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Friday, January 6, 2012

AMHL All-Star Game - Saturday in Fort Saskatchewan

2011 All-Star Game

Jersey #TeamNamePosition
2Leduc Oil KingsGordon BallhornDefense
3CAC Lehigh CementBen McLeodDefense
5SSAC Southgate LionsDavid QuennevilleDefense
6Sherwood Park FlyersCameron ReaganDefense
7Knight of Columbus SquiresTanner Laderoute Forward
8St Albert SabresMatteo GennaroForward
9SSAC Southgate LionsGiorgio EstephanForward
10Lloydminster HeatAndrew KoepForward
11Leduc Oil KingsMatt FonteyneForward
12Spruce Grove PAC SaintsConner Lukan Forward
14MLAC Scott PumpAnthony SirianniForward
16Fort Saskatchewan RangersAaron KelloggForward
17CAC Lehigh CementBrayden BurkeForward
18Grande Prairie StormKolten DoramForward
19St Albert SabresBrendan KallisDefense
22Sherwood Park FlyersSam SteelForward
24Lloydminster HeatKale ClagueDefense
31Lloydminster HeatTucker Cochrane Goaltender
1SSAC Southgate LionsStuart SkinnerGoaltender
30Sherwood Park FlyersZachary KlassenGoaltender
Head CoachSSAC Southgate LionsTaylor Harnett
A/CoachSSAC Southgate LionsRichard Hamula
A/CoachSSAC Southgate LionsTyler Tomlinson
A/CoachSSAC Southgate LionsKeenan Boomer
A/CoachSSAC Southgate LionsColby McLauhlan
TrainerSSAC Southgate LionsJack Wilson
ManagerSSAC Southgate LionsDanny Estephan
Jersey #TeamNamePosition
2Calgary BisonsBrad Forrest Defense
3Calgary BronksShane BearDefense
4Calgary BisonsNick Merkley Forward
5Okotoks OilersMason McCartyForward
6Medicine Hat HoundsChayden Lauber Defense
7Airdrie XtremeTristan ThompsonDefense
8Camrose VikingsLogan RiexingerDefense
9Lethbridge HawksChase BellForward
10Camrose VikingsCurtis MiskeForward
11Calgary BronksZac WhitbyForward
12Airdrie XtremeTroy Van TeteringForward
14Red Deer Rebels WhiteAndrew PerryForward
15Medicine Hat HoundsMitch Hallas Forward
16Calgary RoyalsCameron AnklewichForward
17Calgary RoyalsSalvatore ScaliseDefense
18Calgary NorthstarsJordan Xavier Forward
19Red Deer Rebels BlackTyler SteenbergenForward
31Calgary RoyalsZach SawchenkoGoaltender
1Calgary RoyalsJake MorrisseyGoaltender
30Calgary BronksRiley MorrisGoaltender
Head CoachCalgary RoyalsMickey Kluner
A/CoachCalgary RoyalsCraig Perrett
A/CoachCalgary RoyalsJonathan Bartman
TrainerCalgary RoyalsKendyl Cooper
ManagerOkotoks OilersDeb McCarty


Anonymous said...

What a dismal draft year for alberta looking at this list
it appears that besides 4 players the 98 group is stronger Wow 97 has always been a poor year in alberta now its showing. Bc hockey will win next years u16 tournament

Anonymous said...

I think we should take our 4 western provinces and put the alstar teams together and play a eight game tourney, anybody up for some real hockey

Anonymous said...

A little early for that prediction dont you think. Who will win in 2015. BC. has some good players, and maybe more good players than Alberta, but you can only have 20 on a team and Alberta has 20 good ones as well. No idea how it will pan out though. I am not that smart.

Anonymous said...

The goalies aren't even the top ones

Anonymous said...

Agree with 10:48 - Child from Camrose should be on the South team and they should've flipped a coin for which Royals G got their slot. 97 in BC is v. strong - typical how a core of elite players pushes / challenges everyone to be better - maybe 98 = AB's yr.

Anonymous said...

agreed 2:16 98s in Alberta look strong 96 were very strong 95 very strong 94s weak 93s strong 92s strong 91s weak.

No offence to anyone itsjust a weak year stong years come from a core of high end players that push the pack in an area ie. calgarys 9s
Point Duke Martin MacMaster pushed the pack and all become stronger.
That is now happening in BC with Barzal Seto Harkins Its the way it works.

Anonymous said...

Has Aaron Kellogg started playing fwd or was he just put as a fwd because his team couldn't submit a d man.....last year the highest leading scorer at the all star break and at season end (point) was not allowed to play....Leduc had panckewitz (sp) at d in order to get him into the game,,seems bush to be able to put whomever you want wherever you want...I see theander in okotoks is listed as a D and is highest scoring 97 d on AMBHL...he plays fwd 90% of the time... too many bush things going on

Anonymous said...

theander and kellog not even in the same category, kellog big strong and fast, should be able to play any position he wants at anytime, likely would be a great goalie as well, strong d-man and I would stand him in front of the net on every power play that my team has, theander a good skater, small but effective, undisciplind but seems to see the ice, should be a forward dont think he will be a big player, he played all over in the kelowna tournament, gets running around when team is losing, more effectiv when he is control of his play, who really cares what they are listed as, if they can be offensive great.

Anonymous said...

whoa there January 9, 2012 10:13: AM---not comparing theander to kellogg...wouldn't compare theander to any top d man...was commenting that kellogg listed as a fwd in all star game when he only plays d on his of fort sask did this to get him in the game---just seems bush...was saying theander listed as a high scoring d man when he rarely plays d....did you even read my comment or just skim thru it....kellogg in a different stratosphere than theaner...a guy like all world point doesn't get to play in the all star game when a guy like kellogg does...just making a "point"