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Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 16, 2012 newsletter is now ready

Stats have been updated for all Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba players up to January 14, 2012.  THE PCACA doesn't produce specific stats, so if any of you have these or would like them included, please forward.  From B.C., we have updated POE, OHA, Kamloops and Seafair individual player statistics.
RankingsNow that most of the tournaments have been completed in western Canada, we now have a pretty keen scope as to who the top players are and where they fit.  After several hours of meetings and going over the rankings, we have adjusted them as such.  There has been movement near the top of each age group as well as several new players making the Top 200 list for 97 born and the top 125 list for 98 born prospects.  The U.S. Top 50 list continue's to be worked on and the list includes players we feel may come to the WHL.

The interview section is very interesting this time around as I had the pleasure to chat with several of the top talents from around western Canada.

First off, I speak with the latest in the trend to towards skilled, elite forwards to come out of Alberta.  We think this player could make some serious noise in St. Albert.

Next, I speak with an offensive minded defenceman from Saskatchewan that reminds us of a young first year bantam named Ryan Murray.  We introduce you to him in this edition.

I also had the chance to talk to perhaps the player creating the most buzz in a long time in western Canada.  He has broken minor hockey records and is continues to impress in bantam hockey.

Finally I chatted with a player who is scoring goals at a rapid pace and leading his league currently.  He is a pure sniper.
News and Notes/Tournament Re-Cap
The Top 20 power rankings make another appearance and some movement with the top teams has taken place.

The Top 10 western U.S.A teams are updated with a key team on the list to play in the John Reid Memorial Tournament in a weeks time.

Also provided is a huge tournament preview on the John Reid Memorial Tournament taking place in St. Albert on the weekend of January 19-22.  We break-down each team and discuss their chances and key players to watch!


Anonymous said...

I don't want to be ripped apart on this more of a question.

Why is there not more teams from Winnipeg in this tournament, is it due to level of play, 97 ,98 just not a strong year.
The Sharks and the Warriors seem to have alot of good players. I am not from that area so I dont know all the teams. I am from BC.

Anonymous said...

Part of the issue may be that the Warriors and Hawks entered the tournament in Medicine Hat featuring Alberta and BC teams and they did not fare well at all.

Anonymous said...

As a BC parent, I only have one question. How can someone go from not being ranked in the top 200, to being ranked in the top 100 in 2 weeks. It seems a bit of a joke.

Anonymous said...

Just to get things started, how many games will Balgonie win in there pool this weekend in St. Albert. As a big Prairie Storm fan it would be awesome if they won a game or two, but I think they are in way over their heads.

Anonymous said...

If you find the rankings a joke, you don't need to view them. I think WEHP probably inserted the player after scouts informed of the players ability after a viewing. Some players aren't viewed early due to injury, suspension or where they play. That is how scouting works my friend. I think you will find WEHP and the rankings are pretty similar in the top few rounds to what actual will turn out.

Anonymous said...

Is it true the Storm are missing 3 players for St. Albert??

Anonymous said...

survey 20 different scouts and you'll get 20 different lists. some scouts have "diamonds in the rough" who are different. Statistics should play a roll in the rankings because after all the name of the game is to score, right? After the 3rd round or so in any draft it is a bit of a crap shoot in terms of finding elite level talent. players rise and fall and fall off lists lots in the nhl rankings i notice. use it as a gauge boys.

Anonymous said...

I have always maintained that the top end Sask teams would be about .500 in the AMBHL. Balgonie will be in really tough to win any games in thier pool in St. Albert because they don't have the depth that the other teams do. It is not an knock on Sask hockey it is just the nature of the beast. Sask is still producing some really good players and some high end picks but they are just to spread out. In saying that at the bantam level any team can upset a perceived better team so you never know what can happen.