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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WHL to hold 1999 born Prospects Camp

The Western Hockey League is pleased to announce that it will be holding its first WHL Prospects Camp presented by Reebok-CCM in Calgary, Alberta, from March 23-25, at Father David Bauer Arena.  Open to Major Pee Wee (1999-born) AA players across Alberta, the Camp will be the first in a series of Prospect Camps the WHL will be staging, focusing on player development and education. The Camp will include on-ice skill development sessions, off-ice player development seminars, and on-ice and off-ice combine testing.
“We are excited to host our first WHL Prospects Camp in March, which will be the first camp in a series of new WHL programming initiatives beginning this spring and leading into next season," commented WHL Manager, Development and Recruitment Tyler Boldt.  "These camps will offer a unique development opportunity for the players involved, as they will learn the tools needed to succeed at their next level of hockey, both on and off the ice. As well, an introduction to combine testing will give players the ability to track their own progress, as well as compare themselves against players in various age groups across the country.”
Players attending the WHL Prospects Camp will be provided with a unique hockey experience and be introduced to the tools they will require to develop to their full potential. WHL Alumni will serve as camp instructors and coaches, while the presenting partner Reebok-CCM will provide participants with full work-out apparel.
On-ice and off-ice combine testing will be provided by Sport Testing, a national leader in player assessment. Through the Sport Testing website – – players will be able to compare their test results against players from their age group across the country, and gauge their development as they advance to higher levels of hockey.
Reebok-CCM will also present the WHL's annual U.S. Prospects Camp on April 12-15 in Anaheim, California, and the next WHL Prospects Camp to be held at Father David Bauer Arena in Calgary, Alberta, for 1998-born players, scheduled for August.
For up-to-date news, schedules and information on WHL Prospects Camp presented by Reebok-CCM, please visit:
Also - Please refer to the next newsletter which comes out on Friday, March 9 for a sneak peak at the '99 born player rankings.  We will list some of the top ones to watch.

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