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Saturday, January 21, 2012

John Reid Memorial Tournament All-Stars

Cloverdale vs. Semiahmoo in the Final tomorrow.

Reid Pool
G - Cheema - Cloverdale
D-  Wotherspoon - Cloverdale
D-  Gatenby - POE
F-  Jackson - L.A. Selects
F-  Merkley - Calgary Bisons
F-  Soy - Cloverdale

Iginla Pool
G-  Wornig - Semiahmoo
D-  Schultz - BWC
D-  Clague - Lloydminster
F-  Plotnikoff - Semiahmoo
F-  Koep - Lloydminster
F-  Barzal - BWC

Top Players
G-  Wornig - Semiahmoo
D-  Schultz - BWC
F-  Soy -  Cloverdale


Anonymous said...

Two great association teams knock out the elite private clubs.

Who would have thought?

Outplayed, out coached and the kids that battled wanted it more.

Good luck Semi and Cloverdale because both teams are already Champions

Anonymous said...

another tournament that POE could finish, not sure what to make of that, is it the defense or the goaltending or is it just that they can,t win a major, funny winning a big tournament means team play, defense is ok, goaltending is now better, oops scoring a problem, gatenby good not great, scoring comes up short with out star forward, goal tending much better with ap, guess they need to work towards kihbit

Anonymous said...

How did Barzal make ir over Craighead who was on the top of the score board a few times and also beat out Barzal? Kid got shafted in my estimation. I'm sure other scouts would agree!

Anonymous said...

Barzal shouldn't be criticized. Even top NHL players don't perform the best ALL THE TIME. Give the kid a break.

Anonymous said...

Why does BWC lead in penalty minutes in everthing they do. Loaded with talent and cant stay out of the box. Chippy wins nothing

Anonymous said...

Whitby from Bronks should of been an all-star

Anonymous said...

Barzal will always be promoted and on top, his coaches are working for Octagon sports agents.

Craighead is a dandy player but lacks consistency , he should have stayed and dealt with not being the top dog at Cloverdale

Craigheads needs to work on his awkwardness skating style and his defensive game, it's easy to score when you play in the offensive end alll the time.

Does Szeto's spearing suspension carry through regular season in BC. A very undisciplined penalty to take in the game, would be a 5 game in Junior or MMHL

Best of luck Cloverdale and Semi in the Gold game

Anonymous said...

maybe the top 15 /d this year are better than top 15 last 2 years but the top d men from 95 and 96 are far ahead of this class...allstars on D picked on reputation this real all worlds here...allstar d in the same class with a dozen others---also a 98 in there...shows how weak they 97 d really is

Anonymous said...

I agree. There are tons of good 97 D, but none are great. They are spread throughout the 4 western provinces. Whether the 95's and 96's are better remains to be seen. The game has changed immensely in a year with the head contact rule and the D not able to pinch on the unsuspecting winger along the boards as much as in other years.

Anonymous said...

whoah on the 98 in there. Clague is an allstar with any grouping as a 13 year old, dating back to the first year the draft came around and that was 1990. If you are calling it a weak draft class and using the 98 as an example, you sure as heck haven't seen Clague play much. He may be a AAA midget allstar this year if he was playing there, and yes he is that good.

Anonymous said...

The comment made last night re: Craighead was specifically related to the Tournament Standings. Not sure what your beef is!!