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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday - Late

* Tyler Benson with another 6 points this evening in a 6-2 SSAC victory.  Benson, who now has 35-45-80 in just 16 games is on pace for 165 points this season.  The league record is held by Ty Rattie who put up 75-56-131 in 33 games.  Benson's 92 assist pace would smash the record.

*Kale Clague also had a huge game with 4 goals and an assist today.  Clague is also on track to smash the league record for points by a defenseman.  Clague currently has 16-25-41 in 16 games.  A pace of 85 points for Clague currently.

We fully expect Clague and Benson to go first and second in the draft.  It will depend on team need as to who goes first overall in May.  Should be a fun ride!

Swift Current Kabos Raiders AA Tournament
Congratulations to the Okotoks Oilers on winning the Swift Current Bantam AA Tournament this weekend.  They took a 4-3 lead in to the final seconds of the 3rd period but '99 born Jaret Anderson-Dolan would score with just .7 seconds to play to force OT.  In OT, Dylan Prpich would score the tournament winning goal early.

The "A" consolation game would also see OT as the host team Kabos Raiders won it on a goal from Kole Lind.  Lind was outstanding in the tournament for Swift Current and could go fairly high in the bantam draft in May.  Swift Current held a 38-20 shot advantage over the Pat Blues.

Dallas Saunders Memorial Tournament
Congratulations to the Langley Eagles on winning the Dallas Saunders Memorial Tournament in Abbotsford this afternoon.  The Bronze medal goes to Abbotsford who were able to skate by Coquitlam.

Dallas Saunders Memorial All-Stars
F - James Malm - Langley Eagles
F - Caleb Fantillo - Coquitlam Chiefs
F -  Carter Shannon - Abbotsford Hawks
D - Dennis Cholowski - Langley Eagles
D - Sam De Melo - Kelowna Jr. Rockets
G - Gio Sambrielaz - Kelowna Jr. Rockets


Anonymous said...

no T- BIRDS?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened with the TBirds Surrey game?

Anonymous said...

Winning over Edge must have felt good for Oilers and their fans, but must have felt awesome for their association...congrats from Calgary!!

Anonymous said...

looking at the alberta top scoring,seems like the league is soft comparing to last year.would this be a fair assumption /

Anonymous said...

Malm in Langley and Bellerive at NSWC are tremendous players. Two 99's who are among the best of the entire Bantam crop in BC.
Imagine what they'll look like next year.

Anonymous said...

Yes Alberta league is horrible

Anonymous said...

Alberta is the strongest league...

Anonymous said...

As a parent whose son is now a second year in Bantam AAA here in Alberta. I have got to say the league is no where as strong as it was last year. And is probably the weakest its been in a very long time.

Anonymous said...

yes looking at the stats from the ambhl,and than watching gms at med hat tourney,and seeing gms in league play ,a few of the kids are getting alot of points off the weak teams, but yet when it comes to the tough gms these kids be a top player in any league you must put the points up in all situations,and yes you will say that what about plus/minus and defensive play ,and etc ..and yes the ambhl is way weaker than last yr

Anonymous said...

What happened with the T-Birds game versus Surrey? A 0-0 win for Surrey, I'm assuming it was a default victory but what happened? Was it the price of moving up to Flight 1 a little too late?

Anonymous said...

8:25pm Rumor has it that the Tbird's coach was kicked out in the game and rather than serving his 1 game suspension, was back on the bench in the Abby tournament. This results in an automatic forfeit of game points and a recorded Loss.

Anonymous said...

Nov 28, 11:05 AM

are you saying hockey is all about points and putting more points up then little Johnny on the next line?

Sounds like a union mentality, everyone wants to be a boss and no one wants to have to work.

Just an FYI, goal scorers are a 16% contributors to the sport, and that is coming from a person who has played at levels and leagues higher then Bantam AAA!

Teach your child to contribute and play in all ends of the rink and you will have a player that any coach at any level will die to have.

Everyone is a role player, but most parents just want them to be the lone goal scorer, small vision will give small short time rewards.

Anonymous said...

November 29, 2012 7:36 AM
If that's the case, then why give Surrey the win? If I remember correctly, it was a 3-3 tie? Someone maybe able to correct me.

Anonymous said...

November 29, 2012 3:31 PM

Correct it was a tie, but in a forfeit the other team gets the automatic win.

Anonymous said...

And being on the bench when you are suspended in Saskatchewan would be an additional 30 day suspension or more.

Anonymous said...

Points matter alot. Just sayin...