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Friday, March 30, 2012

North East Wolfpack are Saskatchewan Bantam Provincial Champions!

Congratulations to the North East Wolfpack.  Winners of the SBAAHL Provincial Championship and now will represent Saskatchewan at the Western Canada Bantam AAA Championships.

Host - Spruce Grove PAC Saints
BC - BWC Bruins
AB - SSAC Southgate Lions
SK - North East Wolfpack
MB - Pembina Valley Hawks

Manitoba POE Day 1

Team Grey 3 - Team White 0
Matthew Greening, Jared Hunter and Bradley Schoonbaert scored the goals for Grey today.  Colt Conrad chipped in with 1 assist.  For Team White, the likes of Ryan Gardiner, Aaron Boyd and Marco Campanella weren't able to muster any offence in game 1.

Team Red 4 - Team Black 3
Julien Koga, Taylor Ritchie, Shane Roulette and Ashton Anderson scored for Team Red in the win.  Koga added an assist for the only multiple point game for Red.  Of note, first round rated Thomas Lenchyshyn was held off the scoresheet for Red as was Rylee Zimmer who was once ranked in the first round but has since dropped a bit.

For Black, Keaton Jameson, Dexter Kuczek 1-1-2 and Mark Taraschuk scored.  Of note, Ethan Williams was held pointless.

Team Orange 5 - Team Blue 2
Julien Uhryniuk paced the attack for Team Orange with 2-1-3, Lawson MacDonald 1-1-2, Michael Wirth 0-2-2 and Keegan Kolesar scored for Orange as did Dylan Stobert.  For Blue it was Noah Layte and Tanner Blight replying.

Team Teal 4 - Team Gold 2
Brett Opperman led the way with 2 goals for Teal and Jackson Keane 1-1-2 as well as Jordan Ivanyshyn with 1-1-2 scored for Teal.  Kirklan Lycar had 2 assists for Teal as well.  Zach Court and Tanner Wishnowski scored for Gold while Braden Purtill and Tyler Jeanson picked up helpers.

Action continues bright and early tomorrow!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hockey Manitoba Directors Cup

The 2012 Hockey Manitoba Directors Cup will be held in Roblin, MB from April 6-8, 2012.  The event will showcase the top 1998 born players in the province of Manitoba.  It is a developmental tournament which gives players their first taste of the Program of Excellence in the U16 and U17 age groups.

Western Canada AAA Hockey Championships

The Western Canada AAA Hockey Championships are set to being next week in Stony Plain, AB.  The host Spruce Grove PAC Saints will be joined by provincial winners; BWC (BC), SSAC (AB), Pembina Valley (MB) and the winner of Friday's game between Balgonie and the North East Wolfpack from Saskatchewan.

This year's championships feature many of the top prospects in western Canada, many of whom will be top two round selections in this year's bantam draft.  Here are the players who we feel could be top 2 rounders and who are participating at this year's event.

Matt Barzal, Ty Ronning, Adam Musil, Ty Schultz and Nick McBride all have a chance to be top 2 round selections for the bantam draft on May 3.  Matt Barzal will be making his 3rd appearance at westerns.  He was a 12 yr old Peewee call-up back in 2010 when BWC hosted.  Scouts and others will also get a chance to watch 98 born D- Dante Fabbro who will be a first round in next year's bantam draft.

Giorgio Estephan is a consensus top 10 selections for the bantam draft.  We will also get a sneak peak at western Canada's best 98 born talent in F- Tyler Benson, who many feel would be a top 10 selection this year if he were available!  Another is D- David Quenneville who will be a first rounder by the looks of things, he won the AMBHL North defenceman of the year.

Pembina Valley (MB)
Colt Conrad should garner serious first round consideration on draft day.  He is perhaps the most dynatmic and offensive forward from the province of Manitoba this year.  Pembina Valley have several other players who should get a look but perhaps not in the top couple rounds.  Maybe a strong westerns against some top teams can change that.

