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Monday, October 29, 2012

WEHP Releases Weekly Top 10 Team Rankings

Top 10 Team Rankings for October 29, 2012
1.   SSAC Southgate Lions (10-0-1  88-24) 
2.   North Shore Winter Club (5-1-10  42-9) 
3.   Calgary Bisons (7-1-1  56-23) 
4.   Burnaby Winter Club (4-1-1  39-4)  
5.   OHA  (15-2-1  70-37) 
6.   Notre Dame  Hounds (4-0-2  32-14)
7.   Lloydminster Heat (7-1-3  69-35) 
8.   Winnipeg Hawks (5-1-0  31-10) 
9.   POE (3-0-0  22-3)
10. Calgary Northstar Sabres (7-1-1  43-17)

Honorable Mention
Coquitlam Chiefs (3-1-3), Winnipeg Monarchs (8-1-0), MLAC Scott Pump (5-2-1  37-25), Semiahmoo (3-1-3  25-14). Winnipeg Warriors (6-0-0)
Sherwood Park Flyers (4-1-3  54-23) 

Top 5 Saskatchewan AA Bantam
1.  Regina Pat Blues (6-0-0  34-10)
2.  West Central Wheat Kings (8-1-1  47-27)
3.  Prince Albert Venice House Raiders (7-1-0  63-29)
4.  Balgonie Prairie Storm (4-2-0  39-24)
5.  North East Wolfpack (6-1-0  43-18)


Anonymous said...

After a 23-0 win over Cloverdale, BWC is #1 on the list of teams with no class whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

True, but shame on the PCAHA for having an archaic and ridiculous format for tiering. That's what happens when you have non-hockey people in charge of minor hockey. Common sense seems to be thrown out the window. Ask Cloverdale and I am certain they realized they should be starting in flight 2 or 3 most likely. How is this good for those kids?

Anonymous said...

The 23-0 BWC win underscores the stupidity of academies being allowed to compete with regionally based club teams.

Anonymous said...

Agreed...BWC should be no different than POE,OHA,and Notre Dame...virtually tournament teams who are not eligible to compete for the Western Canadian Bantam Championships

Anonymous said...

I think Notreixpagr5Dame plays older kids in Midget not sure if they compete but would be better then having stupid blow outs

Anonymous said...

Swift current has beat north east once, balgonie twice I think they should be up there too

Anonymous said...

It's not good from any possible angle and puts an exclamation point behind everything we know about the psychology of so many of the people that take their kids there. I guarantee you most of the parent group endorsed it, called for more of it and now rationalizes it... sad.
Once again it's on you PCAHA - Have some courage finally deal with it.Community development with commitment and accountability on player residency in one pool, recruitment clubs in another - Painfully simple.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Swift they are still missing their top player PS has two kids which just happens to be one or two more then the rest of the league surpised Regina teams arent blowing teams out with only 3 teams for 200000 people.. any insight??

Anonymous said...

Lots of parents are painfully surprised to see their kid turned into a small role player at such a young age.The smarter parents keep their kids in the smaller associations where they can develop into leaders. Its sad to see some of these kids spend years at these clubs only to be bypassed in the draft because of their lack of all around development. We are seeing it this year again as kids are pushed out by kids bought in from other provinces and given the chance to shine. PCAHA should feel great shame at this as they overlook it year after year.Everyone knows the residency requirement doesn't apply to all equally. Yes they can create good teams. Yes they can win tournaments. But I don't see more of their kids lasting any longer in the dub than small club players. GET SOME COURAGE PCAHA AND THROW THEM OUT! The kids will all go back to their home clubs and everyone will be better off.

Anonymous said...

Not hard for the middle schooler to be the big man when he plays in the sandbox at the elementary school.LOL There will always be someone that will bask themselves in what they feel is the glory. Every one of us in high level hockey knows many cases of individuals openly not respecting the spirit of residency requirement and PCAHA is the one that year after year pursues one or two(usually in community associations)and is scared off pursuing the clubs who are a bit more commited to winning at all cost including not respecting the rules of the game. Ultimately only PCAHA can do it but the community associations have to make it impossible for them to turn the blind eye any more.If we all took responsibility and action we would likely see better development all over as the more commited would likely stay and help build. It's hard work though and takes more than talk. Ultimately it likely won't happen because we all move on and a new batch of younger hockey lovers displace us.

Really though, the simple solution is 2 sandboxes, One for recruitment clubs and noone has to care about boundaries and one for community based. We can all be as commited as we want, build development programs as far as we are able and measure against each other on a level playing field with one set of rules for all. Then teams can really take pride in their achievments!Over to you PCAHA and other governing bodies.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like it do something about it. Complaining here will do nothing. PCAHA does not sit around and read this web site. I am sure many have complained already.

