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Sunday, November 18, 2012

BWC 2 - Calgary Bisons 1 FINAL - BWC Are Champions!

Hockey Hounds Tournament

Calgary Bisons 1 - BWC Bruins 2 FINAL
* Ryely Mckinstry scores with 8 seconds left in the game to force it!
* Owen Seidel with a lucky one to end it.
First Period
In a battle of what very well could be a preview of the Western Canada Bantam Hockey Championships in April, the two teams would have a bit of a feeling out process early.  The play would pick up as the period progressed with the line of Phillips/Olson/Ashton generated any chances the Bisons would have for the period.  Kyle Olson has tremendous vision and was able to make a couple plays that nearly resulted in a goal.  Matthew Phillips had a couple 1 on 1 chances against BWC D- Dante Fabbro but Fabbro is such a good 1 on 1 player and Phillips couldn't make anything happen.  BWC didn't generate a whole lot but every time Jaeger White was on the ice, he was able to slow down or speed up the play whenever he felt like it, it seemed.  A very strong defensive game for BWC, who play with very good structure and composure.  Between the teams, there is likely to be 6 first round draft picks coming up in May.

Shots 17-3 BWC

Second Period
BWC continue to dominate this game as the Calgary Bisons very seldom were even able to touch the puck.  The Bruins remind me of the bantam version of the Detroit Red Wings with the way they are able to control the play and puck at this level.  Jaeger White and Dante Fabbro really control the play when on the ice and I would be stunned if they weren't top 8 picks in the up coming bantam draft in May.  Adamu Tanaka has been very strong today defensively for the Bisons.  The Bruins got on the board just past the midway point of the 3rd period as Matt Barberis blasted a shot from just inside the blue-line from the far boards on PP to make it 1-0.  The Bruins would have several other chances and Jaeger White hit the post on a nice individual effort - walking in from the boards, showing nice moves with 1 second remaining in the period.  The bottom line is that it is still just a one goal game and the Bisons are far from out of this one.

Shotes 30 -8 BWC and 13-5 in the period.  Very much indicative of the play that period.

Third Period
BWC would once again carry the majority of the play and Fabbro along with Barberis were once again rock solid.  However with just 8 seconds remaining in the game, Ryely Mckinstry would take a pass from Tanaka at the point and walk in and fire a shot home from the top of the circle to force OT.  Great game.

Shots are 38-16 for BWC and 8-8 in the period.

Calgary Northstar Sabres 10 - Semiahmoo 0 FINAL
Both goalies, Kelleway for Semiahmoo and Drackett for Calgary started off strong in the first half of the period making several solid saves but Calgary would solve him at the 11:30 mark of the first on a goal by Dunn.  He picked up a loose puck in the slot and fires it high and it was 1-0.  Just 30 seconds later, Eric Lemire would complete a nice three-way passing play on a feed from Campbell to make it 2-0.  Then shortly after, Aucoin scores on a WHL caliber shot, ripping one high on Kelleway who again had no chance on the shot.  Then a couple late PP's for Calgary resulted in a pair of goals as Dunn finds a loose puck after hard work by Aucoin to make it 4-0 and then with just seconds left in the period, Chase Goods would just put a puck on net and it found its way through a maze of players for a 5-0 Calgary lead after the first period.

Semiahmoo looks to be playing with a bit of a short bench and look extremely tired.  Michael Rasmussen, the star '99 born forward for the Ravens took a puck off the knee and may not return either, making things even tougher.  The captain, Ty Westgard showed some spirit in the period as did d-man Berry.

Shots on goal are 20-8 in favor of the Calgary Northstar Sabres.

Just a reminder, that we will be Live updating this game and the final on Twitter today.  You can find the link to follow over on the right hand side of the page.