Balgonie (SK)
Jayden Halbgewachs has been the top forward in Saskatchewan all long by evidence of his SBAAHL leading 55 goals and his winning of MVP at both major Saskatchewan bantam tournaments in Prince Albert and Regina.  Jayden should be taken somewhere in the first round depending on team need etc.  Brennan Riddle is another garnering some series attention in the second round of the draft.  Nolan Reid is a 98 born defenceman who people will notice.

North East (SK)
Nobody currently ranked by us in the top 2 rounds but some like the play of Tristan Elder or Caleb Seaman.  However, the play has been a bit sub-par so far in the playoffs.  Again a strong Sask First and/or westerns could vault either of these players in to that area of the draft.

Spruce Grove (Host)
They have some talent with Conner Lukan, Nathan Bizeau and Justin Jacobson but again none are ranked up in that range as of yet!

So with this year's Western Canada Bantam AAA Championships set to go, here is a look at some history surrounding the tournament, with various records and other statistics of note.

2010 Championships

Draft Picks (31)
Calgary Bisons (AB), BWC (Host), NSWC (BC), Saskatoon (SK), Winnipeg Monarchs (MB)

Winnipeg Monarchs (7)
Madison Bowey 23, Paul Stoykewych 38, Michael Lorange 50, Kurt Keats 95, Jonathan Martin 135, Taeron Lewis 151, Nick Zajac 174

Burnaby Winter Club (3)
Anthony Ast 19, Joe Cavalho 73, Bo Pellah 126

North Shore Winter Club (6)
Nicolas Petan 16, Jackson Houck 57, Trevor Lima 123, Braden Krogfross 140, Daniel Urbani 233, Dexter Dancs 255

Saskatoon Frostbite (5)
Colby Harmsworth 54, Brett Lewchuk 105, Conner Kortko 130, Dawven Berggren 188, Elliott Peterson 242

Calgary Bisons (10)
Jonathan Merkley 3, Morgan Klimchuk 5, Spencer Morse 43, Coleman Vollrath 55, Brodie Clowes 90, Kyle Krabben 125, John Edwardh 136, Austin Seaman 148, Braeden Salverda 220, Andrew Weich 235

2011 Championships

Draft Picks (25)
Winnipeg Sharks (Host), Winnipeg Hawks (MB), BWC (BC), SSAC (AB), Prince Albert (SK)

Winnipeg Sharks (3)
Reid Zalitach 38, Ryley Lindgren 96, Ryan Pruden 286

Winnipeg Hawks (4)
Adam Brooks 25, Dane Schioler 36, Dallas Starodub 77, Maverick Rafter 227,

Burnaby Winter Club (3)
Lucas Mercer 133, Victor Dombrovskiy 156, Brandon Delgrosso 191,

SSAC (10)
Aaron Irving 9, Jordan Papirny 22, Zach Patterson 34, Bryar Ortynski 44, John Quenneville 54, Erik Donald 117, Zachary Riauka 122, Riley Simpson 123, Ben Sowa 132, Jake Debrusk 137

Prince Albert (5)
Jordan Harris 10, Miles Warkentine 16, Bryton Sayers 48, Ryan Duret 111, Lance Yaremchuk 116

Scoring Leaders Since 2007 
1.  Ryan Nugent-Hopkins  BWC  10-4-14 - 2008
2.  Adam Brooks  WPG HAWKS  9-5-14 -2011
3.  Matt Barzal  BWC  7-7-14  - 2011
4.  TJ Foster  Spruce Grove  8-5-13 - 2007
5.  Michael St. Croix  Winnipeg Monarchs  6-6-12  - 2007
6.  Ty Rattie  Airdrie  7-5-12  - 2008
7.  Charles Inglis  Winnipeg Sharks  6-6-12 - 2007
8.  Mike Winther  Airdrie  5-6-11 - 2009
9.  Mitch Holmberg - Sherwood Park  8-3-11 - 2008
10.Jason Swyripa - Airdrie 4-7-11 - 2008

