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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Results

So far just the two results in from bantam hockey playoffs across western Canada today.  As mentioned in an earlier post, it was the Winnipeg Monarchs with a thrilling 4-3 victory over the Winnipeg Hawks this afternoon.

North East Wolfpack 7 - Battlefords 4
The North East Wolfpack take a 1-0 series lead over the Battlefords with a 7-4 high scoring victory this evening.  Leading the way for the Wolfpack was Elder and Zary with 2 goals each and Regnier, Paziuk and Rowlett with singles.  For the Battlefords it was, Gerein with 2, Robertson and Young with singles.

North East led 2-0 and 6-4 by periods.  Amundrud and Malenfant were in net for the respective teams.

Melville 5 - Weyburn 2 
- Melville takes a 1-0 series lead

Sask Valley 13 - Prince Albert 1
- Sask Valley takes a 1-0 series lead

PCAHA Action
Cloverdale 4 - Semiahmoo 3
- Cloverdale advance to provincials in Kamloops

BWC 4 - NSWC 0
- BWC advance to provincials in Kamloops

League championship game is on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

How did Melville beat Weyburn and their fabulous defence last night. I never saw who scored for Weyburn, but was wondering how many Nagy got. Can someone let me know. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Keane a very dominant player on the ice, scoring a goal and assisting on the tying and overtime winner.

Anonymous said...

melville is better than weyburn when they play a team game thats how they beat them

Anonymous said...

Dickie and Bechard scored for Weyburn against Melville.
Melville came to win and they played very well.

Anonymous said...

Nagy has fallen way off ... more accurately, everyone else has caught up. His early growth is a non-factor now. I am not sure he is even considered in the top 10 bantam forwards in Saskatchewan at this point.

He's still good, but Draude, Sloboshan, Cole, Neuls, Halgbewachs, Boutin, Bast, Arnold, Schatz, Campese, Iron, Paziuk and possibly Rothenburger have all passed him.

Western Elite said...

March 5, 2012 10:22 PM
- I think you may be surprised at where Nagy goes. Very complete player who has a nice combination of power and scoring ability.

Anonymous said...

R u serious about Nagy? Nagy is a very very strong player. Who does he have to play with? A bunch of Prairie Storm cast offs, if they didnt have that coach and nagy they wouldnt win a game! Sorry Leslie is good as well but I think he is a D man. Can you imagine if Storm had Rooney as a coach instead of what they have how good they would be instead of playing out the string

Anonymous said...

Your comment is absolutely negative and ridiculous. First off, the Wings do not have any Prairie Storm castoffs. They have one player who did not make their team, whose family chose to keep the kid in AA hockey by sacrificing a long drive. That is a complete parallel to what Prairie Storm's strating goalie has done after being released in his home branch. The other players from that zone are all players with strong ties to Weyburn, and chose to attend school in the city to continue strong relationships. There is no rivalry at all between the two teams, and I believe the Weyburn people have repeatedly tipped their hat to a strong and well coached and assembled group in Balgonie. As a matter of fact, the Weyburn team wished them luck in Alberta over the PA at the game before they headed to St Albert. The kids get along and the Prairie Storm folks are classy and always positive and I would say that there has not been a negative word spoken all year between the groups. As for the Wings being good or bad or whatever else, that is for you to decide. They are a team of very hard working players. They have 5 or 6 players at or around the point a game mark and a goalie who leads the league and a team that had second most wins in the 18 team league. Nagy is great and a great leader. Rooney wasn't even around for 3 months this season as he was fighting health issues so to make it about him is really unfair to the other coach who took over and they players who battled their asses off despite a very tough winter with lots of heartache and pain. Are you aware that ne of the players had a majr tragedy? Are you aware that the ehad coach had two open heart surgeries? Are you aware that the team kept going and winning despite the turmoil. Shame on you for degrading a group of children who are busting their butts to finish a hardship filled winter. You never hear Weyburn fans on here beaking and you will always hear them tip their hat to other teams and players such as the great team in Balgonie. To try and embarass a great team that has worked hard is a shameful and sad thing to do. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Wow he/she was only sticking up for Nagy and got head torn off! The right three teams are left, Melville is favorite , very good year, our one Regina should.could of beat PS in first round. weyburn works hard, Melville just way too deep for both teams

Anonymous said...

Nagys numbers may not be as great as Draudes, and he may not be drafted as high. But he is a complete player and will be a great WHL player none the less!

Anonymous said...

Nagy should be stood up for,, but to call the rest of the kids prairie storm castoff who wouldnt win a game is gutless

Anonymous said...

Nagy scores one, Leslie scores one, Bjork scores two, Dickie scores two and Weyburn wins 6-3. Weyburn was very good. Team effort.