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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Medicine Hat Friday Primer

Friday Action
Calgary Bisons 8 - West Central 3 FINAL
- Bisons move on to the quarters.  West Central are finished.

Abbotsford 3 - Aidrie 1 FINAL
-Aidrie are 0-2-0 and finished.  Abbotsford will need a win to move on.

POE 9 - Southeast Hounds 3 FINAL
-POE moves on with the win.  Southeast will face Abbotsford for the right to move on tonight.

BWC 2 - Winnipeg Hawks 1  FINAL
- Hawks have worked off the travel rust from yesterday and out-play BWC in the 1st period.  They hold a 10-8 shots edge.  Ryan Kubic will be tough to beat for BWC.  Ice tilted the other way in the 2nd period.  BWC spent virtually the entire period in the Hawks zone.  Kubic strong in the game and White a bit off so far.  Things can change in the 3rd.

Lloydminster 8 - Regina Silver Foxes 4 FINAL

Notre Dame 9 - Langley Eagles 0 FINAL
- Notre Dame will move on and Langley are finished.

NSWC 9 - Calgary Northstar Sabres 0 FINAL
- Drackett in net for Calgary once again as has been the case all season long with the exception of one game.  NSWC F- Dante Hannoun continues to rack up the points with 3 points in the first period.  Should be a top 2 round selection in the '13 draft if he decides to choose the WHL route.  His brother Demico is having a nice year in the BCHL.  Demico was a much lower pick though and perhaps not quite as skilled.

SSAC 7 - Semiahmoo 2 FINAL
- SSAC will move on and Semiahmoo is done now.  Still no upsets in the tournament.

Friday Primer
The Medicine Hat Hockey Hounds tournament has one day complete so far and really everything went as expected on day 1 with not one single upset.  You had to believe that the Lloydminster/Calgary Northstar Sabres was going to be the most competitive game of day 1 as both teams are top 10 teams in western Canada going head to head.  A bit of a surprise has to be the way the Calgary Bisons handled the Winnipeg Hawks though.  Even with the fact that top forward Nolan Patrick was out of the lineup.

Today marks a day in which all teams who lost yesterday will need to bounce back with a win if they have hopes of making it to the playoff rounds.  To start off with this morning, the Semiahmoo Ravens will need an upset victory over the SSAC.  Langley will need to defeat Notre Dame, Regina will need to defeat Lloydminster and Calgary Northstar Sabres will have to beat NSWC.

Thursday Action
Lloydminster 3 - Calgary Northstar Sabres 2
- Lloydminster got down early 2-0 to Calgary.  Brayden Goulet scored 2 of the Heat goals.  Goulet has 9 goals and 15 points in 15 games in AMBHL regular season play.  Lloydminster held the shots advantage 37-26 in the game.  Logan Drackett was strong for Calgary.

Notre Dame 6 - Semiahmoo 4
- Notre Dame built up a 5-0 lead and held on for the victory.

NSWC 8 - Regina 3

Edmonton SSAC 3 - Langley 1
-shots were 34-29 for SSAC.  '99 born Hollett strong in goal.  '99 Tyszka the lone marker for Langley.

BWC 7 - West Central 0 FINAL
Jaeger White led the way with 3-2-5 for BWC.  Jake Kryski had 2-2-4 and '99 born Henry Rhyu scored as well.

Southeast Hounds 4 - Abbotsord 2 FINAL
-Michael Doneff had 2 goals and 1 assist for Southeast.  Jordan Taupert added 2 helpers and D - Ryan Teslak with 1-1-2 in the win.  Kayden Pickles stopped 23/25.

Calgary Bisons 9 - Winnipeg Hawks 2 FINAL
- Matthew Phillips scores 5 goals.

POE 5 - Airdrie 1 FINAL


Anonymous said...

refs were obviously in favour of med hat tonight unfortunately.

Anonymous said... can games played Thursday be labelled Friday's action?

A little attention to detail please.

Anonymous said...

Abbotsford were brutal, worst team they have brought so far. The Hat badly outplayed them

Anonymous said...

