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Friday, October 26, 2012

Western Canada Bantam Games - Sunday Morning Update

** Denotes - Key Game of top teams in league
British Columbia - PCAHA
Friday 26th
Coquitlam 3 at NSWC 3 FINAL
Caleb Fantillo, the team captain continues his strong play with 1-1-2, Genge and Lin with the other goals.  Tucek solid in goal, stopping 23/26 shots he faced.

Saturday 27th
Cloverdale 0 at BWC 23 FINAL
-Jaeger White with 15 points and Jake Kryski with 13 points in the game.

Sunday 28th
**BWC at Abbotsford
Surrey at Coquitlam
Langley at Cloverdale

British Columbia - OMAHA
Saturday 27th
Prince George 1 at Kelowna 4 FINAL

Alberta - AMBHL
Friday 26th
Edmonton SSAC 11 at Edmonton KC 3 Final
SSAC move to 9-0-1 with yet another lopsided victory on Friday night.  Tyler Benson once again led the way with 1-5-6.  He is way up top on the Alberta Bantam scoring race with 21-29-50 in only 10 games.  '99 born Ryan Anderson had 2-1-3, Josh Paterson had 2-2-4.  Paterson is far atop of the '99 born scoring race with 9 goals and 21 points in 10 games.

Saturday 27th
Camrose 2  at Red Deer Black 6 FINAL
Red Deer Black move to 5-4 and drop Camrose down to 0-8-1.  The Vikings remain the lone winless team in the AMBHL.  Red Deer got 2 goal games from 3 different players - Matthew Froehlick, Parker Smyth and Jeff De Wit.  De Wit had a 5 point game and now has 16 points in 9 games, tieing him with Luke Coleman for the team lead in points.  The shots were 45-22 for Red Deer.

St. Albert 4 at Fort Saskatchewan 3 FINAL
The Sabres win their first game of the season in moving to 1-7-0 while the Rangers drop to 2-5-2.

**Edmonton MLAC 9 at Lloydminster 3
In a bit of a stunner on Saturday, it was Edmonton MLAC all over the Lloydminster Heat 9-3.  It was Lloydminster's first loss of the season as they are now 7-1-2 while MLAC improve to 5-2-1 and serve notice that they are a team to be taken very series.  It was a huge game for Ryan Jevne as he scored 6 goals!  He also added 3 helpers for a 9 point game!  Nolan Volcan, the team scoring leader, coming in to the game had 3 points and small forward Ty Readman had 4 helpers.  Jevne now has 22 points in 8 games and Volcan has 19.  Defenseman Tristan Petrie had 1-1-2 for Lloydminster, he has 6 points and team goal scoring leader Cole Johnson scored his 16th of the year in his 10th game.  Lloydminster actually out-shot MLAC 46-31.  Hunter Lorenson was once again very strong for MLAC and is rapidly moving up our rankings.

Grand Prairie 4 at Southeast 7
The Southeast Hockey Hounds have now won 7 of their past 8 games and racked up another 7 goals on Saturday.  Southest have averaged just under 6 gpg and rack 4th in the AMBHL in that category.  Leading the way once again was the red hot Michael Doneff who scored 3 goals, he now has 13 goals and 27 points in 11 games.  Team scoring leader Jordan Taupert had a huge game with 2-4-6, giving him a team leading 29 points for the 5'5 130lb forward.  Michael Clarke had 5 points and now has a team leading 15 goals in 10 games.  D - Parker Bowles was strong once again as well for Southeast.  For Grand Prairie, it was John Tiede with a 3 point game and has a team leading 6 points in 9 games.  Southeast held a 42-30 edge in shots on goal.

Red Deer White 0 at Okotoks 2
The Okotoks Oilers win their first game of the season in moving to 1-9-0 while the Rebels White drop to 3-7-0.  For Okotoks, goalie Isiah Betinol was outstanding in stopping all 42 shots he faced.    A pair of key players for next year scored the goals as Nagy and Steer each scored their 2nd goals of the season.  '99 born goalie Dawson Weatherill was also solid for RD White in turning aside 33/35 shots.