Don't ask others to do your work.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why pcaha let's clubs play against associations either. The only people who like this are the same ones who enjoy winning by ridiculous scores. Why was this ever allowed in the first place? Who's running who? Kind of like the tail wagging the dog

Anonymous said...

Let me try to understand...last week they were just an average team with no scoring and weak goaltending and ok defense. There are about four teams that can win this league. They were ranked 4 th on the list. They tie Semi and lost to Langley and OHA. They win one game against a team that everyone know shouldn't be there and now they should be kick out of pcaha. Good rational.

Anonymous said...

We can all point the finger at the clubs but let face reality, players are moving all over PCAHA.
Abby has 3 new players this year and the 1996 year as well they brought in a player from Squamish that never lived in Abby when he played.
Langley has a new top end Bantam player this year from another local association
BWC has 2 new players
NSWC has 1 this year
Richmond has 5 new ones in Pee Wee and Banatm
Semi had 2 new players from local associations transfers in 1997 year and moved home after the year
Seafair has at least 6 new players from other local assoc. in Atom, Pee Wee
Coquitlam has 1 new Bantam player from a local association
.... just to name a few associations that have had player movement.

Believe me there is a lot more too!!!! If they have done it properly, good for them!!! Who are we to judge what a family wants to do for their kid.
When comments are made I think we have to look at what's happening with all associations. It sure doesn't look like its one sided. Does PCAHA have to change the rules? Maybe

Anonymous said...

The phone calls and actions this "may" produce is just one more reason John Batchelor's decision to play the Cloverdale game the way he did was extremely foolish.
It was bad sportsmanship for certain, but may ultimately even prove to be damaging to the winter club. A bad move on several fronts.

Anonymous said...


Last year Cloverdale Bantam AAA had a defenseman that played for the 2 brothers. The family lived in Coquitlam the whole time and he now plays MM for the Coquitlam team.

Is that ok ???? NOT. Should we throw them out too??? Sometimes its good to get all the facts that surround all the PCAHA teams before we judge!!!

Anonymous said...

BWC and NSWC should leave PCAHA and join the CSSHL kind of like what OHA and POE do in the midget program. EDGE, OHA, POE, BWC and WENATCHEE could make a fairly strong academy league. That solves the problem of all these parents on bad teams in the PCAHA from complaining.

Anonymous said...

Funny last year Cloverdale had some win streak that they were chirping was the best in BC Bantam, which was totaly incorrect.

Funny how the brothers didnt stick around this year.

It should be like Albert, scrap the tiering and play in the league.

They do keep score.

Anonymous said...

how is abby not an honorable mention but coquitlam is?

Anonymous said...

Much of the movement in other associations is actually driven by the movement to the Winter Clubs. It's an attempt by associations to be competitive, to have a chance to win something. Stop the Winter Club nonsense and much of the motivation for others to move to Langley or Semi or Abby or whatever goes away.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Abby's 4-4 record versus Coquitlam's 3-1-3 record plus Coquitlam winning 3-0 in Abby's arena has something to do with it. Coquitlam has a well balanced team with some higher end players and have great coaching. Having said that Langley is better and should be ranked ahead of both.

Anonymous said...

There is more player movement from families leaving the Winter Clubs and going to associations in Bantam( and not their home associations) then ones coming to. This has been happening for many many years. You can hide behind the Associations names and point fingers at the clubs but we all know the truth. You want to talk about recruitment clubs, how about Abby and the Yale academy, Seafair and the Yogi academy, Richmond and the Wheeler academy, South Delta ect.... The list goes on and on and on. NOT just Winter Clubs. Open your eyes!!!!

So kids that have trained their entire career at a Winter Club and then leaves in Bantam that ok? .... and families that move to the clubs that's not ok?? Who are we to tell families what they can and can't do for their kids.

The bottom line is families can do whatever they want with their kids as long as its done within the PCAHA rules!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is a FYI for you to wrap your heads around, The Hockey director has expressed if you want to be on a A1 team you must play spring with the Bears program. Many left and went to Richmond. Oh and the good part funds are due up front to play spring hockey.

Anonymous said...

White scored 15 goals or had 15 points in the game against Cloverdale?

i say Neither are correct and nothing to be very proud about (this isn't tier 2 AA PeeWee hockey anymore - and not youtube worthy).

From what everyone heard the game was over before the midway point in the first period (7-0 and shots were 23-1)

that is a fault to the BWC program, parents gloating about the dominance in a one sided game.

The Atom program also beat a team 27-0 this year in a tiering game,

What does this proove?

It Prooves the parents inflated ego's and heads will not fit through the standard door frame anymore.

Anonymous said...


