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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hockey Manitoba Bantam AAA Showcase
Winnipeg Sharks 4-0-0  24-4
Winnipeg Monarchs  4-0-0  45-8
Winnipeg Hawks 3-0-0  32-3
Eastman Selects 2-0-1  23-9
Winnipeg Warriors 2-0-1  25-17
Interlake Lightning 2-1-0  22-17
Pembina Valley Hawks 2-2-0  18-20
Parkland Rangers 1-2-1  15-23
Central Plains Capitals 1-2-0  13-16
Westman Cougars 0-3-1  5-28
Brandon Wheat Kings 0-3-0  6-18
Yellowhead Chiefs 0-4-0  8-29
Norman Wolves 0-4-0  7-51

Scoring Leaders
1.   Dylan Thiessen     3GP  9-4-13  Wpg Monarchs
2.   Vince Loschiavo  3GP  6-5-11  Wpg Hawks
3.   Blaze Bezecki      3GP  6-4-10  Wpg Hawks
4.   Connor Barley     3GP  4-5-9    Wpg Hawks
5.   Matthew Bullard  3GP  6-3-9    Wpg Hawks
6.   Jermaine Loewen 3GP  3-4-7    Interlake
7.   Tristan Tangen     4GP  3-4-7    Parkland
8.   Linden McCorrister  3GP  3-4-7  Wpg Hawks
9.   Dawson Martin    3GP  3-4-7   Wpg Monarchs
10. Jordan Young     4GP   4-3-7    Wpg Sharks

Top Goalies
1.   Mitch Adamyk  2-0-0  0.00  2SO  Wpg Sharks
2.   Ryan Kubic       2-0-0  1.00  Wpg Hawks
3.   Jeremy Link      2-0-0  2.00   Wpg Sharks


Anonymous said...

better look at the Manitoba Bantam Showcase stats again - especially the goaltenders - it was wrong all weekend and the final scores are now in

Anonymous said...

I attended the Bantam Showcase in Manitoba as a College Scout (was there for the MJHL Showcase) and followed the Winnipeg Hawks throughout the 4 games - appears there is an error in the goalie stats and Bannerman/Kubic played in all 4 games. Bannerman played in 7 periods and Kubic played in 5periods - Bannerman allowed 1 goal and Kubic allowed 3. goalie stats were inaccurate all weekend as the goalie changes were not noted on the game sheets.

Anonymous said...

2 of your 3 top goaltenders from Manitoba Showcase are wrong can you have this updated

justafan said...

Actually all of the stats have been updated with all 4 games now included, even the skater stats are quoted wrong here.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a goalie parent that needs to conentrate on ther kids deleopment and not worry about his stats, didn't mention the 4 goals bannerman let in in the home opener against the Warriors.

Timothy said...

I was the person who made the comment at 4:43 am Oct 9 and I am not a goalie parent I am a College scout looking into the future of our program, we were looking at forwards/defence and not goaltenders I was only trying to show how the stats on this website needed to be updated.