Participating Teams Since 2004
British Columbia
BWC 12, 11, 10, 08, 07
NSWC 10, 05
Kelowna 06, 04
Abbotsford 06, 09

SSAC 12, 11, 05
Airdrie  09, 08
MH  06
Calgary Bisons 10
Spruce Grove 07
Fort Sask. 04

Prince albert '11
Saskatoon Frostbite '10
Weyburn '09
Warman '08, 09
Balgonie, 07
Martensville '06
Yorkton '05
Moose Jaw '05
Naicom '04

Winnipeg Monarchs '10, 09, 08, 07, 04
Winnipeg Sharks '11, 07, 06
Winnipeg Hawks '11, 05
Pembina Valley '12 (first time a non Winnipeg team has represented Manitoba since 1994 when the Russell Rams made it)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jansen Harkins - NSWC Player Profile

Jansen Harkins             
North Shore Winter Club Winterhawks
5’10.5 160 Center

Game Video - Courtesy from our pals at Scoutreels

Previous Interview - Prior to John Reid Memorial Tournament
First off, talk a bit about where you played your minor hockey and some of the personal and team highlights that stick out for you so far?
My entire minor hockey has been played at NSWC, it’s like a second home too me now. One of my first highlights was when we went to Quebec twice in peewee, it was a great experience. This year we have had a lot of great team experiences and highlights. Obviously were not the same team from last year, this year we have made a huge jump forward; winning Chilliwack and then in Medicine Hat we played very well until the finals. This has helped me get the MVP in Medicine Hat which has got to be my biggest individual award!  I'm very proud of the team this year and were not going to stop working hard and getting better.

Your season has been tremendous and included in that a MVP award at the Medicine Hat tournament. What do you think has been the biggest reason for that type of success early on?
Well I have played well individually but I wouldn't be where I'm at without my team. Especially my line- mates Nash Dabb and Quinn Benjifeild. Another reason are the coaches, they are great coaches and put me in positions where I can succeed. This year I have been trying to be the best I can be defensively, my mindset is that if I play well defensively I will get those offensive chances. With that I think my biggest asset to my success with my line mates is the way we read off of each other and move the puck. So individually my ability to see the ice is one of my biggest assets to my game, as well with reading the play. These things have leaded me to where I'm at with my goal scoring and offensive abilities and will keep doing them.

This year, your NSWC squad have taken a huge jump and have become one of the top teams in western Canada. What do you think makes your team so successful?
We have been paying great all season, and there has been lots of work that goes into our team’s success. For one, our Coaches are great, they have taught me personally so much these past two years and same with all the other players. As a team we play for each other, which I think makes us want to win and be successful so much more. Anybody on our team would do anything for each other, were all like brothers which makes us a very tight group. We are all focused on the ultimate goal at the end of the day as well, to win and to play as well as we can. Which makes us a top team, we like being the underdog always have been this year and will keep proving ourselves - I know that.

Being one of the top ranked prospects for the WHL bantam draft, there will be numerous scouts watching you now. Is this something you think about and what would it mean to be drafted high in the WHL bantam draft to you?
I think it’s definitely at the back of everybody's minds for sure, but I try to just block it out and just play. It’s the way I play that has gotten me here, I'm not going to change my style of play because I'm worrying about something. I’m going to improve my game thinking about the draft but not change it. Yes well I think it would be a great success for anyone to get drafted high. Obviously I want to excel my game to highest possible level to be able to get drafted as high as I can. I am definitely looking forward to it, but I have lots of other short term goals to lead up to it.

What would you describe as some of your main hockey strengths and conversely which weaknesses are you currently working on?
I believe my play making skills and ability to see and read the ice is one of my top assets. Then my goal scoring has been very good lately as I’ve been able to find those quite spaces on the ice. Well I can improve all of my game, to be better as a player. There is always room to improve, every day at practice or on the ice I try to improve something, doesn't matter if it’s my skating, my hands, shot - I’m always open to making myself better.

