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Monday, November 12, 2012

WEHP Announce Weekly Top 10 Team Rankings

Top 10 Team Rankings for November 12, 2012
1.   SSAC Southgate Lions (11-0-1  105-30) 
2.   Calgary Bisons (11-1-1  85-30) 
3.   Burnaby Winter Club (6-1-1  49-7)  
4.   OHA  (21-2-1 92-44) -Tournament Play
5.   Lloydminster Heat (10-1-3  83-44)
6.   Notre Dame  Hounds (5-1-2  40-26)
7.   Winnipeg Hawks (9-1-0  56-12) 
8.   North Shore Winter Club (5-2-1 44-13) 
9.   MLAC Scott Pump (9-2-2  54-28)
10. POE (5-0-0  38-7)

Honorable Mention
Winnipeg Monarchs (10-1-1 68-25), Calgary Northstar Sabres (10-2-1  60-27)
Sherwood Park Flyers (6-2-4  80-37) Langley (6-2-0 31-19)

Top 5 Saskatchewan AA Bantam
1.  West Central Wheat Kings (10-1-1  51-29)
2.  Prince Albert Venice House Raiders (9-1-0  83-35)
3.  Regina Pat Blues (8-1-0  48-22) 
4.  North East Wolfpack (6-2-0  45-21)
5.  Balgonie Prairie Storm (5-5-0  53-40)


Anonymous said...

OHA looking very strong this season. Beck Malenstyn could go high in the draft.

fatguy64 said...

The Storm and Pat Blues beat both West Central and North East to make it to the finals so I would say those rankings are off!!
Pat Blues
North East
North Central
Sask Valley
honorable mention to
Prince Albert

Anonymous said...

POE has slipped considerably. Depending on their results in the Hat, could slip to honorable mention status.
BWC seems to be rounding into form, looking to solidify Top 2 or 3 status in Western Canada.
Can OHA continue to merit Top 5 ranking? Too bad they won't be in Medicine Hat for some head-to-head comparisons.

Anonymous said...

Difference between OHA and POE is goaltending. Defense is comparable and each team has 3-4 top forwards. No secret OHA has won a lot of games on their goaltending this year.

Anonymous said...

Poe has the easiest pool in Medicine Hat

They have Airdrie, Abbotsford and Medicine Hat .

They have too much fire power for the teams in that pool . They are a lock to make quater final.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Beck malenstyn doesn't get enough credit. Not any other very good forwards on that team. Very strong Defense and goaltending though.

Anonymous said...

that pool was built for the hat so they had a chance to win the pool, and most comments that are made about poe it looks like they are average ,so for 3.08 pm it looks like you are trying to flout your own boat,and for the hat why would you put airdrie in your own pool,just for the win lol

Anonymous said...

Talen King should be very grateful that a desperate Prairie Storm went looking for other goalies. He was cut from 2 teams before finally getting picked for PS. Goes to show you that the best goaltenders can usually be found on the weaker teams. Stats mean nothing. A great team can make a goalie look good.

Anonymous said...

Team W-L-T Win PCT
West Central 14-2-1 .853
PA 11-3 .786
Pat Blues 11-2-3 .781
North East 10-4 .714
Prairie Storm 11-6 .647
SaskValley 7-5-3 .567
Monarchs 6-7 .480

Here is the winning percentages of the teams from Sask. listed above. Of course games played to this point don't mean anything so lets just discount them and go with the rankings listed by an earlier poster, because we all know all that matters when ranking teams is tournaments!!!!!

Anonymous said...

November 12 3:08

Oha has way stronger defense than poe