**Calgary Northstar Sabres 3 at Calgary Bisons 3
In a battle of two of the better teams in the AMBHL, it was the Calgary Northstar Sabres scoring with under 5 minutes remaining to earn a tie vs. the Bisons.  Both teams are now 7-1-1 and sit tied atop the division standings.  The Northstar Sabres got 2 goals and 1 assist from team scoring leader Parker Aucoin.  Aucoin now has 13-6-19 this season in 9 games.  The Bisons got a good game from  Matthew Phillips picked up 1-2-3, giving him 18 points in 9 games.  Phillips sits just one point back of Dylan Williamson and his 19 points.  AA call-up D/F Josh Patrician picked up 2 goals for the Bisons.  He has 3 points in 3 games with them now and has 9 points in 6 games with AA. The shots were 28-28 in this one.

Calgary Flames 1 at Airdrie 1
Kurtis Chapman was the star of the game in stopping 40/41 shots he faced and got a goal from Barrett Sheen, his 4th of the year in a 1-1 tie.  Sheen leads the team with 8 points in 10 games.  The Flames Kyle Dumba stopped 20/21 shots and their lone goal came from Matteo Aiello, his 3rd of the season.

Sunday 28th
Okotoks at Calgary Flames
Grand Prairie at Lethbridge
Red Deer Black at Red Deer White
Lloydminster at Spruce Grove
Camrose at Airdrie
Calgary Royals at Southeast
Edmonton CAC at Edmonton SSAC

Saskatchewan - SBAAHL
Friday 26th
Swift Current 4  at Balgonie 2 FINAL
The Kabos Raiders move to 3-4-1 by doubling up a hot Balgonie squad on Friday.  Leading the way for Swift Current was Josh Nimegeeers with 2 goals, his first points of the season.  The Kabos Raiders top player Kole Lind remains out with injury.  Tanner Manz and Jared Legien scored for Balgonie.  Legien now has 18 points in 6 games.

Saturday 27th
**Regina Monarchs 6  at West Central 4 FINAL
The West Central Wheat Kings lose their first game of the season at the hands of the now 2-3-0 Regina Monarchs this afternoon.  It was a highly contested game with many power plays and good defensive game.  Jarred Hicks led the way for the Monarchs with 2-1-3, he now has 5 goals and 7 points in 5 games to lead the team.  Tanner Brewster had 1-2-3 and has 5 points now this season.  Ryder Kissick continued his strong play this season with 2 more goals, giving him 13 goals in 10 games.  Braydan Buziak had 3 assists.  Top stars Kolby Johnson and Garrett Pilon were quiet in this one.  Both are considered 2nd or 3rd round picks at this point in time.  Justen Close sat this one out in goal for West Central.

Weyburn at Regina Pat Blues
Moose Jaw 3 at North East 10
Battlefords 8 at Estevan 5
Sask Valley 5 at Yorkton 5

Sunday 28th
Battlefords at Weyburn
Notre Dame AA at Yorkton
Sask Valley at Melville
Moose Jaw at Humboldt
Balgonie at Swift Current

Manitoba - Winnipeg AAA League
Saturday 27th
Winnipeg Warriors 5 at Brandon 4 SO FINAL
Interlake 5 at Central Plains 2 FINAL
**Winnipeg Sharks 2 at Winnipeg Monarchs 4
Thunder Bay 1 at Pembina Valley 4
Thunder Bay at Pembina Valley

Sunday 28th
**Winnipeg Hawks at Winnipeg Sharks
Interlake at Yellowhead
Winnipeg Warriors at Thunder Bay


Anonymous said...

*** Go Bisons!

Anonymous said...

NSWC defeats Abby today 4 0.....way to go Hawks

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Cloverdale won't be staying in Tier 1?

Anonymous said...

In a 23-0 win who cares how many points any player gets.It tells us absolutely nothing except that Cloverdale were in well over their heads.

It is my opinion that one of the measures of a true winner is to lose with dignity and win with class.

I don't know if Cloverdale managed to hold on to their dignity with such a humilating result but I am convinced BWC showed absolutely no class when running up the score in this manner.