November 16, 2012 7:06 AM

Looks like there is a title within called "Thursdays Action". Maybe you need a little attention to detail :)

Anonymous said...

How about a discussion on which players we feel will last the test of time. As we know only about one third of 15 year olds drafted ever play WHL. I feel it would be interesting to be discussing who will last and who will be taking the place of two thirds of these drafted players in the future. We are all somewhat interested in who scores the most goals but real scouts are looking for long term investments and aren't going to waste a pick on a tiny kid who can score in flight/tier 3. I believe we focus too much on who scores, rather than how the goal came about. Good goal scorers are often surrounded by very intelligent players who know just how to make that opportunity happen. They rarely get credited with a point but without them the goal never happens. Also the type of players that are highly skilled in shutting down the other teams top guys, who are very hard workers but can be missed in all this scoring hype. These players are harder to find as they are not the top scorers but the work horses.These players stand the test of time.

Anonymous said...

40 minutes in penalties plus 2 game misconducts for the Sabres. Hard to score from the penalty box!

Anonymous said...

Who was in net for the Winnipeg Hawk in the 9-2 loss to Calgary?

Anonymous said...

" Good goal scorers are often surrounded by very intelligent players who know just how to make that opportunity happen. They rarely get credited with a point but without them the goal never happens."

Great statement. These type of players are high sort after. Unselfish and intelligent.

Anonymous said...

November 16, 2012 9:42 AM

I look for body strength not necessarily height. Also commitment and desire to excel. No room for laziness.

Anonymous said...

The kid that is the work horse at the young age of 14-15 may stand the test of time. Working hard is a mature habit that is hard to find at that age. Also the greedy player may never be able to be taught to pass well as he usually keeps hold of the puck too long and then the opportunity is gone.Team first players for me after all it is a team game.

Anonymous said...

Great discussion.
Height and weight are often talked about. Both can be important but not always. There is a big difference between small and tiny. Tiny kids usually play until they get hurt and are of little interest but small very strong built kids can be fine even at WHL level.Tall skinny defencemen who never gain good balance are not desired and eventually get dropped. Average height with good strong build is my favourite. These kids can become good athletes and stand your test of time. All must be game smart and not fear hard work and commitment. Hockey must be no1 for them with little time for anything else.

Anonymous said...

For me I look for the edgy kid who borders on nasty. He can be reigned in but I can't make a scared kid unafraid. This is no game for timid guys and eventually they will get hurt if they are afraid. Yes I know some say you need role players of all kinds . But my team of unafraid guys will beat your team of skills boys over a long season ha! And that tiny role player will get taken out.

Anonymous said...

Agree with most posters on this subject. Would like to add that it is important that the kid wants it not daddy. Ive seen a few kids pushed out of the house to "go make daddy proud". They don't last long. The kid has to be ready to leave home at 16 and be independent of his parents. Great character and life skills is what the parents can give him and then he's on his own. If your kid is not begging you to do this he is not ready.

Lets continue these great discussions.

Anonymous said...

I have played at the highest level and developed and coached kids who have made the highest level. One thread that stand alone no matter size, skill, or the intangibles is " Heart and a Desire to be better than the year before". The kid who goes undrafted in the bantam draft understands that he will need to work harder to move along in the game, the kid who is a high pick thinks he is above doing the work to be better because he beleives he is better already. Agents, scouts, parents pump the egos of these kids and tell them what they want to hear not what they need to hear. If you have a skill set and and even stronger desire to work and better your game you will become a player. If you have a skill set and don't understand that growth needs to continue in your game despite being selected you will not make it. There are a lot of high picks on WHL rosters who are no more than role players, and there are a lot more who did not get selected in a draft who are the go to people on the same WHL rosters. The draft is based on what "Johnny could become, not what Johnny has become"! You have just as much luck going to a fortune teller and getting a palm read than you do knowing you think you took the best kid at 14. Midget AAA seperates the men from the boys, it also gives a better indication of who is ready and who is not. Development is key annually for any player to succeed. !!