Yes Cloverdale did have a strong team last year. Seto was a good player that came from BWC for his final year Bantam ( which he is allowed to do) and Henderson, who lived in Coquitlam last year and played for Cloverdale last year ( which is not allowed under PCAHA rules) was a good player. He now plays MM in the Coquitlam district. Let me think, thats ok that Cloverdale allowed Henderson to play there??? NOT!!! You should do a little research before you use examples like that. Anyways lets try to get to a more positive tone here. There are some great kids that we would all like to hear about rather then the bickering we are doing. Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

What you are doing is wrong and so are the examples you have stated. I'm sure there are lots of examples however form boundaries, hold to them and eliminate this movement period... I'm sure there are no other Albertans playing for any of the other PCAHA teams. If Seto lives in the Cloverdale boundary he should have been there all along. The point is the rules are flawed. Its minor hockey not pro hockey. Make it competative and allow every team a chance. Trust me the top kids will still emerge and get drafted. Some of the best player come from small towns where they are the best players on their teams. The cream will rise to the top.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution! ZONE TEAMS for Bantam!

The following are the zones for BC Major Midget and could be tweaked a little to meet the needs of many of these parents choosing to have their students jump boundaries.

Kootenay Zone (Kootenay Ice) including Beaver Valley, Castlegar, Cranbrook, Creston, Elkford, Fernie, Golden, Grand Forks, Invermere, Kaslo, Kimberley, Midway, Nakusp, Nelson, Trail, Windermere Valley

North Central Zone (Cariboo Cougars) including Mackenzie, McBride, Quesnel, Prince George, Valemount, Williams Lake, 100 Mile House

North West Zone (Cariboo Cougars) including Burns Lake, Fort St. James, Fraser Lake, Hazelton, Houston, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, Smithers, Stewart, Terrace, Vanderhoof

North East / Yukon Zone (Cariboo Cougars) including Chetwynd, Clearview, Dawson Creek, Fort Nelson, Fort St. John, Hudson Hope, Tumbler Ridge, Yukon

North Okanagan Zone (Thompson Blazers) including Ashcroft, Chase, Clearwater, Kamloops, Lillooet, Logan Lake, Merritt, Revelstoke, North Okanagan (Armstrong/Enderby), Salmon Arm, Sicamous

South Okanagan Zone (Okanagan Rockets) including Kelowna, Lumby, Penticton, Princeton, South Okanagan (Oliver, Osoyoos), Summerland, Vernon, Winfield, Westside

North Island Zone (North Island Silvertips) including Campbell River, Comox Valley, Gold River, Nanaimo, Oceanside, Port Alberni, Powell River, Tri Port (Port Alice, Port McNeill, Port Hardy)

South Island Zone (South Island T Birds) including Cowichan Valley, Juan de Fuca, Lake Cowichan, Peninsula, Saanich, Sooke, Victoria, Victoria Racquet Club

Vancouver Centre Zone (Greater Vancouver Canadians) including Arbutus Club, Richmond, Seafair, North Delta, South Delta, Vancouver, Vancouver Thunderbirds

Vancouver North East Zone (Vancouver North East Chiefs) including Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Ridge Meadows

Vancouver North West Zone (Vancouver North West Giants) including Burnaby Minor, Burnaby Winter Club, Hollyburn Country Club, North Vancouver, North Shore Winter Club, Squamish, Sunshine Coast, West Vancouver, Whistler, New Westminster

Vancouver South East Zone (Fraser Valley Bruins) including Abbotsford, Hope, Chilliwack, Mission, Aldergrove

Vancouver South West Zone (Valley West Hawks) including Cloverdale, Langley, Semiahmoo, Surrey

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is happening all over now. Seafair and South Delta being the most obvious. The money being taken from these parents to get their kids on the rep teams is criminal. Yes, yes, I know the more ice your kid gets the better he will be. But being almost blackmailed into these coaches programs is becoming hard to swallow. Coaches making lots of money from this now, many of them its their job and they don't really care too much about which kid pays. Those that pay get to play.

Anonymous said...

11:13 - I'm not sure where you are getting your information from. South Delta Minor hockey does not recruit kids. There is a hockey academy at the local high school but that is during school hours only. There is no affiliation between the academy and the minor hockey teams. The kids that attend the academy still play for their home association teams.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying they do.
If you read my post you will see I reference post 8:28

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should just let players go wherever they want?
OR ... let them be free to choose between two or three neighbouring associations?

Just asking the question.

Anonymous said...

If you let the "players" go wherever they want, what you're really doing is letting the parents conspire to send all of their kids to the same team so they can "win". Obviously this is a funny definition of the word "win". I call it stacking the deck, others might call it cheating.

This approach was taken in Saskatchewan until 3 years ago when the SHA instituted its "closest centre" rule. What it should have done was created boundaries, but the closest centre rule is better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

How about we open up Bantam hockey to free agency. Players can go play with whichever team gives them the best offer ... free sticks/skates/equipment? Of course, no money can change hands, as these 14 yr old kids are not professionals. Similar system seems to be working for the NHL.

Anonymous said...

10:16 AM

That might be a good idea, or perhaps the major Bantam one. Unfortunately, not all associations care equally about the development of their players or their system.