As a BWC parent,player or coach, one has to ask oneself, what was gained by doing this, what did we teach our players and did we really gain anything at all?

Remember, what goes around comes around. One day the shoe will be on the other foot.

Anonymous said...

Watched Bantam AA Saskatchewan games this past week. Very very thin is it just a weaker year teams I have seen Notre Dame, Moose Jaw, Weyburn and Estevan were all weak why?? PA had 2-3 strong players. NE had 2-3 strong players. Just one of those years??

Anonymous said...

hey 11:53 lets be serious BWC will not lose 23-0

Anonymous said...

BWC you showed your true colors shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Totally without class bwc.
John Batchelor ought to be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised that BWC and John Batchelor showed no class? Ive been watching this same show for years now and no one ever calls them on it.

Anonymous said...

SSAC 17 Camrose 1

NSWC 13 Cl;overdale 0

No class there too.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Cloverdale having to be put in this situation by PCAHA, this could have been avoided if when putting the Placements Groups together other factors other than how well a team did in the previous season were taken into consideration, this happens all the time and not just at the Bantam Level and it is not only a Tier 1 problem - Everyone around the lower mainland new that this year Cloverdale were in way to deep and would struggle - maybe not this drastic - I am sure this has been no fun for the players or coaches and has not been much of a learning experience for them of any of the teams they have played so far.

BWC who can say anything more...shame on you....

Anonymous said...

BWC plays 3 20 minute full stop time. the only team that does that.

For Cloverdale after the first period, the second was cut to 15 minute and the 3rd was cut to a 15 minute running time.

Anonymous said...

Funny how no one was complaing when Cloverdale was running the score up on teams last year and double shifting the Soy, Seto,etc in the last 5 minutes of games to rack up points.

Anonymous said...

11:09 Thank you for so aptly proving the point at 11:22 in the previous comment section. My 13 year old has learned a tremendous amount about life through high level sport and would want nothing to do with being a part of a game like that, eithor side. Even at his age he would be ashamed of it and the people that allowed it. I believe most children know better as they have been taught the purpose of sport and how to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. For once BWC people, heed some advice, hang your head, look inward and try to raise the bar. They're kids, it's a game. You are the adults. Even with you, odds are 98% of all of us will be watching our young men in Div 1 beer league in 10 years. So please enjoy the ride eithor way.

Anonymous said...

1109am you make a valid point, two wrongs dont make a right though,

Anonymous said...

October 29, 2012 12:55 PM
"For once BWC people, heed some advice, hang your head, look inward and try to raise the bar. They're kids, it's a game"

Really its a game, then why do you bash and tell everyone how poor they are playing and not scoring???
its not to hard to look at comments and see.

You can also blame WEHP for putting up top scores and the percentages.

And yes BWC is to blame, but it should also go around to many others as well.

You are the same people that bash this team for not scoring and poor goal tending,etc. So which team do you want ???

Anonymous said...

That is true, I think we all could raise the bar here and at the rink!!
I think of how lucky we are to be having fun debating this when there are real people with real issues on their hands. Amen Brothers!!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine how parents can be happy watching their kids be pushed aside for out of province imports. BWC parents should shake their heads and do the right thing. Go back to your clubs and let your kids develop.

Anonymous said...

There is a bit of a line to walk in cases like this. Is it more humiliating to get shelled by a team playing hard or a team making a mockery of the game by passing up scoring chances to avoid running up the score, or playing kids out of position, etc? I am not from British Columbia and was not at the game, so I have no idea about context. If BWC was rolling lines and not celebrating each goal like it was the game winner, I am not sure what else you would have them do. On the other hand if they were double shifting the top guys to pad points and rub the other teams noses in it with over the top celebrations, indeed there is a problem.

Anonymous said...

Wow Vancouver T Birds beat Seattle 16 to 2.

Then they beat Poco 9 to 0 and fire over 70 shots on Poco Net

Shame on you T birds

Anonymous said...

In my opinion:

PCAHA should clearly see the picture being painted here,

there should be a Banatam tier 1 grouping with maximum 7-9 teams.

