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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dallas Saunders Memorial Tournament Underway

Friday Results
Vancouver Thunderbirds 3 - Langley Eagles A1 3
Goals for Vancouver:  Weigleitner 1-1-2, Hunter 1-1-2, Deymanjian with a goal.  Lin and Prchal a pair of '99's with 2 assists.

Kelowna Jr. Rockets 6 - Chilliwack Bruins 1

Kamloops 9 - Langley Eagles A2 3

Abbotsford 5 - Richmond 1

Victoria 5 - Nanaimo 4

Thursday Results
Kelowna Jr. Rockets 2 - Vancouver Thunderbirds 1
- Captain Paul Georgeopoulos with the lone goal for the Thunderbirds.  They will try to get back on the winning side of things this morning against the Langley Eagles A1.  Kelowna will look to go to 2-0-0 as they play Chilliwack this morning.

Juan De Fuca Grizzlies 2 - Langley Eagles A2 2

Langley Eagles 7 - Chilliwack Bruins 1
G - Lange turns aside 17/18 shots for the win.  '99 born James Malm pickes up 2 goals and 3 assists.  Anderson had 1-2-3, Wright 0-3-3 and Gingras with 1-1-2.  Jesse Lansdell remains out with injury.

Coquitlam Chiefs 4 - Kamloops Jardine Blazers 3
G - Tucek stops 30/33 shots in the win.  Armstrong scores twice and Caleb Fantillo goes 1-2-3 in leading the way.  '99 F - Ethan Genge picks up 3 helpers.  Troy Robillard very strong defensively for the much improved 12-13 Chiefs.  Kamloops will look to bounce back this morning against Langley A2 while Coquitlam will play Juan De Fuca.

Abbotsford Hawks 9 - Nanaimo Clippers 2
F - Shannon with the Hat-Trick!

Richmond Blues 10 - Victoria 4


Anonymous said...

As a parent I have to ask, why are we seeing the same teams in so many tournaments? Sure the exposure MAY help some players that have a chance, but what about depth players or first years? We've only had about 50 days of school so far this year, and by my count between 10-20% of classes may have been missed in some cases.This in addition to teams having to commit to 5+ days on ice per week. How can boys be expected to catch up? When our team was asked about a 4th tournament, hard questions had to be asked. Were these questions brought up? From my point of view, those players with top skills are mentioned constantly so don't really need the extra views, and if there is a need for more exposure, what does it say about the boys' chances anyways? Maybe perspective is needed.

Anonymous said...

David Kim scored twice and was MVP for Langley A2 vs Juan Valdez.

Anonymous said...

Dear Langley Coach, were you playing for a tie? Was it some hidden game plan the rest of us can't figure out? You have some talent on your team, this is not Hockey 4, these boys want to be here. Put together a decent practice plan, use your head during games and treat these players with some respect.

Anonymous said...

T birds should have won

Anonymous said...

B grade tournaments usually attract the same level

Anonymous said...

November 23, 2012 11:13 AM

Could be if they win, then maybe they would play the A2 team ? so they tie and then they drop ? I am only guessing.

Anonymous said...


Very easy solution, put your son on a house team then you won't be in so many tournaments. Some of us would love to be in these tournaments. Some coaches don't want to go in these tournaments as they will get beaten or have their own agenda for certain players. Missing school is something these kids will have to get used to if they want to play junior. They have to learn to manage their time and fit in school and hockey. If this is not what you want for your son you should think again and not spoil it for the ones that do .

Anonymous said...

November 23, 2012 8:40 AM
Agreed. Tournaments generally take too much time away from school. With association games and practices the boys are often over-tired and and handicapped in their ability to study.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what's the deal with Langley? They have enough talent there to achieve better results. Their 98 goalie is weak but their 99 keeper has been good-to-great.
Is coaching a big problem?
Maybe some Langley parents could enlighten the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Teams like Kamloops only have 4 teams in their league. They have to play alot of tournaments so they dont play the same 3 teams 11times each in a season

Anonymous said...

Kyle Dosanjh of Richmond MVP of game 1. 4 points. For sure going to be drafted.

Bob Nystrom said...

Time to have a sign up login similar to Hockey Futures.

Create some accountability for this site. Users are tracked and deleted when their posts are unreadable. I like a lot of the posts and some great intel on other teams and players. Great scores and tourney recaps and also top 10 lists are very credible.

Good job To Abby for hosting a regional BC tourney and having some good teams there. It sure is not Med Hat or St. Albert but the games have been well played and the scouts have been plentiful.

The BC Winter Clubs, SSAC, the Bisons are on another level and deserve to be ranked high and Western will be a show.

Lastly feel free to post your name if you want to slam or tarnish a team or player. Grow a pair!

Anonymous said...

Nov 23 @ 10:09pm wondering where Kyle Dosangh was during the 11-0 loss against Langley, I think some of Langley's players might be drafted for sure. Oh and there are no for sures, thought you should know.

Anonymous said...

I've tried to ask this before ... what happened in Langley's 11-0 thumping of Richmond?
I expected Langley to win, but maybe at 4-2 or 5-1.
What happened?

Anonymous said...

one 4 point game means you are a sure draft pick ?

what type of logic is that, small mind mentality?

over promoting your child will get you no where fast!