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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quick Update - Late, Late Saturday

The AMBHL All-Star game took place in Fort. Saskatchewan on Saturday with Aaron Kellogg scoring the GWG late for a 6-5 North win over South.  Some observations from the game were that North had a substantially deeper team than that of the south in this one.  Our reports were that the 98's stood out just as much, if not more than the 97's.  In fact many scouts in general feel that the 97 draft class as a whole is a bit of a weak class in Alberta compared to the 95's and 96's.  The 98 Alberta draft class looks stellar!

Nick Merkley had the goal of the game on a beautiful end to end rush that had everyone in attendance oooo and ahhhh.  A very physical game with a high tempo.  Good amount of people in the stands.

Matteo Gennaro
Nick Merkley

The North East Wolfpack and the Winnipeg Monarchs tied at 3-3 today in Tisdale.  The Monarchs held leads of 1-0 and 3-2 by each period in this one and out-shot the Wolfpack 36-21 in the game.  Scoring for the Monarchs was; Dillon, Stefanson and MacDonald while Zach Court  was away and Noah Layte was hurt.  For North East, it was Zary, Elder and Regnier.  North East held on at the end killing off a 4 minute penalty to preserve the tie.  The only scratch for North East was Bryce Fiske due to suspension.  The Monarchs will take to the icy roads tonight to play in Lumsden tomorrow vs. Balgonie.

On a side note, Balgonie lost their first game of the season today 6-5 to Melville.


Anonymous said...

I was at the game. Great game to watch. Very skilled game with high-tempo. Melville deserved the win though.

Anonymous said...

Melville and Storm game was a very fast paced entertaining game. Halbewachs was held in check most of the game and Melvilles first line was too much for Storm to handle. Score actually flattered Storm a little.

Anonymous said...

Nswc ties Abby at 1? Peaked a little early.Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Sask teams have a 5-1-2 record against AAA teams this winter.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said Sask. teams have a 5-1-2 record against AAA teams should consider which teams they were. Yorkton went to Red Deerfirst year and second years tournament and never won a game. Not sure how Prairie Storm did against Winnipeg Monarchs this past weekend. NE tied the Winnipeg team. How many teams in Sask. have beaten BWC, NSWC, Cloverdale, CAC, SSAC, Royals, Bisons, St. Albert, POE. None. The AAA teams that Sask teams may have played this year would have been lower end AAA teams, if they were AAA teams that were playing.

Anonymous said...

I think if PS would have pounded or even beat the Monarchs, there would be tweets and updates on here, but I am assuming they never won, because not a peep. The guy who said Sask. teams are 5-1-2, I was wondering what teams have that record, and who they beat. Sounds more like Yorktons record in December than Sask. record against AAA teams.

Anonymous said...

SW bantam Cougars had no trouble beating the Monarchs on the first leg of their road trip. This team is doing very well this year, but not getting lots of exposure. Recently won the Morris tournament against Avery strong team from Dryden, Ontario.

Anonymous said...

The Balgonie vs. Monarchs game was a great game. Fast paced, physical play. Tons of scouts and recruiters in attendance. I believe Prairie Storm totally out played the Monarchs. The Monarchs had a strong performance from their goaltender & Halbgewachs was flying for the Prairie Storm scoring both their goals. Great game overall. 2-2 Tie.