If you could pick an NHL player to model your game after, who would it be and why?
I would pick Ryan Kesler, and Sydney Crosby. I try to model myself after both of their best parts of their game. Ryan Kesler and his defensive game, the way he is such a hard worker and his ability to score with his shot and speed.
Sydney Crosby and his passing and the way he sees and reads the ice. I also his puck protection and how he never gives up, and the way he can score, and finally his leadership ability.

You have some NHL bloodlines with your father Todd Harkins having some experience at that level. How do you feel this type of knowledge he provides has helped you?
Yes allot! My dad has taught me so many things ever since I started playing hockey. His advice and lessons about the way I play and what I need to do to be better has helped my game in so many ways. Since he has been there before he knows what I’ve gone through to play and understands my game and improves it. He is very intense and it’s a little tough sometimes, but I need it to play as well as I can. He has taught me to hate losing, to play my best every night, to be the best I can consistently. The impact he has had on my game has tremendous upside and I’m determined to make him proud.

March 25, 2012 newsletter is ready

Final Stats included.

RankingsWe have expanded the 1997 age group rankings to now a top 225.  The reason being is that there are approximetaly that many players drafted in the bantam draft each year.  More movement has occured which includes several deletions off all lists and several new additions to the 97 born and 98 born western Canada lists.  Had meetings to discuss primarily the top 4 rounds and thus has movement throughout the lists.  The first round now suggests who we think a specific team may select in that spot.  The 98 born rankings have been increased now to a top 150 as we prepared the shift over for after the bantam draft.

I had a chance to speak with one of the fastest risers in the draft from Manitoba.  His two-way game is something scouts are prepared to use a high pick on come May 3.

Interviewed is one of the top goalies in the draft whose season ended far too soon.  We think he'll be a definite top 10 goalie selected in the draft.

We take a look at a prospect who plays in rural hockey and doesn't get a lot of press but his talent is right up there with the best of them.

Lastly, I spoke with a 98 born defenseman who you will be hearing a lot from in what is a strong draft class for high end defenseman next year.

News and Notes/Tournament Re-Cap
We have decided to prune down the USA draft list to a top 30 who we feel have a good chance to play or want to play in the WHL one day.  The WHL has never had more than 30 selections from south of the border on draft day.

Western Canada Bantam AAA Championship Preview
- A look at all the top teams, teams still alive in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba are included.  Also we determine the favourites to win it all.

Sneak peak at the top 20 '99 born players.  Full list will be included after the bantam draft in May.

Monday, March 26, 2012

AMBHL 2012 Award Winners Announced Tonight

AMBHL North Winners
Coach of the yearMatt Woodland Sherwood Park Flyers
Sportsmanlike PlayerMatt FonteyneLeduc Oil Kings
Most Valuable PlayerGiorgio Estephan Southgate Lions
Outstanding ForwardGiorgio Estephan Southgate Lions
Outstanding DefensemanDavid QuennvilleSouthgate Lions
Outstanding GoaltenderPatrick DeaSt Albert Sabres
Rookie of the yearTyler BensonSouthgate Lions
Top ScorerGiorgio EstephenSouthgate Lions
AMBHL South Winners
Coach of the yearMickey KlunerCalgary Royals
Sportmanlike PlayerBraylon ShmyrCalgary Bisons
Most Valuable PlayerNick MerkleyCalgary Bisons
Outstanding ForwardNick MerkleyCalgary Bisons
Outstanding DefensemanSalvatore ScaliseCalgary Royals
Outstanding GoaltenderZach SawchenkoCalgary Royals
Rookie of the yearJaeger WhiteMedicine Hat Hounds
Top ScorerNick MerkleyCalgary Bisons

Team by Team First Round Study

2011 - 2 Alberta (Pankewicz, Papirny)
2010 - 0
2009 - 1 Saskatchewan (Roy)
2008 - 1 Alberta (K. Wilson - now with Edmonton)
2007 - 1 British Columbina (Regier - not in WHL)
2006 - 1 Saskatchewan (Schenn)

- Brandon has had 6 first round selections in the past 6 years.  They have taken 4 forwards, 1 defense and 1 goalie (Papirny).  The goalie pick was used with an extra pick received in the Schenn deal to Saskatoon.

