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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Breaking News - Will Lawrence has left POE for BWC

Will Lawrence has left the POE Hockey Academy and will add even more offence to an already strong BWC Bantam AAA roster.  Lawrence was 3rd on POE in scoring this season with 28-46-74 in 39 games this season.

This should make for an interesting rivalry if the two teams were to meet at the John Reid Memorial Tournament which starts a week from today.

*NOTE - No further comments will be accepted on the matter.


Anonymous said...

Aren't there any rules governing such transfers at this time of the season?

Anonymous said...

Must be nice to just pick up some more fire power when you need it. Too bad only select clubs can do that in PCAHA, what a joke. All the more reason to pull for association teams like Sea Fair, Cloverdale, and Semi. Teams that cant pick from the cream of the crop year after year.

I guess one or two Bruins just got their ice time cut.....Gee thats too bad.

Anonymous said...

If his family has legitimately moved to Burnaby he can only transfer associations if this was completed before January 10th.

Anonymous said...

why is this a big deal, who really cares, I heard there was a player that left Vernon not to long ago because it was good for the player, I think he was 2nd or 3rd in scoring, nobody run any paper on this, the parents make choices to deal with what is best for the player, did ya hear camillary left montreal right in the middle of a game, jeez

Anonymous said...

ya brought it up, now do you want to talk about why he left, was it that he was playing bad, didn,t get a lot of ice time last weekend, were his parents upset with the program, was he not getting to play on all the power plays and pKs, or was his family transfered, did the family get there money back for the pogram, its really not anyones business and not sure why it is being talked about, any news on the games that were played in the last couple of days,

Anonymous said...

thats to bad, Will is a good player and a fine young man, hope it was his choice to leave POE and not his parents, the team will miss his size and wide speed, the games they have coming up this weekend would have been good to have been played with a whole team, no excuses this way, good luck Will

Anonymous said...

As long as it is a legal move, I say good luck Lawrence, BWC will be stronger and POE will miss you! Kelowna and Kamloops rejoice!

Anonymous said...

The question I would ask, is this kid from that community? Kids from all over Canada and maybe the USA attend that school. So if a kid went there for the hockey program, why would he be able to walk out this late?

Anonymous said...

Hi 1047

It's ok for semi to get a player? from Cloverdale ?
It's ok for Cloverdale to get a player who moved around like crazy for years?
It's ok for seafair to guarantee players from another association a spot on their a team after they tried out in one association and got cut. ?Plus at seafair you have to buy skill lessons?