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Friday, January 27, 2012

January 30, 2012 newsletter is now ready

*Stats have been updated for all Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba players up to January 27, 2012.  The Stats now included all GSHL player stats which are available for individual players upon request. THE PCACA doesn't produce specific stats, so if any of you have these or would like them included, please forward.  From B.C., we have updated POE, OHA, Kamloops and Seafair individual player statistics.
RankingsThe rankings have changed quite a bit in regards to both the 97 and 98 player rankings.  The John Reid Memorial Tournament was a great tool to be able to determine where to slot specific players from all provinces.  Some major rises, new additions and some players whose play has them dropping down the rankings as well.  We also received some scouting notes from south of the border and have adjusted those rankings.

First off, we chat with a player from one of the top teams in western Canada and who had a very good John Reid Memorial Tournament.  He is very much looking forward to the Alberta Cup.

Next, I speak with a British Columbia goalie who was one of the goalies at the John Reid Memorial Tournament.  He looks up to Carey Price and tells us why!

I also had the pleasure to speak with a big defenseman who is making major noise in the second half of the season.  He is from British Columbia

Finally, I chat with perhaps the top player heading in to the 2013 WHL Bantam Draft.  He has scouts wishing it was his draft year this year!
News and Notes/Tournament Re-Cap
The Top 20 power rankings make another appearance and some movement with the top teams has taken place.

The Top 10 western U.S.A teams are updated as well

Also provided is a John Reid Memorial tournament re-cap as well as some news and notes on bantam happenings coming up across western Canada and the western states.


Anonymous said...

Stats that are recorded by parents of players, that are provided by refs and officials that miss most of the calls we see, are we seriously gathering this info from team websites and calling it accurate?

I have watched tournaments this year and heard goals and assists given to players not even on the ice, the crowds laugh but this inaccurate information stands

Garbage recorded, Garbage stats

I can't remember ever seeing a scout going up to a team manager and asking to see the game sheet and copying it, if it's that easy scouts wouldn't have to leave the comfort of their own homes

Just saying, don't convince your child to be a selfish individual player but rather a great skilled contributing team player

Can anyone comment on how many BWC players live in the city of Burnaby, attend schools there, and have they always played hockey there? ( one, five, ten, or all )

It seems if we for example look at the players from the clubs many of these players belonged to other associations over the past seasons , do parents pack up and relocate their lives to have their kids play on winning teams?

Isnt Spring is for travel type team programs?

Anonymous said...

This is your 3rd year doing this site tell us what you think of this years crop of playersIt seems many teams were willing to part with Draft picks at the trade deadline in the WHL. How do you see this draft compared to 95s 96s

Anonymous said...

I agree this site is an absolute joke!

The rankings are just pull right out of a hat likely. you pay and you get your kid ranked high. I would never pay for this kind of garbage. The real scouts will let us know who the best players are. Not someone who ranks kids based on nothing.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice to know who makes comments like 8:38 I just guessing that his or her kid is not on the list!

Anonymous said...

I personally have been contacted by many WHL teams in regards to my son for the upcoming draft. He is a gifted talent playing on a weaker team. WHL teams do their own scouting and do diligence when considering players. Almost all scouts that I talked to consider individual skills the only aspect of a players talent. Not point totals, Not who they play for, Not a ranking system created by this site. Matter of fact if a player is on a weak team and personally doing well that is more important to scouting than a player on a very good team. Scouting is always considering how that player would do if not surrounded with high end talent. The bottom line is that if a player has the talent to play in the WHL they will be found and drafted. Count on it....

Anonymous said...

Ok lets stop beating up the site folks, for those that look at the stats and likely are not accurate as there are lots of different ways of making a informed decision about a player. This site for most well at least myself has gotten better over the last four months four sure, with positive help and accurate information provided the site then things start looking a bit more real, do I agree with were all the kids are at no, and yes I have a son on the site, what the site has done for myself is given me the opportunity to hear about other teams from different provinces, get to know about other kids, hear about other teams, let me say this put 10 dads or moms in a room in ten different days and there story about here own player will change ten times, don,t blame the site blame ourselves for not helping with the stats to be more accurate, eg; have alook at your players size and weight is it accurate, if it is great if not make a note and send it in its that easy, be positive have fun and believe that all kids should have the opportunity to have fun

Anonymous said...

My Reply to 838 Im not sure this site is Garbage at all. It must be veiwed as entertainment not Gospel. If you look at the accuracy that WEHP has had over the last couple years it has been very close. I will Go one step further My son was ranked by WEHP to go late second then 3rd round at times last season. At one time he was top 5 I bought the news letter and my son went down 40 spots. So there goes that theory.