Moose Jaw
2011 - 2  1 Alberta, 1 Saskatchewan (Point, Warkentine)
2010 - 2  1 Alberta, 1 Saskatchewan (T. White, C. Hansen)
2009 - 1 BC (Reilly)
2008 - 0
2007 - 1 Manitoba (Howden)
2006 - 1 BC (Maylan)

- The Warriors have had 7 first round selections in the past 6 years.  They have taken 5 forwards and 2 defenseman, although Hansen has since been switched to forward.  The Warriors have spread out their picks early over the provinces

Prince Albert
2011 - 1 Saskatchewan (Gardiner)
2010 - 1 Alberta (Morrissey)
2009 - 1 Alberta (Winther)
2008 - 1 Alberta (McNeill)
2007 - 1 Alberta (Aasman)
2006 - 1 Alberta (Penner)

- The Raiders have had 1 pick in each of the past 6 drafts in the first round.  Interesting that 5 of the 6 are from Alberta.  The Raiders seem very likely to stay in Alberta or Saskatchewan with their first rounder.  4 of the 6 picks have been forwards, with the other 2 being defenseman.  This season the Raiders pick 2nd overall so look for them to take the best player available and with the draft so top heavy in BC talent, they may just take one of our top two Alberta ranked forwards in that group!

Swift Current
2011 - 2  2 from Alberta (Martin, Gonek)
2010 - 1 Alberta (Heatherington)
2009 - 1 BC (Richardson - Never reported to WHL)
2008 - 1 Alberta (Scarlett)
2007 - 1 Saskatchewan (Magnus)
2006 - 1 Manitoba (Eakin)

- The Broncos have had 7 first round selections in the past 6 years.  Recently they have drafted Alberta born defenseman with the past 3 first rounders being used as such.  The forward selections, after taking Eakin haven't worked out as planned with Richardson never reporting and Magus being traded once and then re-acquired.  The Broncos will pick a forward this year at #5 overall.  Do they go back to BC after getting burnt in the Richardson situation?  Or do they take one of those top two Alberta forwards?

2011 - 0
2010 - 1 Alberta (Klimchuk)
2009 - 1 Saskatchewan (Stephenson)
2008 - 1 Alberta (Bell)
2007 - 1 Saskatchewan (Favreau)
2006 - 1 Saskatchewan (Miller)

- Regina doesn't have a first round selection for the 2nd consecutive season.  They traded the selection to the Prince George Cougars in the Martin Marincin deal.

2011 - 0
2010 - 1 Saskatchewan (MaGauley, traded to brandon in Schenn deal)
2009 - 1 BC (Olsen)
2008 - 2  Alberta, Saskatchewan (Siemens, Benson)
2007 - 1 Manitoba (Inglis, traded to PG for a 2nd rounder)
2006 - 1 Saskatchewan (Berg, traded and not in the league)

- Saskatoon does not have a first round draft pick for the 2nd consecutive season.  They traded the selection as part of the Brayden Schenn deal.

East Division Summary
- 37 Selections
- 5 BC, 18 Alberta, 11 Saskatchewan, 3 Mannitoba
- No first round Manitobans taken since 2007

2011 - 1 BC (Virtanen)
2010 - 1 Alberta (Chase)
2009 - 1 BC (Clayton)
2008 - 1 Alberta (Kosterman)
2007 - 1 BC (Madaisky)
2006 - 1 Alberta (Schaber)

- The Hitmen have choose forwards with their past 3 first round selections. They have also alternated picks each year with Alberta and BC.  We feel they may pick a defenseman this time around and it is Alberta's turn!  We shall see!  The Hitmen will pick 17th overall.

