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Monday, October 15, 2012

WEHP Releases Top 10 Team Rankings

Top 10 Team Rankings for October 15, 2012
1.   SSAC Southgate Lions (7-0-1  61-14)
2.   North Shore Winter Club (1-1-0  8-5)
3.   Calgary Bisons (5-1-0  40-13)
4.   Burnaby Winter Club (1-1-0  3-2)
5.   OHA  (11-2-1  50-27)
6.   Lloydminster Heat (5-0-2  49-20)
7.   Notre Dame  Hounds 
8.   Winnipeg Hawks (3-1-0  21-7)
9.   POE (3-0-0  22-3)
10. Sherwood Park Flyers (3-1-3  42-22)

Honorable Mention
Langley Eagles, Winnipeg Monarchs, Calgary Northstar Sabres, Lethbridge Golden Hawks, Abbotsford Hawks.

Top 5 Saskatchewan AA Bantam
1.  Prince Albert Venice House Raiders (6-0-0  49-13)
2.  West Central Wheat Kings (5-0-1  26-13)
3.  Balgonie Prairie Storm (2-1-0  15-7)
4.  Regina Pat Blues (2-0-0  13-2)
5.  Saskatoon Maniacs (0-0-1  3-3)


Anonymous said...

The Calgary royals beat the sabers and the bisons.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm not a Langley Eagles parent or alumnus but it seems seriously odd (as in totally wrong) that after having just beaten BOTH Winter Clubs - and only losing another game to NSWC in overtime - that Langley should only merit "honourable mention" status.
Langley defeated NSWC, who is rated #2 in Western Canada ... but Langley doesn't place in the Top 10?
Langley defeated BWC, who is rated #4 in Western Canada ... but Langley doesn't place in the Top 10?
Come on!
If these rankings are to have any credibility they must reflect current reality. Head-to-head competition is the most useful means of determining relative rank, and on that basis the most recent results should have Langley at or near NSWC's ranking ... and at least a little higher than BWC's ranking.
I understand that both winter clubs may very well THUMP Langley whenever they play next. If/when that happens is the time push Langley down below them in the rankings. Not now.
Please explain how I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

That's true the royals have been playing amazing and should really be mentioned here

Anonymous said...

RE: October 15, 2012 2:46 PM

1. It is early in the season 2. It is the bloggers opinion, get over it.

If you have a different opinion start your own blog with rankings.

Anonymous said...

2:46 Langley has played excellently so far. However, most of these results have happened within little over a week. Standings should not change much within a weeks time, no matter the results. Most of these teams will never play each other, and only with larger pool of games will it be seen which teams are better based on like opponents. If Langley continues to play as they have been, there will be no doubt that they'll belong in a top 10.

I've been reading the rankings for a couple of years, and WEHP is usually pretty bang on, and will change if meritted. Now if you want bad rankings (in BC) look at the Hockey Now. They don't have all pool 1 teams in their top 25, but have some pool 3 and 4 teams (some with losing records) in. Atleast WEHP makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Yes agree totally.
WEHP usually gets it right with the team rankings.
Player rankings are slower to change as the kids on the stronger teams are seen more. But as the season moves on those lower ranked players on weaker teams should be on the move upwards and sometimes hit the top. It's always nice to see a kid from a seldom seen team rise.

Anonymous said...

The Royals have been playing amazing or your goalie has?

Anonymous said...

The calgary sabres have a game vs poe on august 28th and they are playin quite well I think this is a must see game and should change the standings

Anonymous said...

how come Langley has posted they lost 5-3 to the Abbotsford Hawks last night?

Langley has gotten themselves lost on their own parade route, just a quick note "the road is curvey and has many forks in it, slow down and dont get ahead of yourselves"

Congrats Abby, thats a big win in Langley's own barn.

Anonymous said...

The Langley steamroller got stopped last night. Abbotsford is the team that remains unbeaten. Looks like four, maybe five competitive PCAHA teams:
and Semi

Great parity this season.

Anonymous said...

So tiering is exhibition games?

Anonymous said...

Kinda,But the teams they play are set from the finals from last year on where you ended up.
Cloverdale finished in Tier 1 so they start in Tier 1 , but will most likely move to Tier 2.

they don't really mean much to most teams. You play 5 or 6 games with teams, to see if that is where you belong. Its possible to move up from Tier 2 to Tier 1 or from Tier 2 to Tier 3 .

But you need to either blow out the teams or get blown out pretty bad to move. .. Then after the first half of the season is over they can move teams again.

Tiering is just like Ex games, try new things, new lines. When its over the W-L-T all get wiped clean and they start the season. Bant, Pee Wee and Atom all the same.