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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Player Percentages

A bit of a change of pace this morning in that I thought we would like at which players in western Canada have picked up points on the largest percentage of their teams goals?  Who has scored the largest percentage of its teams goals?  We will start with teams in British Columbia and work our way east.  Now obviously this will only work for teams who produce statistics or teams who send them to WEHP.  Only a handful of teams in BC produce stats and the GSHL league in Saskatoon continue to keep statistics "non public", although we do have some games sheets from time to time.

British Columbia
Cowichan Valley (36 goals)
Darrian Harris = 38%
Kyle Topping = 19% Goals

Nanaimo Clippers (34 goals)
Carter Turnbull = 53%
Carter Turnbull = 29% Goals

Penticton Vees (20 goals)
Josh Maser = 33%
Several tied at = 15% Goals

Vernon (25 goals)
Jagger Williamson = 48%
Jagger Williamson/Josh DeCoffe = 24% Goals

OHA (53 goals) includes tournaments
7. Beck Malenstyn = 55%
6. Beck Malenstyn = 34% Goals

POE (89 goals) includes tournaments
10. Tyson Jost = 52%
Tyson Jose = 26% Goals

Airdrie Xtreme (22 goals)
Andrew Fyten = 36%
Andrew Fyten/Adam Tisdale = 18% Goals

CAC Lehigh Cement (19 goals)
Parker Foo/Aiden Huggins/Marc Pasemko = 26%
Parker Foo = 26% Goals

Calgary Bisons (44 goals)
Dylan Williamson = 34%
Dylan Williamson = 25% Goals

Calgary Flames (17 goals)
D - Carter Cziakowski = 47%
Steven Lawrence = 29% Goals

Calgary Royals (29 goals)
Sean Montgomery/Bryce Richmond = 28%
Sean Montgomery = 21% Goals

Calgary Northstar Sabres (28 goals)
Parker Aucoin = 43%
8. Parker Aucoin = 32% Goals

Camrose Vikings
- Just 6 goals scored in 6 games.

Fort Saskatchewan Rangers (35 goals)
Brendan Hagel = 31%
Matthew Bennett = 20% Goals

Grand Prairie Storm
- Just 9 goals scored in 6 games.

K of C Squires (18 goals)
1. Alex Rotundo = 72%
7. Alex Rotundo = 33% Goals

Leduc Allen's Transport (32 goals)
Lane Zablocki = 31%
Lane Zablocki = 19% Goals

Lethbridge Golden Hawks (36 goals)
Grayson Constable = 39%
Tyler Anderson = 19% Goals

Lloydminster Heat (58 goals)
Mason Shaw = 38%
Cole Johnson = 21% Goals

MLAC Scott Pump (24 goals)
5. Nolan Volcan = 63%
Ryan Jevne = 46%
4. Nolan Volvan 38% Goals

Okotoks Oilers (14 goals)
Markus Lavallee = 50%
several tied at 2 goals

Red Deer Black (30 goals)
D- TJ Brown/Luke Coleman = 27%
Luke Coleman = 20% Goals

Red Deer White (28 goals)
2. Tyler Steenbergen = 68%
1. Tyler Steenbergen = 43% Goals

Sherwood Park Flyers (42 goals)
7. Sam Steel = 55%
10. Sam Steel = 31% Goals

Southeast Hockey Hounds (41 goals)
Michael Doneff = 46%
Michael Clarke = 27% Goals

Spruce Grove PAC Saints (34 goals)
Luc Smith = 35%
Luc Smith = 24% Goals

SSAC Southgate Lions (61 goals)
4. Tyler Benson = 62%
Tyler Benson = 28% Goals

St. Albert Sabres (15 goals)
Zachary Webb = 47%
Zachary Webb = 20% Goals

Saskatchewan - SBAAHL
Battlefords Barons (10 goals)
Kade Mossiman = 30%
Kade Mossiman = 30% Goals

Humboldt Broncos
- Just 7 goals scored so far.

North East Wolfpack (18 goals)
Jordan Borstmayer = 28%
-several tied with 2 goals

Prince Albert VH Raiders (49 goals)
Drew Warkentine = 35%
Drew Warkentine/Tanner Fiddler = 20% Goals

Sask Valley Vipers (20 goals)
7. Liam Maley = 55%
Liam Maley/Scotty Stewart = 20% Goals

West Central Wheat Kings (26 goals)
Kolby Johnson = 38%
Ryder Kissick = 27% Goals

Estevan Bruins
- Just 7 goals scored so far

Melville Millionaires
- Just 7 goals scored so far

Balgonie Prairie Storm (15 goals)
3. Jared Dmytriw = 67%
2. Jared Dmytriw = 40% Goals

Regina Monarchs (17 goals)
Mason Mullaney = 41%
Elliott Grande- Sherbert = 24% Goals

Regina Pat Blues (22 goals)
Riley Woods/Chaeston Sare = 45%
9. Riley Woods = 32% Goals

Regina Silver Foxes (18 goals)
Caleb Griffin = 50%
3. Caleb Griffin = 39% Goals

Swift Current Kabos Raiders (22 goals)
Tanner Nagel = 36%
Carter Tangen/Jarrett Gerlach = 18%  Goals

Weyburn Wings
- Just 1 game played so far.

Yorkton UCT Terriers
- Just 11 goals scored so far.

Manitoba - Winnipeg AAA League
Yellowhead Chiefs
- Just 5 goals scored so far.

Winnipeg Warriors (19 goals)
6. Nicholas Labossiere = 58%
Nicholas Labossiere = 26% Goals

Southwest Cougars
- Just 6 goals scored so far.