2011 - 2  Saskatchewan, Alberta (Pilon, Duke)
2010 - 1  Alberta (Merkley)
2009 - 0
2008 - 1  Alberta (Tot)
2007 - 2  BC, Alberta (Therieau, Reners)
2006 - 1  Saskatchewan (Ashton)

-  The Canes will have 2 picks in the first round for the 3rd time in 6 years.  They tend to take a forward and defenseman each time but probably not a conscience decision.  They like to keep to Alberta or Saskatchewan early but with the draft so top heavy in BC talent early on, I think they may take one of them at 4 overall and use the 2nd first rounder, 18th overall on a defenseman or perhaps one of the top goalies.

Medicine Hat
2011 - 1 Alberta (Penner)
2010 - 1 Alberta (Jensen)
2009 - 1 Alberta (Shinkaruk)
2008 - 1 Alberta (Busenius)
2007 - 1 Alberta (Bunz)
2006 - 1 BC (Carlson)

- Despite always picking very late in the bantam draft, the Tigers always seem to pick a very productive player.  They have stuck to their home province in the past 5 years and tend to take the best player available from Alberta.  This year the Tigers pick 16th overall.

Red Deer
2011 - 1 Alberta (Bleackley)
2010 - 1 Saskatchewan (Doetzel)
2009 - 1 Alberta (Dumba)
2008 - 1 BC (RNH)
2007 - 1 BC (Redmond)
2006 - 1 BC (Ferraro)

- Over the past several years, the Rebels have had some very high picks, so the selections have been fairly obvious as to who they would take.  RNH, Dumba and Ferraro being those picks.  This year the Rebels pick 6th overall and we think they will target a defenseman with that pick.

2011 - 1 Alberta (Irving)
2010 - 2 BC, Alberta (Lazar, Geertzen)
2009 - 1 BC (Reinhart)
2008 - 1 Manitoba (St. Croix)

- The Oil kings have had exceptional drafts in the early going of their franchise which has basically put them where they are now, a bit ahead of the curve.  Three of their past 4 first rounders have been used on defenseman.  They have yet to pick a Saskatchewan born player in round 1.  This year they pick 22nd overall and are likely to take the best player available on their list and most likely a forward due to the fact that last years draft was heavy in defenseman taken.

2011 - 1 Saskatchewan (Shirley)
2010 - 1 BC (Reinhart)
2009 - 1 Saskatchewan (Cave)
2008 - 1 Alberta (Hurley)
2007 - 1 Saskatchewan (Czerwonka)
2006 - 1 BC (Lieuwen)

- The Ice also pick after the first half of the first round is over each year.  They seem to like taking Saskatchewan born forwards as has been the case in 3 of the past 5 drafts.  Haven't taken a defenseman in any of the past 6 drafts.  Is this the year, they buck the trend?  They select 10th overall, right in the wheel house of a few of the top dmen in the first round after the run on forwards is complete.

Central Division Summary
- 35 Selections
- 12 BC, 17 AB, 5 SK, 1 MB
- 3 of 5 SK selections taken by Koot.  5 selections in a row by MH in the first round!

2011 - 1 Alberta (Foster)
2010 - 1 BC (Ast)
2009 - 1 BC (Sward)
2008 - 1 BC (Hodder)
2007 - 1 BC (Spooner)
2006 - 1 BC (Kane)

- The Giants, as you can see have had quite the run on BC born players and that makes sense.  That ended last year when they took forward, Thomas Foster.  They have had a run on forwards and the only two dmen taken were traded (Hodder, Spooner).  The Giants will select 15th overall and will take the top player available on their list but with many of the top players gone at that point, I think a BC born defenseman could be had here.  A Saskatchewan or Manitoba born player seems like a long-shot.

