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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Calgary Royals win the NWCAA Calgary Tournament

The Calgary Royals defeat the Winnipeg Monarchs in the final today 5-4.  The Royals were led in the tournament by a balanced scoring attack that saw all but 4 players score a goal in the tournament.  The captain, Sean Montgomery led the way with 3 goals prior to the final in 5 games.  The leading scorer was D - Reece Soukoroff and Braeden Tuck each with 5 points.  The Royals advanced to the finals by virtue of a shoot-out win earlier in the day over Sherwood Park.  They also had a narrow 2-1 victory over OHA in the quarter-finals in which they had to battle back from down 1-0 and eventually won the game in the 3rd period on a goal from Colton Young with just 4:34 remaining in the game.  The Royals only loss came in preliminary play against the same Monarchs they defeated today.

Tomorrow, I hope to be able publish the final scoring leaders but time has simply run out on the day.  Thanks for all tuning in over the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Great win by the Royals. Total team effort.

Anonymous said...

OHA should surely tumble down the rankings now. Maybe hang on to a Top 10 spot but just barely.
And where will POE go? Honorable mention?

Anonymous said...

When's the info actually going to come?

Anonymous said...

Royals had a great game and were even down at one point but came back and got the win they deserve this one.

Anonymous said...

That Royals coach squeezed as much as he could out of his team this weekend. Congrats to an impressive weekend.

Anonymous said...

oha had a hard go but should not go down the rankings they are still one of the most dominating teams in western canada whith a 24-3-1 record

Anonymous said...

- OHA should tumble down ratings!
Has a nice ring to it, How about Royals should soar up ratings -

Anonymous said...

Rocky Mountain Classic was a five star(plus)tournament.

"Build it and they will come" - world class all around!!!!

Looking forward to next year already.

Anonymous said...

OHA one of the most dominating? Not when the Won-Loss record you cite is built heavily on playing a bunch of lower level teams.

Anonymous said...

Royals aren't that strong to soar up the charts. Wait till they play the Top West Coast clubs.

You can't win without the players. They're not there.

Anonymous said...

Hey 813am. Sounds like a sales pitch. The guys in the Hat attract the teams. You guys attracted the left overs. Good luck building it. Maybe choose different dates.

Anonymous said...

If you want clarification for the Royals beginning to soar, just look at what they've done against the medicine hat tournament runner ups. They beat them.

Anonymous said...

I have every confidence in this tournament going forward, and here is why. All games at one fantastic venue, making the scouts job that much easier and centralized. Cheaper for many teams in that they don't have to fly to Calgary and then rent a bus to drive to Med Hat. Greater choices for all of the things that don't occur on the ice. And the number one reason...the tournament isn't in Med Hat.

Anonymous said...

OHA did not have a great tournament, it happens. Why are all of you so quick to tear kids and teams apart?
Remember winning is not the most important part. Playing against good teams and players is what we travel for. So of you parents should just stay home. So of you are on the edge of harassment. and don't tell me don't like it don't read. This comment section getting worse and worse.

Anonymous said...

oha beat bwc and walked all over poe in edge. they seem to be pretty good teams

Anonymous said...

What was Chilliwack doing playing in this tournament? They aren't even close to the same calibre as the other teams

Anonymous said...


The scouts didn't seem to care that they had to go to the Hat. You must be an elitist, NW parent. Maybe the Edge should also host one and see who shows up.

Don't slam the Hat. I'd take Heritage over convenience anyway of the week.

Will scouts travel? Let them decide.

Anonymous said...

RE : November 19, 2012 11:19 AM

Because have the tournament at 4 rink (two of them being in the same building)in which can all be accessed by driving 10 minutes is a BIG inconvenience. What about the time it takes for the scouts to navigate through traffic to get to hotels, food establishments, etc?

Calgary isn't that wonderful compared to rural Alberta..

Anonymous said...

November 19, 2012 4:42 PM

There were LOTS of blowouts in Medicine Hat. Take a look ...
NSWC smoked Medicine Hat 11-0
Calgary Sabres did nearly the same thing to Semiahmoo 10-0
Calgary Bisons dumped Winnipeg Hawks 9-2
BWC defeated West Central 7-0
Notre Dame demolished Langley 9-0
and then Langley thumped Regina 9-2
NSWC pasted Calgary Sabres 9-0
and then the Sabres humiliated Regina 13-2

Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a thousand words (or more). Compare the Royals picture to BWC....Hard for anyone to compete with Winsport's venue.

We will not be going to Med Hat next year! Time for some upgrades all around.

Anonymous said...

hey Nov 20. 9:33 PM

the rink looks nice the banner looks great,

Congrats on the Championship

Medicine Hat just hosted their 40th tournament.

I have witnessed the BWC rinks and they are full of Banners, I guess BWC goes and plays where the competition is and not where the pretty Banners are given out.