Second Period
It didn't take long for the Northstar Sabres to pick up where they left off in the first period as Austin Stang scores on a huge rebound from Semiahmoo goalied Davidson who replaced Kelleway to make it 6-0.  Then a few minutes later, Dunn picked up his hat-trick on SH breakaway goal - showing nice moves and it was 7-0.  Then '99 born Lemire scores his 2nd on a bit of a lucky goal as he banked one in from behind the net for a 8-0 lead at the midway point of the 2nd period.  Aucoin scores his 2nd goal and 5th point of the game, finishing off a nice 3-way passing play with Dunn/Logel for a 9-0 lead after the 2nd period.  The line of Aucoin/Dunn/Logel were  used sparingly for the remainder of the 2nd period.  Semiahmoo had a few PP's late but whenever they've had a decent scoring chance, Northstars goalie Logan Drackett was up for the challenge.  I would think Drackett would be a high pick for a goalie if he was a bit bigger.

Shots on goal are 34-18 for Calgary and were 14-10 in the period.

Third Period
Campbell scores his 2nd of the game late.  Both teams looked very tired and a lot of play between the blue-lines.  Davidson for Semiahmoo was solid in replacing Kelleway.

Shots on goal final was 43-21 for Calgary and 9-3 in the period.

Calgary NWCAA Tournament
Semi-Final Action
Calgary Royals 4 - Sherwood Park 3 SO
The Royals took a 3-1 lead in to the 3rd period but Brandon Wallis and then Clinton Veinot would force Overtime.  Sherwood Park's other goal came from Clinton Veinot as well in the 1st period.  The Royals got markers from Montgomery, Kendall and O'connor.  Both Montgomery and Kendall had 2 points.  Adam Marcoux stopped 37/40 shots for the Royals in the win.

Winnipeg Monarchs 7 - Kamloops 0
The Winnipeg Monarchs would score 4 times in the first period and two more in the 2nd en route to an easy 7-0 win.  Nolan Libbrecht continued his stellar tournament with 3 goals, giving him 8 goals in 5 games.  Kevin Jakisch had 1-2-3.  Ryan Hall turned aside all 23 shots he faced for the SO.

The Winnipeg Monarchs will play the Calgary Royals in the final at 1:15 MDT.


Anonymous said...

BWC completely dominated the entire game, outhshooting Calgary by a ridiculos margin. The game was in the bag and then ... Shugrue allows a brutal goal with 8 seconds remaining. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

BWC did dominate, and congrats to them for pulling it off. As far as the goal to tie it up "brutal"? Pressure goal... Great to see Calgary try to make it more exciting.

Anonymous said...

You can't even give any kids 10 seconds with out bashing them.

Anonymous said...

November 18, 2012 1:38 PM

6 on 5 , just killed a power play.
enough already. Both team played well and deserved to be there. these types of comments have no place here. Your comments will not get your son ranked higher. Everyone of these kids played very well.

Anonymous said...

BWC dominated. The goal for calgary was weak and Shugrue should have not let that in. Many strong players for BWC throughout the game, would have been hard to chose and MVP if the game had ended 1-0. Seidel solidified his MVP with the game winner. Fabbro, Barberis, Kylyshbeck and Seidel all played amazing the whole tournament. The Calgary goalie, Saunders, played amazing as well and definitely deserved that MVP.

Anonymous said...

You know what, I can't believe it. Calgary dominated the game and they should have won, BWC squeaked out a lucky goal for a lucky win.
Just Kidding, congrats to all the kids that participated in the tourney and most importantly congrats BWC for back to back championships

Anonymous said...

Shots on goal final was 43-21 2-1

last time I checked it was a team game. SSAC out shot BWC 10. However I don't see you posting that. We lost to a good team- BWC. Our forwards had 2 2-0 and did not score. We should have.
Your post is not a needed here. All of these kids played hard. and leave it at that. St Albert is a few months away. Calgary, ND, SSAC NSWC, BWC all have great players and Coaches. Great Tournament now lets all fly home.

Anonymous said...

Calgary did not give up. Congates to them for a great tournament. As for the comment above this did not come from any of our Calgary parents. Both teams played great. Not sure why a parent would even say something like that????

Anonymous said...

November 18, 2012 2:31 PM
"Not sure why a parent would even say something like that????"

Maybe because it's true. It WAS a brutal goal. A wrister from the top of the face-off circle ... no screen, no traffic even.