2011 - 1 Saskatchewan (Chartier)
2010 - 1 Alberta (Lees)
2009 - 1 BC (Siebert)
2008 - 1 USA (McColgan)
2007 - 1 USA (Moffatt)
2006 - 1 BC (Barrie)

- The Rockets aren't shy about drafting players out of BC and will take who they feel is the top player at their specific spot in the draft.  They select this year at 9th overall and that is a great spot to land one of the top defenseman.

2011 - 1 Manitoba (Thomson)
2010 - 1 BC (Needham)
2009 - 1 Saskatchewan (Gaudet)
2008 - 1 Alberta (Smith)
2007 - 1 Alberta (Ranford)
2006 - 1 Saskatchewan (Bubnick)

The Blazers have chosen a defenseman fairly high in 2 of their past 3 drafts.  They tend to select from wherever as they don't prefer sticking to a specific province.  This year they select very low in the first round at 19th overall, so they may prefer a forward.

Prince George
2011 - 1 Saskatchewan (Harris)
2010 - 1 Saskatchewan (Forsberg)
2009 - 1 Alberta (J. Smith)
2008 - 1 Saskatchewan (Forsberg)
2007 - 1 BC (Connolly)
2006 - 1 BC (Elliott)

The Cougars have had a mix bag of results from the draft.  Injuries, Elliott wanting a trade, Smith not panning out and the Forsberg brothers hopefully meeting expectation.  The Cougars will take a foward this year from about a list of 4 possible candidates.

Victoria Franchise
2011 - 1 BC (Hicketts)
2010 - 1 Alberta (Kanzig)
2009 - 1 BC (Hodges)
2008 - 1 Alberta (Topping)
2007 - 1 BC (Sundher)
2006 - 1 BC (Howse)

The Royals franchise has picked in the top 12 for each of the past 6 drafts and will once again this year.  They seem partial to either Alberta or BC kids and we don't see that changing this season.  At 8th overall, we see them picking a forward and likely one from BC at this spot.

BC Summary
- 30 selections, each team has used a first round pick in each year since 2006
- 14 BC, 7 AB, 6 SK, 1 MB, 2 USA
- Both USA picks selected by KEL.  Victoria/Vancouver heavily weighted to BC picks in the first round.  PG swaying to Sask up high.

2011 - 0
2010 - 1 BC (Petan)
2009 - 1 Saskatchewan (Pouliot)
2008 - 1 Alberta (Rattie)
2007 - 1 Alberta (Ross)
2006 - 1 BC (Boychuk)

The WinterHawks do not have a selection in this years draft due to using it to acquire Noebels from Seattle.  Could this be a trend in regards to trading their first rounder due to the fact they can recruit so many American born players now?

2011 - 1 BC (Gropp)
2010 - 1 Alberta (Hauf)
2009 - 1 Alberta (Troock)
2008 - 1 BC (Sanvido)
2007 - 1 Alberta (Fleming)
2006 - 1 Alberta (Chaffin)

The T-Birds have had some bad luck in the first round of recent drafts.  They like BC or Alberta kids early on.  This year they have the #1 overall pick and will take Barzal (barring a trade), so has their luck changed?

2011 - 1 Alberta (MacMaster)
2010 - 1 Saskatchewan (King-Cunningham)
2009 - 1 Manitoba (Gow)
2008 - 1 Alberta (Holmberg)
2007 - 1 BC (Betz)
2006 - 1 Saskatchewan (Cowen)

The Chiefs have picked from all over the prairies and have mixed in forwards and defenseman throughout the recent first rounds.  The Chiefs went top heavy in forwards last year in the first few rounds.  This time around, they select 14th overall and they will try to look to a defenseman at that spot.