Better competitive hockey for the kids

evey year the competition level changes (for eg. Cloverdale and Semi's team from last year)

I do have a concern about posting stats on these types of games, where does the information come from? (twitter bragging or parent emails who were not in attendance? 15 points - 5 goals and how many assists? - seriously now!?)

There must have been several players racking up double digit points in that BWC Cloverdale game, and those players or parents must be the emabarrassed ones.

Just a note to the Club/Academy parents and kids, tiering scores are contests that mean absolutely nothing in the season, just like your Atom and PeeWee stats.

A twitter post was broadcasted by last years #1 WHL draft pick applauding a 15 point game,

there must be a reason why this young man did not have twitter last year, it would have shown his personal respect and class for this great sport.

Before you post or boast, think about the affects it could have with the associations or programs looking at the person your parents have raised

the plum does not fall far from the tree

Some Partents can do better teaching and raising your sons and daughters the game and the respect that goes along with it.

Anonymous said...

thats only 5 goals each from their line, and they are the top players, seriously?

how did the other BWC players support that score, or were they not allowed to play?

If the team is saying the scoring only comes from those two players, that is the answer to their fall.

I am surprised

Thank You BWC for giving us your answer.

Anonymous said...

3:33 - T-Birds A1 are in Tier 3. A little different game to say the least but hey - you got your team a mention comparing them with BWC and NSWC. It's great you're winning games!

Anonymous said...

I think many of the posters are being reactionary rather than thinking what is truly missing from minor hockey. PCAHA definitely deserves the brunt of the blame but how does BC Hockey go unscathed as they are the ones allowing boundary less clubs to compete in Provincial Championships!

Why not develop regional teams similar to Alberta or BCMML here in BC. This would deter many of the player movements as these players would have higher end local teams to tryout for.

As for the marketing of players I fully agree that its a shame that BWC chooses to only MARKET certain players in order to promote their program. 1st rounders and the distinction of such are what keeps people interested so the higher the picks the better the perception of the program. Realistically the whole "hype" surrounding this young man started with a ragtag report strategically placed on youtube and seen by many. This is not to take away from the accomplishments of this young man but could you imagine a Benson or Hannoun in that same league and what they would have been able to accomplish.

For many of you that foolishly think that scouts don't get drawn into these publicity scams you need to give your head a shake! If that wasn't the case we wouldn't have our Alexandre Daigles or Pat Falloon's. BWC and NSWC parents are intrinsically drawn to shinny objects. Maybe thats why many of them are the haves and we are the have nots. LOL Or at least they always like to tell us how jealous we are. Think about it…how many youtube sensations have the Vipers and Vancouver Selects recruited over the years.

As for the comments about it being a shame that WEHP posted the goal scorers and percentages…remember Pat Falloon was painted as the hero when really it was the guy doing the dirty work and feeding him the puck. We all know the ending to that story as Ray Whitney went on to have a long and prosperous career in the NHL.

Stats and hype mean nothing if you're not a complete all around player! I know many of the players on WEHP's stats list are far from this and are products of stat fluffing and hype creation by coach dads.

Hope this comment gets posted as many of mine don't!

Anonymous said...

For all the non BC people.
Example: T-Birds are an A1-Tier 1 team who are in pool 3 for placement who will probably end up in flight 2 or 3.
Pool, Flight and Tier are all different things in BC.

1-Tier denotes association size (less kids lower tier for provincials)
2-Pool denotes your group for the placement round.
3-Flight denotes which level of play you have been placed in for the year (do better in the placement round you could move up a flight)

After 10 games in your flight, a team can be moved up or down a flight.
With this system the best kid in the province could play on a tier 2 team in flight 4 and many kids do.

Cloverdale will always stay an A1 Tier 1 team even if they fall to Flight 3 as the association has high numbers (therefore will compete as a tier 1 team for provincials).

Years ago a kid could move boundaries if he lived in a Tier 2 area (then called B hockey) and tryout for a Tier 1 team (rep team). They put a stop to this boundary hopping and created A1,A2,A3 etc and said everyone now is a rep player you have a rep team to play on.
Well, I see move movement now than ever before! Maybe its time to change back.

