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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winnipeg Bantam AAA All-Star Day - January 14th MTS Ice Plex

1.  BROWN, Tyler   Winnipeg Warriors
35.  BODNAR, Brandon  Thunder Bay Kings
2.  GARDINER, Ryan  Winnipeg Sharks
3.  DWYER, Mackenzie  Winnipeg Sharks
4.  ANDERSON, Tyler  Winnipeg Warriors
5.  TARASCHUK, Mark  Winnipeg Warriors
6.  BEHSE, Jacob   Thunder Bay Kings
7.  FANTI, Jared   Thunder Bay Kings
8.  PURTILL, Braden   Winnipeg Sharks
9.  UHRYNIUK, Julian  Winnipeg Sharks
10.  FINCARYK, Chase  Winnipeg Sharks
11.  KOGA, Julien   Winnipeg Warriors
12.  REICHART, Brendan  Winnipeg Warriors
14.  BOUCHARD, Riley  Winnipeg Warriors
15.  KITT, Geoffrey   Thunder Bay Kings
16.  GREZELEWSKI, Zack  Thunder Bay Kings
17.  McKAY, Laine   Thunder Bay Kings

1.  USHAKAS, Luke   Winnipeg Monarchs
35.  VERHELST, Tyson  Brandon Wheat Kings
2.   ARMOUR, Garrett   Winnipeg Hawks
3.   MUTCH, Ryan    Winnipeg Monarchs
4.  KLEYSEN, Stephen  Winnipeg Monarchs
5.  COMPTON, Braden  Brandon Wheat Kings
6.  SHEARER, James   Brandon Wheat Kings
7.  FINNSON, Dayne   Interlake Lightning
8.  KOLESAR, Keegan  Winnipeg Hawks
9.  PENNER, Darian   Winnipeg Hawks
10.  KEANE, Jackson   Winnipeg Monarchs
11.  COURT, Zack   Winnipeg Monarchs
12.  CAMPANELLA, Marco  Brandon Wheat Kings
14.  STALLARD, Jody   Brandon Wheat Kings
15.  KASPICK, Tanner   Brandon Wheat Kings
16.  KILBREI, Travis   Interlake Lightning
17.  KORNELSEN, Trent  Interlake Lightning


Anonymous said...

What players are injured and would have been on the list if not injured?

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Dallas Miller? Seems like he's vanished....

Anonymous said...

What happened to Kirkland Lycar?

He seems the one of the best.

Anonymous said...

Kirkland Lycar isn't in the league

Anonymous said...

Lycar plays out of Eastman,not in Winnipeg. Miller is not playing for the Sharks anymore, don't think he is playing at all.

Anonymous said...

Too bad, that Miller kid was a man amongst boys when I saw him a couple years ago. But, that stuff certainly happens, doesn't it. Just hate to see when that sort of high end skill/potential doesn't get an opportunity to come to fruition....