2011 - 0
2010 - 1 USA (Comrie)
2009 - 1 BC (Rankin)
2008 - 1 BC (Yuen)
2007 - 0
2006 - 1 Manitoba (Gardiner)

The Americans have become "the Americans" with the number of players from south of the border being selected.  They like to go to that LA Selects program to make selections now.  It is very likely we could see them use one on Robby Jackson or D - Keoni Texeira!  If not, who knows!

2011 - 1 Alberta (Mappin)
2010 - 0
2009 - 1 Alberta (Walters)
2008 - 1 Saskatchewan (Murray)
2007 - 1 Alberta (Simpson)
2006 - 1 BC (Tochkin)

The Tips favour Alberta and tend to draft due to team need no matter how high they select.  This  year, they pick 7th overall and with them drafted so forward heavy early on last year, a defenseman seems likely.  However, can they pass up on all those high end elite forwards?

USA Division Summary
- 26 Selections
- 8 BC, 11 Alberta, 4 SK, 2 MB, 1 USA
- Tri City haven't selected a SK or MB player in the past 6 drafts!

Bantam Draft Study - Part 2

A bit of a slow week until we really get in to it.  On the agenda this week are the USA U14 Nationals, which we will update when it begins on Wednesday.  Then on Friday, the first of four provincial U16 camps will begin in Winnipeg with the Hockey Manitoba U16 POE.

Draft Pick Breakdowns from last Bantam Draft

Medicine Hat1169.3151.564124032
Moose Jaw970.2161.672023310
Prince Albert1070.9168.963112430
Prince George1069.9151.354122321
Red Deer971.7163.343213401
Swift Current1270.8161.474135211

For reference, the average player picked was 70.5 inches tall and weighs 160.1 pounds. 

The team picking the biggest players is Seattle, at an average height of 73.2. Vancouver is second but almost a full inch shorter at 72.3 inches. 

Shortest team is Medicine Hat at 69.3, followed by Portland and Prince George at 69.9.  

When it comes to position, there were 129 forwards, 82 defensemen, and 21 goaltenders picked. 

For where the players came from, there were 52 from British Columbia, 80 from Alberta, 46 from Saskatchewan, 29 from Manitoba, and 25 from south of the 49th.

Interesting to see how some teams draft more heavily from their own region, and some draft from wherever. A few notes there:

 - Tri-City picked 4 kids from Alberta and the rest of their draft was American kids. The Americans usually are fairly loaded with Manitoba kids and not one single one was selected last year.

 - Regina, the provincial capital, did not pick a single kid from Saskatchewan.

 - Lethbridge's 6 Alberta kids included 4 from Calgary. 

 - Calgary minor hockey produced 24 draftees altogether. That's almost as many as the entire province of Manitoba.

Strange Facts
- Seven teams stayed totally away from picking a single player from Saskatchewan.  Those teams are:  Brandon, Regina, Tri City, Vancouver, Spokane, MH and Edmonton.  

- Four teams stayed way from picking a player from Manitoba.  Tri City, Spokane, Lethbridge and Red Deer.

- Brandon and Tri City both passed over BC without taking a single player.  Does Brandon find it to be a long shot getting a player to commit to playing way out east?

- SC, PG, Kamloops, Kelowna, Victoria and Seattle all selected a player from each province and at least one american player.

Skipping over the Prairies?
Victoria - 5
Vancouver - 4
Tri City - 4
Portland - 2

232 players picked. Of those, the numbers by birth month:

January: 41 (17.7%)
February: 36 (15.5%)
March: 32 (13.8%)
April: 34 (14.7%)
May: 25 (10.8%)
June: 13 (5.6%)
July: 13 (5.6%)
August: 14 (6.0%)
September: 5 (2.2%)
October: 10 (4.3%)
November: 4 (1.7%)
December: 5 (2.2%)

Overall, 62% of draft picks were born in the first four months (33%) of the year 1996. Assuming that births of baby boys were evenly spread over the 12 months of the year, you can see what a disadvantage the boys born in the last third of the year (10.3% of picks) had against the bigger, older boys from the early months.