Medicine Hat!  The tournaments will feature 3 of the top 4 Winnipeg AAA teams, 16/22 AMBHL teams, the top 8 BC based teams and the 3 top Saskatchewan teams.

In tomorrow's newsletter, look for a full preview on each tournament, which will include players to watch and some fearless predictions!

**In case you missed it late last night, the Vancouver Thunderbirds have won their appeal to be moved up from Flight 2 to Flight 1 in the PCAHA.  The Thunderbirds who were runners up to Richmond in the Tim Jardine Tournament over the weekend will now be the 10th team in Flight 1. That means their 5-0 victory over Seafair in flight 2 action yesterday is null and void.  That was the TBirds 6th game in 4 days and with the pending appeal in the minds as well, kudos to them on the victory.

The PCAHA did get underway last night with the Semiahmoo Ravens sneaking past the Surrey Thunder 4-3.  Action will resume tonight as Abbotsford heads to Langley to take on the Eagles.  This will be the final game for both teams as they are both headed for the Medicine Hat Tournament.  NSWC will also visit Burnaby Minor this evening and NSWC will also leave for Medicine Hat afterwards.

**The AMBHL will see just one contest this week as St. Albert head to Edmonton CAC.  There are a few games over the weekend with the 6 teams who aren't headed to any of the two major tournaments.

**For today's good read, I would like to direct you to the Edmonton Journal who has an article on a player who is quickly becoming the next "big thing"!  Tyler Benson certainly has drawn a lot of attention and should continue to as long as he continues his record breaking pace.  You can read the rest of the article here:

Stay tuned for Updates starting on Thursday on both the Calgary and Medicine Hat tournaments.  Not too sure exactly where we will be yet and when but follow on twitter for the quickest updates.


Anonymous said...

Cheers to the T-Birds for making it to Flight 1. Jeers to PCAHA for taking so long on the decision. I know that the managers have been working overtime to get the conflicts and tourneys figured out for the schedule. Most teams had little time, now there is more work to do. Anyways, no problem with Vancouver for earning their way up.

Anonymous said...

Look for T birds to be top 5 in tier 1

Anonymous said...

To the T-Birds: Congrats on getting into Flight 1. You are a good team and deserve to be there.

However I suggest you have a few slices of humble pie. The constant postings and tweets about how good you are is wearing thin throughout the Lower Mainland. You are turning into another Langley or BWC. Notice how NSWC lets their actions do their talking? Ever see Abby, Semi or even now Coquitlam boasting of their abilities or making stupid predictions?

Actions do speak louder than words. Don't start chirping you will be top 5, just go let your play do your talking. It will serve you well.

Anonymous said...

Here is my very bold, completely meaningless, and – thankfully – anonymous prediction for Flight 1 standings through the mid-point of the season.
1. BWC
3. Langley
4. Semi
5. Abby
6. Richmond
7. Coquitlam
8. Vancouver
9. Surrey
10. Burnaby
Of course, I'm not factoring in the ridiculous "Sportsmanship" points. Why do we still have those in Bantam?

Anybody want to guess differently?

Anonymous said...

NSWC should win their pool in Medicine Hat and make semi final at the least.

Anonymous said...

How does PCAHA even justify tiering and wasting evertones time.

Should be mandatory 3 full 20 minute stop time periods.

No Sportmanship points.

Best of 5 playoffs series.

Anonymous said...

To the doubters not only did T Birds make tier 1, now confirmed for the Burnaby Christmas Tournament.

Anonymous said...


Please read 1:15pm post. Eat some humble pie and let your results speak for you.

Anonymous said...

i agree with 2:00 maybe richmond in 4-5

Anonymous said...

whoever is commenting on behalf of tbirds please stop your embarrassing us.
-The Players

Anonymous said...

November 13, 2012 1:15 PM

Why do you care? and why is it a concern to you. Don't like it don't read. People can post what they like. Who are you to decide who and what is posted. and if you look a few posts down NSWC could now be scratched off your list.

Anonymous said...

There is one team that gets no recognition due to their lowly past and that is Aldergrove A1. The team is 14-1 in their last 15 games with their only loss against Trail in a tourney final last month. Not suggesting they are flight 1 calibre but they really have been playing well with great coaching (George Walter & Lance Dewall).

Anonymous said...


This is a flight 3 team, that to my knowledge has no draft prospects. Good coaching and winning games is not what we are discussing.

Anonymous said...

I watched the Richmond/Coquitlam game last night and I must say Richmond wasn't bad (a little surprised). Wondering if anyone know some of their players? Impressed with a few: Houston -not an over the top skilled super stud but a work horse. Watched him score a goal on the forcheck short handed 3-5??? Who does that?
Dosanjh, Kemp, shaw and Vorster.... Any insight?

Anonymous said...

They have a few strong players, Kemp is a 99 and super impressive when he's on his game. Houston I have watched before, your bang on in the work horse department.
Dosanjh is very tough and a strong skater.
Vorster is a solid Dman and very reliable. Looks to be a little more physical this year.
Shaw is an under rated stud, some should pick him up and realize his potential. Bomb of a shot, and physical.
They also have another couple of forwards that are decent, jeychandra (sp?) is very effective centerman, good speed and strong finish. This team should be decent.