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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 25, 2012 newsletter is ready

Final Stats included.

RankingsWe have expanded the 1997 age group rankings to now a top 225.  The reason being is that there are approximetaly that many players drafted in the bantam draft each year.  More movement has occured which includes several deletions off all lists and several new additions to the 97 born and 98 born western Canada lists.  Had meetings to discuss primarily the top 4 rounds and thus has movement throughout the lists.  The first round now suggests who we think a specific team may select in that spot.  The 98 born rankings have been increased now to a top 150 as we prepared the shift over for after the bantam draft.

I had a chance to speak with one of the fastest risers in the draft from Manitoba.  His two-way game is something scouts are prepared to use a high pick on come May 3.

Interviewed is one of the top goalies in the draft whose season ended far too soon.  We think he'll be a definite top 10 goalie selected in the draft.

We take a look at a prospect who plays in rural hockey and doesn't get a lot of press but his talent is right up there with the best of them.

Lastly, I spoke with a 98 born defenseman who you will be hearing a lot from in what is a strong draft class for high end defenseman next year.

News and Notes/Tournament Re-Cap
We have decided to prune down the USA draft list to a top 30 who we feel have a good chance to play or want to play in the WHL one day.  The WHL has never had more than 30 selections from south of the border on draft day.

Western Canada Bantam AAA Championship Preview
- A look at all the top teams, teams still alive in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba are included.  Also we determine the favourites to win it all.

Sneak peak at the top 20 '99 born players.  Full list will be included after the bantam draft in May.


Anonymous said...

The list to the ight has Jansen Harkins at 6'0 ??? I havent seen him in a month but has he grown 3-4 inches??

Anonymous said...

Don't pay attention to that list on the right. the rankings are wayyyyy off! None of the heights are correct, I think a couple of the teams are wrong for the players. Maybe 1 or 2 of those players on that list will go in the top 10 MAYBE. Harkins is 5'6 at best, just like his father short.

Western Elite said...

Jansen Harkins is listed the server at 5'11 and has since grown to 6'0.

Anonymous said...

Has any one seen, Joel Murga play
He's at Seafair First year Bantam A1 Richmond BC

Anonymous said...

can u post your Top 10 Goalies for 97.

Anonymous said...

12:30 He is ok, did not get alot of ice time at Seafair. I think he was at NSWC or BWC before, moving to Richmond. Not the best move, Seafair did well against the weakier teams , but towards the end of the season they could not keep up with the Cloverdale type teams. Not sure where he is ranked , I would guess in the 70's or 80's. A very hard worker.
Seafair did not field a A2 team this year so many 98's are leaving for Richmond,Semi or POE.Coaching was a issue at Seafair this year.

Anonymous said...

Jansen Harkins IS NOT 6"0.

Anonymous said...

4:13 PM why are you arguing with the fact WEHP put that he is listed at 5'11 in what is likely rinknet program they get it from and that he grew an inch to 6'0? My son is 5'10 and I know that for a fact and Jansen stands taller. Quit while you're ahead please. It is embarrassing for you now.

Anonymous said...

March 27, 2012 12:30

why would you ask about a player and then answer your question,

why don't you just say, my sons name is Joel Murga and he plays for Seafair as a First year Bantam A1 Richmond BC.

please watch him, he is listed as 5' 9" & 140 lbs which makes him taller then everyone in his family.

Seafair was an average team, and Joel played with the best player they had, I would think his points should be have been in the 55 to 65range this season (as you seem to be keeping track).

The coaching is good if your child accepts the coaches style and system of play.

enjoy your spring and summer, see you at the rinks

I hope Joel continues to grow

Anonymous said...

Jansen Harkins dad (Todd Harkins -ex pro hockey player) is well north of 6 ft.

This Harkins boy will grow and fill out.

The #1 ranked boy is as tall as both his parents now (pushing the 5 foot 8 inch size), what does that mean for his possible future in the sport of 6 foot men?

Anonymous said...

I think what people have to remember is that all of the kids that are on this list are the rabbits that all the rest are chasing right now.

There are others who have dropped off or have gone away. There are still others who are developing and quietly biding their time developing without fanfair who will start giving the rabbits some competition.

There is a rush to get these kids to show, however, one missed step in between the Bantam years and the show can kill a dream and career. Be careful wanting your kid to race through this.

Look at RNH and Taylor Hall. Edmonton needed to have them playing there because they were better skill wise than all the others in their organization. However, they are playing against men, and men are a whole different strength level than teenagers and 20, 21 year olds. Nobody can dispute that their skill level belonged there, what they can dispute is whether they were physically able to withstand the physical punishment that these guys can dish out.

Good luck to all the boys in the bantam draft. I have a 22 year old who was an absolute star at 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and he went to the Dub as a 16 year old and got injured and by the end of his 17 year old year was gone from hockey because of a loss of confidence. In hind sight, he was not physically strong enough to play as a 16 year old, but he could play there skill wise.

Take care boys.

Anonymous said...

March 28, 2012 9:37 AM,

Thx for sharing the info. Gives us different perspectives, doesn't it

Anonymous said...

Some one earlier asked about goalies. I won't put that up but of the 225 on the list of 97's 23 were goalies a ratio of 9.7 to 1.
Of that list 9 of the 23 were from BC, AB had 6, Win and Sas had 4 each. 3 in top 40. 97's have many good goalies this year.

The 98's out of 150 -10 were on the list. Sas had the most with 4 AB 3, Win and BC 2 each. 2 in the top 40. Ratio of 1:15

I dont know how many 98 goalies were on A1 teams , Besides the Calgary Bronks.

Anonymous said...

who are the goalies for BC?

Anonymous said...

March 28, 2012 10:05 PM

Buy the newsletter and u can read it...cmon if its that important to you its $10 bucks.

Anonymous said...

waste of 10 dollars when someone can just tell me.....