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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 18, 2012 newsletter is ready

The October 18, 2012 newsletter is now ready.  In this edition of the newsletter, we update the Top 200 for 98's, Top 130 for 99's and make some major adjustments after our scouts viewings at the Chilliwack Bantam Touranament, Port Moody TournamentRed Deer Tournament, Seafair Icebreaker Tournament and Hockey Manitoba Showcase as well as a smaller Melville tournament..  As well, stats have been updated for all players in the 98 and 99 age group with the exception of some PCAHA teams.  Updated heights and weights are updated as well for most teams in western Canada and the US.  There have also been over 30 transfers of players switching teams, that is updated too.  The Top 40 western American players are updated.

In the interview section I had a chance to chat with a small, talented player who took his game from a small BC association to one of the main academy's and is now one of the leading scorers on that team.

I speak with one of the most talented players in the '99 age group in western Canada who is already wearing a letter with his team.  He has all the offensive tools to be a player to watch moving forward.

We interview one of the hardest working players in the draft and says he will do anything to help his team win and "hates losing".  He plays in a smaller association but won't go un-noticed for long.

Lastly, interviewed is the reigning scoring leader of his peewee league last year.  So far in Bantam hockey he is starting to adjust and put up points once again.

- The Tournament section is updated as well.  It includes all tournaments in all provinces in a new format.

Team Rankings
The top 20 team rankings make its first appearance in the newsletter since all leagues are now under way.  


Anonymous said...

Hey everybody! Does anyone know anything about the OHA 99s I've heard that one was doing good but then got a concussion. But how about the other one? And P.O.E?

Anonymous said...

You overrate many of the 99's. I have watched many of these kids for the past 5 years and some who were great at a younger age and have been on the decline as they get older are still being put very high on the list. You have missed out on many top kids. WELL DONE

Anonymous said...

I cant speak for most of the 99's listed since I have seen mostly MB '99 players. There are some very good players not listed, presumably because they are rural kids and dont get seen much. Wyatt Bear of the Interlake Lightning AAA Bantams is a '99 kid to watch. Already 6' 160lbs and can score goals, PK and PP. I'm think he will draw attention this winter.(I'm not a parent or affiliated) just watch him at showcase.

Anonymous said...

Yes we all know that. Lots will change next year for the 99's, its too early to pick them all out yet. Big changes happening for the 98's right now. Some of those held up too high are falling and lesser known and more skilled players are rising.WEHP usually gets it right by draft time. Hang on till next year. Some of the best draft picks don't play on these fancy spring teams that get all the exposure they are busy training there butts off privately and that hard work will pay off in the end. If the kid is good enough he will be found!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the 99's, Klessens on the receiving end of two big hits in Lethbridge on Saturday and left the game early. He was also knocked out of a pee wee game in Lethbridge last year. Big kids need to learn to keep their heads up come bantam.

Anonymous said...

The wehp rankings are waaaaaaaaaay off. Let the real scouts do their job. I've never in my life seen such terrible rankings EVER!

Anonymous said...


that's an extremely broad statement, perhaps it would have more credibility if you supported it with specific examples

Anonymous said...

11.09 true
We all know why the top teams do well. They have good third lines of "undraftable" kids, but the small associations often have house players who have to get equal ice time. These lower teams are often parent run even if the coach gets paid.Their top players are often great players who have to get their coaching elsewhere and do very well once drafted. I would like this site to be more about the draft and prospects than who scores the most goals and which team has a fancy westerns ring. Although I guess there is a lot of parents paying to see their kid ranked high.

Anonymous said...

there are very few kids from saskatoon that should be watched but dont get a good showing because the GSHL league isint very talented. there is at least 5 kids that have a great chance of getting drafted if they were watched more