Luckily the deserving team won anyway.

Anonymous said...

Great tournament all around.

Thank you Med Hat staff and very one involved.

Anonymous said...

2:31PM When you see the replay of the goal on video you will realize what a stupid comment you posted.

Anonymous said...

That stuff happens. One team controls the game but can't build a safe lead, only to have the other team score a weak one.
In the end though, the Bruins won and they certainly deserved it on his day.

Anonymous said...

Are there any other tournaments with this level of teams before Westerns?

Anonymous said...

Calgary Royals - Sherwood Park was a great game. Both teams played very well. Both have some very good players. Too bad not everyone could get into Med Hat, But this was also a great tournament.

Anonymous said...

BWC were lucky to be in the finals anyway, SSAC dominated them all game long.

Anonymous said...

The Bisons battled hard and should be given full credit for their efforts. They were beat up pretty good with 2 call ups and every player nursing some kind of injury.

Credit to BWC. Look forward to seeing these guys hook up again!

The series is now tied.

Go Bisons

Anonymous said...

SSAC Edm vs POE Kelowna

Did POE beat SSAC 5 to 3 is that correct ?

Anonymous said...

Yes...POE dominated that game. Goaltending killed them vs Lloyd. Play was even

Anonymous said...


That is correct.

I was told POE played very well and held Benson off the scoresheet but cannot verify.

Anonymous said...

November 18, 2012 5:01 PM
Good advice. I took a look at the replay and the tying goal was a very bad. Just as 4:37 said, a wrister from the top of the circle ... no screen, no traffic.

POE beat SSAC 5-3. That's a big win, even in consolation. Guess that's why they moved up in the rankings.

Anonymous said...

My opinion only, but POE can play with any of the top teams if and it's a big if, their goalkeeping is as much as half decent.

However that's the problem and in all the games they have lost, it's directly attributable to this weakness.

The Lloyd game was a prime example. It has been said that your best penalty killer is your goalie.

Lloyd had 3 or 4 5 on 3s on which they scored most of their goals. Not to take anything away from their PP, but you could count 6 or 7 scores that were of the very weak variety, similar to the comments on the Calgary goal.

Anonymous said...

Video shows one angle, try standing behind the net and watch. He could have walked it in if he liked. Please give credit to the player who scored, and to the Calgary team. Did not know we had so many experts here. Why don't you tell us your names so we can Thank you in person. Both teams played well. Bitter parents trying to ruin it. You guys need to get it a rest.

Anonymous said...

I know there was a lot of talk at the rink about the tying goal, and it was a weak one for sure. The BWC Dad I was sitting beside just blurted out his own thoughts about that goal and he was less kind than anything I've read here.
BUT what hasn't been mentioned here is the OT goal ... it was scored right after a GREAT save on a Jaeger White breakaway. Who else would you want to have a breakaway? And Sanders stopped him with a terrific save. But then he lets in the softest goal he allowed all tournament. A baaad goal. Yes, he played a great game and kept his team in it, but that OT goal was stinky.

Anonymous said...

POE and BWC. Last time I checked goaltenders are part of the team. If they are bad its no different than a weak defenseman or weak forwards. It affects the team. Your team is only as good as your weakest player.

Anonymous said...


I disagree with your stateement that it's no different than a weak forward or d man.

A weak forward/d man can be compensated for much easier than a goalie, simply by limiting shifts, playing him with stronger player, keeping him off the ice in critical situations, etc.etc.

When your goalie is weak, you are not even sure he will make routine stops, never mind the game saver that is often necessary.

If that's the case it will affect the manner in which the team plays much differently than if your weakness is up front or on the blue line.

Anonymous said...

Stinky sound like a common used Goalie parent term when the goaltender lets in a goal without his goalie coach on the ice

Teach your child to not cheat off his pipes and those so called "stinkers" won't continue to haunt him.

Smart players can also read and remember the goalies weaknesses,

What was the excuse the Calgary Bisons first goal against, "too hard of a straight line point shot?"

we all call that type of shot a bomb, no time to for a goalie to react, and no goalie parent excuses!

