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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ethan Williams has returned home to Winnipeg

POE forward Ethan Williams has left POE and will return home to Winnipeg immediately for the 2nd half of the season and his schooling.  There was absolutely no issues with the program at POE or anything like that.  It is a personal/family matter and we'll leave it at that.

Ethan will return to POE to take part in the KIBIHT Tournament in April.  He has not left the program.

All the best to Ethan and his family moving forward.


Anonymous said...

Willie played his best hockey of the yr at last weeks john reid tourney , he was real good

Anonymous said...

not sure why this information about POE players leaving makes these blogs, is it anybodys business but POE and the player, or is it because POE supports this site, pretty sure there are other players leaving other teams for what ever reasons, anybody know how the Vernon tourney went, its important too

Anonymous said...

Start your own blog. WEHP does a good job covering bantam hockey. The focus is on the top players and top teams sometimes but that is who will be the stars of tomorrow my friend.

Anonymous said...

haha nobody said they don,t do a good job, just wondering why POE players leaving make the news when no other payers do, they summary of the teams and players is well done, I would players leaving POE would be a concern not something that should be advertised, especially on a site they support, just a thought, stars of tomorrow now we are talking

Anonymous said...

POE is a top team with several high end players. Its news.That's what the site is all about, discussing bantam hockey.

The fact is that POE a teams of "stars" from all over the west that has underachieved. This often happens to such teams when so many have such high expectations and cannot accept roles assigned by the coaching staff.

They have now lost two of their top forwards in the past two weeks and have replaced the two goalies they committed to in September with a call-up from AA. The team seems to be regressing based on recent results but it is still a very strong team that on any night can be very strong.

They can't win the big game (four semi losses in tournaments) though and that means they have some issues to deal with to take another step.

Williams is a good hockey player and will be drafted pretty high no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...

I agree, go start your own blog. Have you never played in a league of any kind before? If players leave one of the top teams, it is big news. The news about players leaving, in my opinion, is done professionally and in good taste. So what's wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

'...have replaced the two goalies they committed to in September with a call-up from AA....'

The call-up goalie didn't play much at all in St Albert?

Anonymous said...

The Vernon tournament was made up of BC Tier1 A1 2nd or 3rd tier teams........ Abbotsford A1 from PCAHA flight 1 defeated Hollyburn A1 from PCAHA flight 3 in the final 6-3!

Anonymous said...

The real issue and the bottom line is let the kids play hockey. Stop the politics and mud slinging.

Anonymous said...

That's a stretch to think POE's problem is "players not buying into roles". Most consider their issues this year primarily goaltending. The AA callup played exceptionally well in the opening game but one of their regulars got hot and they decided to ride him with the result being another disappointing tourmament loss. Too bad because all you needed to do was watch a warm up to see who their best goalie is.

As for the Williams boy, all the best to him in spending time with his family.