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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Update: Manitoba Showcase/Chilliwack Bantam TournamentB

Big things expected of Dylan Thiessen this year

Hockey Manitoba Bantam AAA Showcase
Scoring Leaders
1.   Dylan Thiessen  10-8-18  Monarchs
2.   Vince Loschaivo  6-6-12  Sharks
3.   Dawson Martin   8-4-12  Monarchs
4.   Blaze Bezecki     6-5-11  Hawks
5.   Kevin Janisch      5-6-11  Monarchs
6.   Connor Barley     5-5-10  Hawks
7.   Jermaine Loewen 4-5-9   Interlake
8.   Chase Brakel       2-7-9   Hawks
9.   Linden McCorrister  3-6-9  Hawks
10. Matthew Bullard  6-3-9   Hawks
11. Nolan Libbrecht   7-2-9   Monarchs
12. Brandon Mills       5-3-8   Hawks
13. Braden Klippenstein  5-2-7  Central Plains
14. Bradley Goethels  7-0-7   Eastman
15. Tristan Langen     3-4-7   Parkland

Top Goalies (minimum 2 GP)
1.   Mitchell Adamyk  2-0-0  0.00  2SO  Sharks
2.   Riley Bannerman   2-0-0  0.50  1SO  Hawks
3.   Ryan Kubic  2-0-0  1.50  Hawks
4.   Stijn Demare  2-0-0  1.50  Monarchs
5.   Jeremy Link  2-0-0  2.00  Sharks

Chilliwack Bantam AAA Tournament
The reports are starting to filter in from our scouts in attendance.  As I receive them, I will post their thoughts on the blog.  Some of the thoughts include both scouts who we have and also some thoughts of some WHL head scouts in attendance.

Top Risers in the tournament
Cody Allen - D - Kamloops Jardine Blazers
Robert Johnson - F - Kamloops Jardine Blazers
Jake Kryski - F - BWC Bruins
Tak Anholt - F - NSWC Winterhawks
Clint Colebourne - F - NSWC Winterhawks
Andy Stevens - D - OHA
Davis Koch - F - OHA
Darren Hards - F - Prince George
Brett Clayton - F - Abbotsford Hawks
Ben Evanish - F - Semiahmoo
Aaron Hyman - D - Calgary Flames
Walker Cote - D - OHA

All-Star Teams as selected by our panel of scouts
1st All-Star Team
F - Jake Kryski - BWC
F - Jaeger White - BWC
F - Tak Anholt - NSWC
D - Dante Fabbro - BWC
D - Clint Colebourne - NSWC
G - Brody Wilms - OHA

2nd All-Star Team
F - Beck Malenstyn - OHA
F - Quinn Benjafield - NSWC
F - Robert Johnson - Kamloops
D - Darren Rizzolo - OHA
D - Matt Barberis - BWC
G - Tyler Shugrue - BWC


Anonymous said...

Your scouts have some serious issues. Malenstyn was, without question, the most dominant player in the tournament. He scored at will. A few highly touted players such as White and Hannoun were a bit of a disappointment as they didnt dominate like i thought they would. Only players i saw who had the capability to take over and control a game were Malenstyn and Gingras. However, i did not see every team play and i am sure i missed a few.

Anonymous said...

Hannoun not on All-Star team?

Western Elite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Western Elite said...

Hannoun was suspended when our scouts were to view him. There is no doubt that he is a high end talent.

Anonymous said...

How did Hanoun not make the 1st or 2nd All-Star team?
Robbie Johnson and Davis Kock were the big surprises to me, both looked very strong despite reputations for "soft" play.
Good to see Wilms getting recognition after strong showings in both the Super-Series and Chilliwack. Definitely should be top-ranked goalie in BC at this point.
Fabbro took some heat for his rugged play, but to see a high-skill player like that have an 'edge' to his game was impressive.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree on the Malenstyn comment from 940am, though "scored at will" is a bit over the top.
I never thought about mentioning Gingras before because all I can remember about Langley was that stunning collapse against NSWC. Nevertheless, he IS a big talent ... I'll be surprised if he's not drafted in the first round.
Also, while OHA knocked off BWC -- and they deserve full credit for that -- it still seems clear that if the Bruins can start to get some solid goaltending they will be the team to beat through Provincials.

Anonymous said...

I had an opportunity to view the SSAC play on Tuesday night this week. They definitely have deep team there is not doubt about that. Benson is a strong player, but he was contained by some CAC defense all night. CAC is not a talent laden team at all (I believe they have 7 first years), but #20 Dalton Middleton and #4 Dudley - two defensman played him well. Dudley is a first year I understand. Dalton, even though smaller, took the body to Benson a few times - including a great hip check on a toe drag. SSAC outshot CAC badly but Skinner at the other end had to be very sharp. I actually think SSAC did not like to the hitting in the game. Excuse the spelling. Anyone else at this game

Anonymous said...

All star teams are a joke

Anonymous said...

9-40 yep you did miss a few , some from poe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great insight, 3:37. Why say anything at all?

Anonymous said...

Hanoun did not make "all star", and Shugrue did? How the heck do those make sense?

Anonymous said...

I thought it curious that the 2 teams (Hawks & Monarchs) ranked highest in MB AAA Bantam were placed in pool where arguably 4 of the 5 teams would be ranked in the bottom half in MB.

Not to take anything away from Thiessen, Loschaivo, Martin or the other players; they are some of MBs best talent no doubt, and they took full advantage of playing teams that were beatable by 18-1 and 12-1 scores, while Warriors, Sharks, Pembina Valley, Parkland got to play all the middle of the pack teams.
Assuming at the Dec showcase the schedules may be reversed.
Having said that, a great tournament for all kids.

Anonymous said...

Adamyk was stellar all show case. could be better than kubic

Anonymous said...

Also, Hockey Manitoba messed up with the Winnipeg Warriors roster.. They aren't included/added yet to the point leaders. Look to see some guys be pushed off the list as most of the Warriors had a great showcase tournament.

Anonymous said...

oha was amazing through the challenge cup whith second years malenstyn and ward but i think the reall thunder came from guys like higson rizzolo kyle and bowen

Anonymous said...

I think we should all be watching shael higson and carter kyle from oha they are great finds from the oha scouting crew higson has great skateing and plays a hard game and also has a amazing shot kyle is a big fast moving body whith a hard shot that creats alot of scoreing chances whith his size and vision