This Tournament had many great games and battles to watch .

Thank You once again Medicine Hat Hounds and the WHL for a well sponsored event.

Anonymous said...

As some of us were in Calgary and not able to witness these questionable goals, can you post a couple short video links ?

As a parent that has been able to watch some of these kids grow up and play hockey together, the so called "lucky ones" are a term used loosely by goalie parents, opponent haters or people not in attendance.

I have seen Seidel do this several times in late do or die situations, the flashy decision isn't always the best solution, the smart players and teams always come out on top.

Great job Owen Seidel, Matt Barberris, Tyler Shugrue and all of the BWC team.

Medicine Hat Bantam AAA Tournament Champions 2 years running

Anonymous said...

Its a team game. You win as a team, lose as a team and get credit as a team. The goalie is part of winning and losing. If you have shots and lose you lose. Team sports are like that. Get over that your goalie let in a weak one. BWC and Bisons have played twice. Each have won a game by one goal. Thats it......

Anonymous said...

It's been pointed out elsewhere, but obviously bears repeating: Calgary beat BWC in a round-robin game, congratulations. BWC beat Calgary in the Finals and won the Championship. It's obvious that one of those "wins" was more important than the other. Don't try to make them equal.
Go Bruins!

Anonymous said...

Wow, tough on goalies. Shugrue lets in 1 goal and he gets hanged. Maybe it was a weak goal (didn't see it). Every player has a weak shift during the game. the difference for a goalie is that it ends up in his net with no one to back him up. Maybe you should support your goalie, since it sounds like he is your best Bantam goalie at BWC.

Anonymous said...

how can you say the Bison's goal in the 3rd period was fired in?

the video stream shows a simple wrist shot towards the BWC net.

Anonymous said...

I love the Stinky BWC OT goal comment.

As a professional, watch the video and you will see well coached BWC hockey players doing all the right things it that situation.

Here is a play by play for you if you were too busy texting your hotdog condiment order and missed it:

Face off deep in the Bison's end, (BWC) #20 wins the draw, and plays it back to the (BWC) point #10,

#10 then plays the puck to the (BWC) left winger #12 as #20 drives down low,

#12 takes a shot from the boards only for BWC to loose the puck.

Bison's D shoot the puck out up the center of the ice only to be picked up by (BWC's) #13 who then plays the puck back to (BWC's) #10, this looks like the line regroup (eh?).

(BWC's) #10 dumps the puck in deep on the Bison's left D zone.

(BWC's) #13 forechecks hard in on the Bison's D man tying up the puck and his man.

(BWC's) #20 jumps in and supports the (BWC) #13 forward

(BWC's) #20 comes out off the boards with the puck and drives to the net with 3 Bison's players now on his heals,

Stinky Goal!? (my arse)

The question I ask you is, what were the Bison"s D and Forwards all doing on the wrong side of the puck without full puck pocession (looking for a quick breakout)?

BWC executed that like a text book play, well coached and developed hockey players doing what they were supposed to do in these Stinky situations,

All the BWC's players were exactly where they should be.

Congrats BWC,

Anonymous said...

November 20, 2012 3:39 PM
You nailed it on lots of points, especially with respect to D-men and Center coverage/positioning for Calgary. And all of that was "stinky" too.
But the Goalie ... Saunders' use of the VH in that situation was okay but his execution as Seidel moved above the goal line is what made it smelly.
The VH is an interesting technique, but much over-used and often very badly executed ... leaving holes all over the place and the far side of the net vacant. The OT winner was a textbook example of how not to do it.

Anonymous said...

BWC the only association where the parents still find a reason to complain after you win a tournament.

Anonymous said...

Probably because by this time in the season its becoming clear who's getting drafted and who isn't. Lots of angry parents who are wondering why on earth they have spent all that cash to showcase some other kid. Enjoy the bling.

Anonymous said...

True. Recruiting for next year has already started this team is old news.

Anonymous said...