Winnipeg Sharks (23 goals)
Jordan  Young = 35%
Codey Melnyk = 20% Goals

Pembina Valley Hawks (10 goals)
Logan Christensen = 30%
Logan Christensen = 30% Goals

Winnipeg Monarchs (31 goals)
Dawson Martin = 31%
Dawson Martin = 23% Goals

Interlake Lightning
- Just 1 game played.

Winnipeg Hawks (21 goals)
Vince Loschaivo/Connor Barley = 48%
Vince Loschaivo = 24% Goals

Central Plains Capitals
- Just 1 goal in 2 games so far.

Brandon Wheat Kings
- Just 1 game played so far.


Anonymous said...

You have put alot of work into this.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wolfpack have scored 23 goals..Borstmayer only has 2 goals which is about only 9%. Tristen Charles with 4 goals, Mac Sommers with 3, and Braeden Fiske with 3 have more than Borstmayer.

Anonymous said...

Publishing this article is a real shame as many of the players are dealing with coaches kids logging the bulk of the ice time and awarded the freedom to do as they choose (i know, I know...I'm simply a jealous parent or whatever the usual copout is). Before you jump on the wagon and say he must deserve the ice time, you should first find out the teams record and see if the coach is being self serving or not. Not in any facet of life are we aloud to fail as much as this and keep our credibility.

It's frustrating to say the least when score sheets are altered and coaches kids are granted immunity from playing 2-way team focused hockey rather than selfish point driven individual games.

Anonymous said...

Jost and Malenstyn are off to awesome early starts. Can either (or both) sustain it?

Anonymous said...

Interesting stats but they only tell us goals. Tells us nothing about +/- issues these players may have or not. These kids are no good to me if they score 3 goals a game but are the reason for 3 goals against. Give me a kid that can score 1 goal a game and never get scored on. These type of kids often have never played the defensive game and would not fit into the team concept. How about an article on the defensive forwards that can play two ways. Also all those defensive defensemen who never get a mention but somehow are drafted higher than goal scorers.I guess goal stats are easy to see. But real scouts need to see +/-. Also goal stats are not given with what percentage ice time this kid was given to obtain those results, can make a big difference we all know.

Anonymous said...

There are caveats to every stat.
Thanks, I guess, for pointing out some with respect to these percentages.

Anonymous said...

Jost,Andrusiak,Macdonald have scored well over half of POE's goals

Anonymous said...

Ok, that's nice but how much of the ice time do they get?

Anonymous said...


Probably, if they continue to get the most ice time!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the +/- comment.

These are real stats that scouts look for.

If your son or daughters team wins 4-3 and your child got 2 goals for and was on for all 3 gainst the goals he/she scored doesnt look so impressive.


know you have to look at special teams and the PK.

just trying to say "there is a lot more to a hockey game then what a simple game sheet says"

Points are great, but they dont tell the complete game.

for example, a team wins a 4-0 and the shots for are 60 - 10, I think the real story is how the goalie stood on his head. The player that scored 2 goals cant compare to the great showing the opponents goalie had.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick and tired of seeing players who score and put up numbers being ranked so high! What the heck is with that? Makes no sence as the true players are the hard workers in the corners and the players who do the little things. This was a stupid post by wehp.

Anonymous said...

who would you rather have????Benson who plays about 45 minutes per game and picks up 4 points or a player who plays his roll and gets 1 point per game but plays 15 minutes. I will take the latter.

Anonymous said...

You should really take down these useless stats that are only produced for the few parents that heavily promote their kids. An apology should be given also for not thinking this through and then stop taking game updates from self serving parents that just promote their own team. We all know who they are. Parents are not scouts and shouldn't be giving scouting reports to people paying money for rankings that look like they are form Atom.JUST BECAUSE A KID PLAYS ON A GOOD TEAM DOESN'T MEAN HE SHOULD BE RANKED HIGH. Please don't turn this site into a joke. Start reporting on good up and coming players also, some of which are highly rated by the scouts and will draft higher than these Academy and Club third liners who never get drafted.

Anonymous said...

Would you rather have Crosby or Cook? Giroux or Simmonds? Eberle or Belanger? Either Sedin or Higgins?
My point is that teams need both. Goal scorers and role players. Goal scorers will always get more ice time in any sport if they play an otherwise responsible game. (an no, I'm not a parent or coach of any kid listed or not listed here)

Anonymous said...

I heard that WEHP is closing the site in a month? Anyone else hear this? Probably for the best hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I have not been on this site for 2 seasons and I see this group of parents may be the worse.Every team needs all types of players true but if you cant score at the bantam level you are in tough going forward.And yes scouts do look at scoring and yes it matters
a team can get a third line grinder anywhere there are hundreds playing jr a the fact is teams are looking for players who can play at the major junior level
and to play at that level skating size and yes talent are all considered. If you son is a hard working second liner on his bantam team lets be real about it thats great but most likely not going to be drafted.Bottom line is WEHP does a good job at providing info its the few people that think there boy is some star that make this site sketchy as some call it
dont read things into it. I have been through it WHEP predication are pretty close. And dont panic about draft if the 96 draft was held today as 16 year olds a player whep had ranked second round would most likely go first and players who where drafted top 5in 96 draft have 11 pts combined in 50 whl games this season so things change and be carefull what you wish for the player who would go first today was by past up by a dozen for the love of game let the results of your play place you where you belong. Or on draft day you may be very disappointed Ive been there!

Anonymous said...

Close it down... Another one will pop up...