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Friday, March 30, 2012

Manitoba POE Day 1

Team Grey 3 - Team White 0
Matthew Greening, Jared Hunter and Bradley Schoonbaert scored the goals for Grey today.  Colt Conrad chipped in with 1 assist.  For Team White, the likes of Ryan Gardiner, Aaron Boyd and Marco Campanella weren't able to muster any offence in game 1.

Team Red 4 - Team Black 3
Julien Koga, Taylor Ritchie, Shane Roulette and Ashton Anderson scored for Team Red in the win.  Koga added an assist for the only multiple point game for Red.  Of note, first round rated Thomas Lenchyshyn was held off the scoresheet for Red as was Rylee Zimmer who was once ranked in the first round but has since dropped a bit.

For Black, Keaton Jameson, Dexter Kuczek 1-1-2 and Mark Taraschuk scored.  Of note, Ethan Williams was held pointless.

Team Orange 5 - Team Blue 2
Julien Uhryniuk paced the attack for Team Orange with 2-1-3, Lawson MacDonald 1-1-2, Michael Wirth 0-2-2 and Keegan Kolesar scored for Orange as did Dylan Stobert.  For Blue it was Noah Layte and Tanner Blight replying.

Team Teal 4 - Team Gold 2
Brett Opperman led the way with 2 goals for Teal and Jackson Keane 1-1-2 as well as Jordan Ivanyshyn with 1-1-2 scored for Teal.  Kirklan Lycar had 2 assists for Teal as well.  Zach Court and Tanner Wishnowski scored for Gold while Braden Purtill and Tyler Jeanson picked up helpers.

Action continues bright and early tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Some of the surprises in who did or didnt score arent surprises to those who follow Manitoba bantam hockey. Those that were held pointless didnt surprise anyone in my opinion. Maybe the ratings need to be adjusted based on the theory of best against best.

Anonymous said...

And if you followed your suggestion you would have a Team Manitoba cookie-cutter team full of the same type of players. We all know where that would get you fast...pretty much no where. Just my opinion. :)

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of talented kids this weekend but will say this...the kids that have had the spotlight all year in my mind were not the ones that stood out this weekend..some of them skated and played like they had it in the bag and that alone took them off my list..alot of other kids stepped up and showed their presence and proved the "short term" aspect they talked about on Saturday night!! Goodluck to all kids with the talent that was there they could of made two teams easily!!