November 22, 2012 9:05 AM

How about a discussion on which '99's are going to be moved in out of area for next year. Rumours are flying.

Anonymous said...

Agree. You notice you don't here anyone asking or blaming the rest of the team. But we all know why. They were all very quick to blame the easiest target, and did post comments very quickly. So it did not effect their own kid.
As per earlier postings. You are correct why would anyone want to play at this association. Can you imagine what would be posts would be if they had lost. As a fyi BWC had the lowest goals for for any team who played 6 games,wish they could have pulled it off. But we only have to wait a few weeks for St Albert for that to happen.

Anonymous said...

9:05 AM

Yeap they are in trouble for next year. NSWC, Langley will be very strong out of BC

Anonymous said...

Its hard to see why a few of the BWC kids are still so high on the rankings. We have all watched them play many times. Great team, but many are replaceable with lower ranked kids. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

No matter how many trophies the team wins, the kids are still the same kids. They wouldn't be any different if they had played at their home association. Coaches get too much credit. Recruitment makes this team strong.

Anonymous said...

B.W.C. is by far and away the best
coached west coast team

Anonymous said...

November 22, 2012 11:39 AM

Is that why they win?
Or is that because they have recruited the best kids?

If its the coaching, why do they need to bring in recruited kids?
Could these amazing coaches coach a mid pack team to the championship?
Agree that some of these kids are average players at best, but they get very little ice time and the top players are skated to death. Is that a great coach?

Anonymous said...

November 20, 2012 10:37 AM

What I heard from the outside (rumours of course) is that politics and shenanagins prevented the A2 goalie from competing for the A1 spot. Who knows who is better, but I think there might be internal heat on the goalies in BWC at the Bantam level. Again, I'm not there, so I don't know, only what I hear, but some of these board comments make me wonder.

Anonymous said...

November 22, 2012 2:28 PM

Politics and Shenanagins When I checked the ranking he is not in the top 15 goalies of BC. Give it a rest

Anonymous said...

11:39 Are they recruited or do they want to be there because of the coaching? It's Bantam hockey, and those boys that want to go on want excellent coaching.

Anonymous said...

They ARE recruited. Been there, done that.
The belief going in is that your son will be better showcased as part of a high-profile team at heavily-scouted tournaments. In reality only a few are showcased and the rest are turned into limited role players.
The only appeal of the "coaching" is the fact that he's a WHL scout and parents think ... well, they think that fact will help their kid.

Anonymous said...

November 23, 2012 12:16 PM
Yes, all of the boys who want to go on want great coaching. But only a few that are recruited and allowed to boundary hop get it. Most have to stay at home and put up with whatever they get. Fortunately it rarely matters, a great kid is still a great kid and is getting his coaching outside of his team.

Anonymous said...

I have a difficult time listening to certain bloggers talk about recruitment at the clubs. Langley, Abby, Seafair, Coquitlam, Semi, Richmond to name a few all had players move to their associations from another PCAHA associations this year in Bantam. How come you fail to talk about these recruiting associations? Actually don't answer because it will be another low hockey IQ comment.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain why some games from this tournament you have 4 or 5 paragraphs and others just the score.
The top team at the time SSAC and BWC play. Yet you have nothing. How was it. who did what. etc. You have the two teams that played in last years Western Final, that could repeat again for each area. But for some unknown reason you have nothing, and it went to OT.

Anonymous said...

its hard to write or comment when all you hear is second information (you have to present to have an opinion).

The game looks like it was one sided by the shot totals.

I beleive if any of the promoted or showcased players would have scored we would be reading a novel.

Congrats to all the kids that participated

Anonymous said...

November 20, 2012 10:37 AM
Interesting the comments here. I know a couple sides of this story and the player never had chance. was bumped due to package deal with twins. Hurts boy and A1 team too.

November 22, 2012 2:28 PM
Started season as #4 in BC but when coach releases him he disappears. Now ranking based not on ability but coaches release. Real scout knows better.

BTW don't right off Thunderbirds. They will be fine, finish will be very strong. Coach and team working hard for end of season. Now is nothing.