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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Late Saturday Update

Calgary Bisons 12 - Medicine Hat 6
Projected top 10 overall bantam pick Nick Merkley picks up 5 goals and 2 assists en route to a Calgary Bisons 12-6 win.  Keillan Olson had 4 points and 98 born D- Ryley McKinstry had a pair of goals.  Jaeger White had one of the markers for Medicine Hat.  White is projected as a top 10 pick in next year's draft.

Lloydminster 3 - Edmonton CAC 3
Andrew Koep was held off the score sheet in this one.  Koep had entered the game with 7 goals in has past two games.  For CAC, Dylan Stewart had 2 goals and D - Justin Greer 3 assists.

POE 10 - OHA 1

Fort Saskatchewan have won their 2nd straight game today.  This time they defeated RD Black.  Good for them to get on a little bit of a roll. Kelowna defeated Kamloops today 4-2 in OMAHA action.  Cloverdale beat the Sno-Kings 5-2 for their 4th win in a row and 6th in the past 7 games.

more later
More later.


Anonymous said...

Some Regina team beat the mighty Melville team. So, I guess Melville was the best team in the province for a day. I am guessing there will be lots of excuses(ooops, I mean reasons) for the loss.

Anonymous said...

Poe looked more like a midget aaa team in tonight's game vs OHA. Very mature team .POE defense was outstanding. Very physical back end.

Anonymous said...

Cloverdale has won, 7 of their last 7 games going back to their game against Seafair, in the Semi-Finals of the Burnaby Tournament. They haven't been defeated since they went to Seattle in December.

Anonymous said...

POE dominates Kelowna 9 to 1.They are ready for business in St.Albert.Amazing how losing a player can change a team.

Anonymous said...

Poe had a AA goalie play 2 games in a row. He looks really good maybe Poe has found there missing link. Does anyone know who he is.

Anonymous said...

Not much drama in a 10-1 win, but in POE vs OHA game POE's mystery AA callup goalie again made a few great saves when game was close. Who is this kid and will he be POE's secret weapon in St Albert?

Anonymous said...

The POE callup from AA is Cody Porter. According to some he's been head/shoulders the best Bantam goalie at POE all year. Go figure why he's been on AA but looks like that's about to change.

Anonymous said...

He was at NSWC , but would not able on A1 when you have Bo and Taz.
So they left. NSWC has a few good 97 goalies, No 98 at all.

Anonymous said...

Any idea why Estephan and the other guy werent playing for SSAC this past weekend. Are they hurt. Are they going to be in St. Albert.

Anonymous said...

What is the reason Cloverdale, P.O.E, O.H.A and Seafair have to let everyone know about every game they play ?