The thing is in the end my son was drafted in the Mid first round despite all the gosip rumours and rink talk that he wouldnt get pick ed high for one reason or the next.
The other thing is the scouts wont tell us who the "best Players are"
the players will end up telling us that in say 2-3 years from draft day the draft is a tool to project the future of what a player may become a science it is not. 1 in 5 drafted players will play a full season in the Whl. That will be determined by teams not scouts.
After the u16 tourney this year scouts stated that if the draft had been taking place then just 6 months later things would have changed for alot of picks.At the end of the day players make themselves not scouts if a player wants it has some talent he can make huge strides so when you read WEHP take it for what it is. The draft will come and go it will be all the talk for two weeks and then its over. When you go to camp 1st rounders and 6th rounders and undrafted players get the same jersey.The teams take the best payers not the highest picks.

Anonymous said...

3:27 dont like it ,dont read it. Scouts do use this as tool. As for the othet comments. All associations fall under the same rules. You dont like it call BC Hockey.

Anonymous said...

Jan 27, 2012 3:27

the only BWC players that actually reside in the city of Burnaby and attend schools there are #4, #5, #7, #9, and the back up goalie also lives in Burnaby as well as richmond, north vancouver and the USA

Interesting how kids can play there but never really move or change schools, just like the latest addition Larwrence from POE

Anonymous said...

3:27 and 8:38<
First time for me commenting but sick of reading crap that these 2 postings have put up. 3:27 bashes how the scoresheets are put together, bashes all our refs, and complains about BWC. It's time to take your kid and try a different sport, one that's not so competetive, maybe lawnbowling.
8:38, easy to read into, your kid isn't ranked as high as you want or even at all, you sound too bitter.
Lastly, If you don't like what the site puts together google a different one, some of us enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

12:04,3:27 8:38

Its really non of our business.
If names were attached to the comments.( which I thought they were going forward) I dont think people would be writing all of these comments about associations and players. We seem to be attacking players ,clubs and parents. And it's not getting us anywhere but hate. Some parents are going after certain kids. But you would not do this at the rink,. mall or store. So why is it ok here.?
If Alberta Hockey and BC hockey have all approved this, then it should be good enough for you, If you do not trust the system then why are you here.

Anonymous said...

I think the site is informative

It helps us see what is going on outside our home associations .

I do believe that BWC is playing in the grey rules

Why do they always need to draw top kids from other associations to compete?

Maybe the development speaks for itself, three hockey directors in past five years with more kids leaving then coming?

If only money did grow on trees

Anonymous said...

This site does exactly what it says it does. It provides information on the different provinces and states that are involved with the WHL Bantam Draft.

In order to do that effectively they need to have ranking systems that can and do change radically throughout the season.

This would not be an easy task to do and please the many critics among us in the hockey community. Just look at the critics on each and every hockey team. You have parents criticizing coaches, coaches criticizing parents and players, players crtiticizing other players, parents criticizing players, etc... you get the idea.

Now the only thing that is upsetting the flow of information on this site is the constant criticism towards the individuals (WEHP) that are providing the bantam hockey community with some much anticipated information.

My kid has never been mentioned on this site and I don't expect he ever will. I know that he is not amongst the top players at this time that will become drafted into the WHL, but I do enjoy reading about the teams and other players that are ready for this step.

What I don't enjoy is the constant bickering back and forth about this team, that team BS. If your kid is on a good team then be grateful and shutup. Some of us do not have that opportunity and aren't the ones on here complaining about the problems on our mediocre teams.

Considering the type of comments most prevalent on this blog are from unhappy hockey parents and I can only imagine that your kids are as equally unhappy and will not be finding success any time soon.

There are hundreds of players from each of the provinces and states eligible for this year's draft so unless your kid is at the very top of his team/league I suggest you prepare yourself for a huge let down come May.

And if your kid does get drafted in May then celebrate the success and encourage them to work hard to be able to make the jump into the WHL And also remember that just because your 14 year old is not yet ready (physically, mentally) they can improve drastically over the next couple years and be the one playing in the WHL.

I just can't wrap my mind around the whole idea that what is common sense in the rest of the world is just not so in the hockey world. Respect is missing in all aspects of the game, on and off the ice.

Anonymous said...

Players move to be on higher teams.
You would be on Seafair A1 or Richmond A1 , but at BWC you would be A3. Some move back to home associations to play with friends from school. As someone said earlier, PCAHA and BC Hockey have approved this. you are not in the voting committee.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is alot of misunderstanding in a scouts role these days. I read on other sites people saying stuff like "I talked to this scout and he said he would not even think about this kid or that kid." But in reality is a scout going to talk about a kid like that? Are they aloud to talk about kids like that? Especially to other parents? I would think not! Come on now give your head a shake. Maybe WEHP should do a story on the role of a scout..To many people throwing to much garbage around lately and too many people believing it.
I read.the news on this site everyday. Thank you for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

12:23 PM - wise advice and perspective. I would just add that the Bantam Draft is hardly the 'make or break' event of a young hockey players career. Not being selected can even be motivating, so I hope parents and bubble / un-noticed players have a plan B, and C.

Anonymous said...

Perfect example of this are most kootenay region players, unfortunately after the draft only few proceed in their goals to play in the WHL. Most branch off to either Junior A or Junior B associations