Anonymous said...

Boundaries need to be drawn based on populatin and the league will be competative and year to year different teams will emerge. This is the basic concept of minor hockey at any level including competive hockey. Jagger White scored 15 goals in that game. Both his parent live in Alberta and he is living with the parents of one of the BWC kids. What in the heck is he doing out here. The PCAHA should establish population based boundaries and inforce them. You have to live with your parents or guardian within the boundary to play for that team. Anything or team outside of this should not be involved in minor hockey or playoffs. POE and OHA are simular and they opt out.

Anonymous said...

9:47 am

Good info. Didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

October 30, 2012 11:12 AM

He lives in Burnaby, Never played in BC so he can live where ever he likes. The rest is none of our business. You should mine your own....

Anonymous said...


Actually, the Hockey Canada residency rules state that a player must play for an association in which his parents or court appointed guardian resides. (HC F 3)
If all is on the up and up, no problems.

Further, it is everyone's business that rules are followed and a balanced playingfield is for all.

Anonymous said...

British Columbia - OMAHA
Saturday 27th
Prince George 1 at Kelowna 4 FINAL
the score was PG 4, Kelowna 1

Anonymous said...

Typical winter club attitude....and then they wonder why they evoke such animosity.

Anonymous said...

The current system obviously isnt working. BWC and NSWC are always the top teams because they are allowed to recruit players. Deny this all you want we all know it happens. Either totally open up the boundaries like the GTHL in Toronto or take BWC and NSWC out of provincials. POE and OHA dont "opt out" of provincials, BC hockey doesnt allow them to play in it. I know for a fact that a certain BWC parent tried very hard to get an Alberta player thats on POE to come to BWC this year. We are fools to believe that White has any right to be there this year.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is getting tired of this negative conversation. We know there is player movement ALL over BC, Alberta, Man and Sask. Like it or not it happens at the Winter Clubs and Associations and has been happening for years and will continue to happen. Who cares about BWC ? Everytime we come back to the same old topics about player movement, recruitment ect. we make ourselves look like whiners. We don't need to talk about them. Lets talk about which kids and teams are improving. Which tournaments are coming up. Good hockey stories not the garbage that we keep reading about.

Anonymous said...

agree with 8.28

Seems like alot of sour grapes towards programs that have excelled for years.

Anonymous said...

November 2, 2012 8:28 AM

I think the volume of messages on the subject is evidence that visitors to this blog are enjoying this debate/discussion.

I also think some worthwhile concepts have been suggested.

I'm always fascinated by those who complain about some of the messages here, as if they were being forced -- at gun-point maybe -- to read them.

Warren B. said...

How come there are always comments on the games from BC and Alberta, but no comments on the games from MB? Just saying...

Anonymous said...

It is primarily a reflection of the population that visits this site. Clearly the vast majority of interest is in BC, the lower mainland specifically.
Next is Alberta.
SK and MB parents obviously have better things to do.

Anonymous said...


But yet you FIND the time to comment! HAHAHAHA!!!

Warren B said...

Thank you 9:55, so basically you are saying if you play in BC, and you don't cut it, your parents are gonna be mad, sounds like they want to live their dreams through their children. I think it's way too much pressure on a 14year old.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Lots of BC parents waaay too obsessed with their child's hockey. Call them obsessed, or living vicariously ... whatever. It is often a problem.
But remember, this site/blog only exists because of the obsession with the Bantam Draft, which -- as I've said before -- means almost nothing.

Anonymous said...

November 5, 2012 4:10 PM

Yes, if the draft were a year later as all other places it would mean more. Parents don't seem to realize that their kid can be drafted one day and replaced the next. Don't get too excited people its only a snapshot in time of where your kid sits today. Most kids that get drafted this early are from the most visible teams. Lots of kids are seen later and "little Johnny " is replaced. Also smaller kids today may be big kids tomorrow so don't get too excited if your kid is an early grower, many kids catch up and even pass on by.