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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Western U.S.A Top 10

With more and more American hockey players choosing the route of the WHL and its fantastic education program options, we've decided to amp up the coverage of this group for the final 3 months prior to the bantam draft.  With that said, we now have a top 65 list of western U.S.A players who are eligable to be drafted in the coming bantam draft.  With that said, many of the players listed may or may not come but this will supply some names for people to watch down the stretch.  Also you can look for more interviews with the top players from this group in the coming newsletters.

Western U.S.A. Top 10
1.   Robby Jackson  F  L.A. Selects  5'8  160
2.   Keoni Texeira  D  L.A. Selects  6'0  192
3.   Ethan Price  F  Omaha U16  5'11  175
4.   Evan Sarthou  G  L.A. Selects  5'11 145
5.   Zach Galambos  D  Compuware  6'0  160
6.   Collin Saccoman  D  Shattuck St. Mary's  
7.   Jesse Gabrielle  F  Osseo Maple Grove Crimson  5'10  185
8.   Tanner Moyer  F  Wenatchee Wild  5'11  170
9.   Daniel Woolfenden  D  Seattle Jr. Admirals  5'9  155
10. Rem Pitlick  F  Shattuck St. Mary's  5'4  117

* For the rest of the top 65, please visit the newsletter.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with most of who is listed here. However, I saw Tanner Moyer this past weekend at a Washington State Player Development camp and there were 6-8 forwards that were better by far. Not sure what he has done to jump up so high from the previous rankings.

Anonymous said...

A couple on this list are right. A couple of iffy choices I would say.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Gabrielle play. It seems funny to me that he can be shown on this list as playing at Russell Stover or whatever it was called, and then show up on this top 10 list playing somewhere else. Based on his description, sounds like he has grown. Not sure how someone can be rated if no one has seen him play.

Anonymous said...

I have seen 2-3 scouts from WEHP in southern Manitoba and Minnesota in recent weeks at various tournaments and high school hockey games in Minnesota.

I also know of their attendance at some of the showcases south of the border in Denver for the 98's where NSWC was at and also one in Dallas I believe.

To my knowledge they were hired about 2 months ago and obviously know a bit more than we do perhaps.

keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Jackson is good definitely one. I just think that sometimes this list is based on more talent than the players that actually probably end up in the whl. Like look at last years list he put up. God some of those players didn't even get drafted. Turgeon went 1st out of all American born players and he wasn't on the top 10. Seems like somebody needs to change the way they do things.

Anonymous said...

I think someone of you should just leave the work to the scouts and quit putting in your 2 cents. I think their list is a list of the best eligable players. Nobody really knows which teams come to agreement on a certain player attending etc.Whoever gets selected first, doesn't mean that was the top american born in the draft. Think about the CHL import draft. It is also all about what connections you have etc.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon.. Definitely players that stood out more at the player dev camp.. Christian Cinderella of Kent, and Patrick Anderson of sno-king come to mind.. Also the goalie for team Seattle Matt something...he stood on his head

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting list ... I was just at the Moose Goheen Tournament in Minnesota this past weekend, featuring the top Minnesota Bantam A teams.

Gabrielle's Maple Grove team was in the Championship Game against Wayzata. (The two teams are ranked #1 and #3 in the State at

He definitely stood out. He creates a ton of chances and did score 2 of his teams 3 goals in the game, although his team lost the game 4-3.

I can definitely see why you have him on your list.

Other kids you might want to consider are Matthew Freytag (#15) from Wayzata. Also #12 from Maple Grove had some serious skill as well.

Anonymous said...

RE: My prior post speaking of the Moose Goheen Bantam A Tournament

Just for perspective, Wayzata and Maple grove would be very comparable to the top 10 USA Tier 1 Bantam AAA teams.

Wayzata played to a 4-2 game with Shattuck.

Maple Grove beat Carolina 7-1.

For those Canadian readers (especially Manitoba) ...

Wayzata beat Thunder Bay AAA 4-3.

Maple Grove beat Pembina Valley AAA 9-4.

In short ... this Tournament featured exceptional hockey at the very highest levels available in the Bantam age group. (Think Western Canadian Championships or Nike Invite Finals)

So when I say #15 for Wayzata (Freytag, I think he also had 2 goals), #12 for Maple Grove and Gabrielle (Maple Grove #9) stood out, that's no small statement.

They are exceptional players.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought Gabrielle lived in Saskatchewan. I saw his name on one of the rosters for the Bantam zones. Why is he listed as an American on WEHP list. I am confused.

Anonymous said...

I saw Osseo/Maple Grove at the Moose Goheen. #12 is Brum (quite possibly the best goal scorer Ive seen the puck absolutly follows him around) and should also mention #16 Franta (Clearly the top defencemen in the tournament)- Rumor has it both Franta and Brum headed to USHL, Franta to Des Moines and Brum to Waterloo