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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Medicine Hat Tournament - Award Winners Announced

*Tonights Semi-final with Calgary Bisons/Lloydminster will be tweeted live.  Follow the link on Twitter over on the right side of the page and click on link.

Calgary 8 - Lloydminster 5 FINAL
Phillips and Kalupar.  Nice breakaway goal for the Bisons.  Shots are 8-0 Bisons and they are headed to the PP once again.  Williamson with the 3rd goal that squeezes in.  George King scores from the slot on a fairly weak shot on the PP.  Lloyd to the PP.  Huge hit by Lloydminster Heat forward Cole Johnson on Slater Strong.  Strong was down on the ice for a period of time and looks to be favouring his knee/leg.  Clean hit.  Sheen was solid defensively for Calgary with a few hard hits.

Shots 11-6 Bisons

2nd Period
Hines on a very nice back door feed on the PP.  Phillips then back-checks and prevents another good chance right after.  Shots are 15-13 Lloydminster now.  It was 8-0 Calgary at one point.  Lloydminster continues to carry the play and Johnson hammers one off the post.  He has been a force all over the ice tonight.  Shots are now 22-17 Lloydminster with 5 minutes remaining 2nd.  Lots of hard hits in the period.

Shots 24-18 Lloydminster

3rd Period
Matthew Phillips takes a nice saucer feed from Ashton to make it 6-1.  Then Williamson squeezes one through.  Lloydminster lost their cool and took loads of pims down the stretch.  Kalupar scores on a 5 on 3 as Lloydminster continues to take penalties.  Denis scores for Lloydminster on a wrap-a-round.

First Team All-Stars
F - Matthew Phillips - Calgary Bisons
F - Quinn Benjafield - NSWC
F - Tyler Benson - SSAC
D - Kale Clague - Lloydminster
D - Ryely Mckinstry - Calgary Bisons
G - Stuart Skinner - SSAC

Sportsmanlike Player - Jordan Taupert - Southeast Hounds
Top Coach - Tyler Drader - Calgary Bisons
Top Goalie - Stuart Skinner - SSAC
Top Defenseman - Kale Clague - Lloydminster
Coaches Choice Award - Tyson Jost - POE

MVP - Tyler Benson - SSAC


Anonymous said...

Tyson Jost wins Coaches Choice Award. I've been touting this young player as one of the very best in BC since the beginning of September, and he keeps making me look smart. Thanks Tyson.

Anonymous said...

Coach, you did that since Sept 2011, leading him to be a very individual player. You are welcome, coach. How about thinking for longer term though coach?

Anonymous said...

I don't read that as being a Coach, but maybe a scout or a parent (not Tyson's) ... playfully congratulating himself for being an early rider on the player's bandwagon. And he is one heck of a talent. Should go in Top 10, maybe even Top 5.

Anonymous said...

Haha jost top 10? TOP 5??? Will be lucky to be a top 30

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this site allows these comments that ridicule a player that is 14 years old and hardly a finished product in terms of development!!! Wake up people!! if you have ever had the opportunity to meet this player, coach him, or be around him as part of the same team, you would know that he is a tremendous young man as well as a leader and tremendous competitor!! He could play for me anyday! I don't know where he will get picked but I can tell you that whoever gets him will be getting a very good player and great character!!

1:50 get a life!!

Anonymous said...

November 19, 2012 2:48 PM
I agree with your assessment of Jost, and with the other post that predicts he'll go in the Top 10 (maybe even Top 5). But I don't agree that 1:50pm was ridiculing Tyson.

Anonymous said...

What would be wrong with being top 30 anyway. That would indicate early second round. How many players would kill to be that highly thought of. The 1:50pm guy makes it sound as if being top 30 is a failure. He should tell that to the guys that get taken in the 5th round what kind of failures they are. only he should tell them to their faces.

Anonymous said...

Ok enough of the Jost bashing , the kid is a great player , Jost is going in 1st round some where in top 10 , end at end of the day who cares , you only need 1 opportunity anyways , my son has played with him for two yrs now on the same line and would not change a thing , he loves playing with him and are good friends , so enough already

Anonymous said...

What is the Coaches Choice Award anyway?

When I try to guess what it means, I would think it means that the Coaches thought he was the best player in the tournament, or the player they would most like to Coach. No?