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Monday, November 5, 2012

WEHP Releases Top 10 Team Rankings

Top 10 Team Rankings for November 5, 2012
1.   SSAC Southgate Lions (11-0-1  93-28) 
2.   Calgary Bisons (9-1-1  73-26) 
3.   Burnaby Winter Club (5-1-1  43-6)  
4.   North Shore Winter Club (5-2-1 44-13) 
5.   OHA  (21-2-1) 
6.   Notre Dame  Hounds (4-0-2  32-14)
7.   Lloydminster Heat (9-1-3  77-39) 
8.   Winnipeg Hawks (8-1-0  50-12) 
9.   POE (3-0-0  22-3)
10. MLAC Scott Pump (7-2-1  54-28)

Honorable Mention
Coquitlam Chiefs (3-1-3), Winnipeg Monarchs (8-1-0 54-19), Calgary Northstar Sabres (8-2-1  48-22) , Semiahmoo (4-1-3  31-15). Winnipeg Warriors (8-0-0 44-15)
Sherwood Park Flyers (4-1-3  69-27)1-0-1 Langley (5-2-0 26-19)

Top 5 Saskatchewan AA Bantam
1.  West Central Wheat Kings (10-1-1  51-29)
2.  Prince Albert Venice House Raiders (9-1-0  83-35)
3.  Regina Pat Blues (6-1-0  34-14) 
4.  North East Wolfpack (6-2-0  45-21)
5.  Balgonie Prairie Storm (5-4-0  48-34)


Anonymous said...

Med Hat just around the corner

These games will be very good.Look forward to see How strong SSAC really is.

Calgary Bisons vs Winnipeg Hawks

Winnipeg Hawks vs Burnaby

SSAC Edmonton vs Notre Dame

North Shore W.C vs Lloydminster

Calgary Bisons vs Burnaby W.C

Anonymous said...

Everything really seems up in the air in Saskatchewan right now. Even West Central and Prince Albert (full value for their rankings) have benefited from pretty weak schedules.

The Saskatoon teams look pretty even again. I guess we'll see what happens this weekend in Regina.

Anonymous said...

Is the number of games played for OHA and POE correct?
This shows OHA having played 24(!) and POE only 3.

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon teams are once again equal and by far the best league in Saskatchewan, just ask SMHA and they will tell you. I'm sure that all 6 Saskatoon teams will make the playoffs in Regina tournament, for proof all you need to do is ask someone from Saskatoon as the hockey world in Saskatchewan does revolve around them!!!

Anonymous said...

POE has played 3 tournaments plus a few exhibition games, so I would add perhaps another 15 games to their total.

Anonymous said...

Why does OHA have such a small roster and only one 99?

Anonymous said...

November 5, 2012 3:22 PM

Just think about that for a while!

Anonymous said...

Lots of teams could do really well with that formula!

Anonymous said...

OHA has 9 forwards and 7 D. One forward (a 99) is out with concussion.

Anonymous said...

How are the Saskatoon teams playing in a tournament. Are they teleporting there to avoid travel, or did someone from the rest of the province offer to give them a ride and save them some money.

Anonymous said...

Well... Please define very good?

Anonymous said...

Are we only allowing posts about hockey in Saskatoon to show up if they are of a negative tone?

I submitted a post ranking all of the teams in Saskatchewan yesterday, and it still hasn't appeared in this comments section.

Regardless of your own leanings against the GSHL, you should still allow neutral comments to show up.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest POE will drop to the bottom of the top 10 or lower after Med Hat.

there is a glaring weakness on this team which will be exploited by the better teams in this tournament

Anonymous said...


Some odd POE recruitment this year is starting to show.

Anonymous said...

Because they lost 1 game to OHA ?????

Anonymous said...

They also lost 6-1 to BWC

Anonymous said...


Actually POE lost 2 games to OHA.

Anonymous said...

They lost 5-4 and 8-3 to OHA in Calgary. Not sure how they've done elsewhere. Jost is real deal, not sold on others.

Anonymous said...

Coaching hasn't been the best at POE. They will pay for the consequences as time goes by. It was the same situation tyhelast season. Same coaching staff.

Anonymous said...


I'm curious why you make that statement about the coaching.

Is there something you have seen or heard that would support it?

Anonymous said...

I like pickles :)