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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Update

The Cloverdale Colts are BC Bantam Champions

Saskatchewan Playoffs SBAAHL
Balgonie 9 - Regina Oilers 1
- Balgonie advance to the SBAAHL South Final against the winner of Melville/Weyburn.

- Melville leads Weyburn 1-0 in the best of 3 series.  Game 2 is Friday night in Melville.
- North East Wolfpack have advanced to the North Final with a 2-0 series win over Battlefords.  They will play the winner of Prince Albert and Sask Valley Saturday in Warman.

Manitoba Playoffs Winnipeg AAA
The Winnipeg Warriors have jumped out to a 2-0 best of 7 series lead over the Winnipeg Monarchs with wins on consecutive days this week.  First, they defeated the Monarchs 7-6 in OT and then last night they defeated them again 3-2.  Game 3 goes tomorrow night.  All games are at the Notre Dame in Winnipeg.

- The Rural AAA Playoffs will take place in Morden, MB on the weekend of March 16-18.  The Eastman Selects have already qualified for the provincials, other teams to still be determined.

Winnipeg AAA Bantam 2 Hawks started the finals with a 3-1 win over the Winnipeg Bantam 2 Monarchs, Patrick scored twice and Barley cap off the scoring for the Hawks. Curtis had the lone Goame for the Monarchs. Kubic started for the Hawks and continued to be strong Play off preformance in net posting a 0.75 GAA in 3 games, game 2 on Friday. 

British Columbia PCAHA
Cloverdale 6 - BWC 2
- Congratulations to the Cloverdale Colts on winning the PCAHA Flight 1 bantam championship.  They have won a remarkable 27 games in a row and will advance to provincials in Kamloops.  They will be joined so far by host Kamloops, BWC, Prince George and Victoria.  The Bantam Tier 1 Provincials will take place from March 19-22 at the McArthur Island Sport  & Event Centre.


Anonymous said...

Well done Clovy. Nice to see a true association team beat the winter club. A huge win and an impressive winning streak. Will this push Soy to #1 over Barsell in the draft ?

Anonymous said...

GSHL semi finals last night: Maniacs 4 Stallions 3 in triple overtime. Outlaws 4 Bandits 3 in overtime.

Anonymous said...

Is there a record for most wins in a row for a Bantam AAA Team?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Cloverdale, they've taken huge strides from the beginning of the season. I'm with Seafair, and while I wasn't super impressed the first time we played them (I think they had key players out), the one constant all year was their ability to score. We were able to shut down most offensive powerhouses throughout the year fairly well but Cloverdale was the one team we new we would have to keep up with to be competitive, I think the fewest goals we allowed them for the year was 5.

Again congratulations, i'm sure you and BWC will represent PCAHA well at Provincials and Westerns

Anonymous said...

Bantam not sure for PCAHA-Clover must be close
PCAHA in PW it was 41

Anonymous said...

Gotta stay out of the box when playing Cloverdale, that's for sure. Congrats guys and all the best for the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

Will be hilarious to watch the Victoria Racquet Club team play in Provincials...

A team like Cloverdale will dismantle them in no time....

Too bad Provincials doesnt represent the "best" talent available.

Victoria makes it in because the Island is so pathetically weak.

Anonymous said...

Cloverdale are not BC Champs!!!
Abby Won the PCAHA last year remember that. Still congrats and too bad the BC finals arent a 5 game series. BWC and Cloverdale will need to mop up the other teams at provincials and then play each other in the finals again!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Cloverdale Colts on winning the PCAHA Flight 1 bantam championship. In last two games against BWC,Soy out played Barsell,He should be ranked #1 overall. And also cloverdale goalie (cheema) out played BWC goalie (Mcbride). Cheema was outstanding in St.Albert and again last night.He just show up for big game,when he his called upon. Around 3 should be fun in Kamloops.

Anonymous said...

What is the GSHL. I am a little confused. What are they playing for.

Anonymous said...

Hockey Manitoba Bantam AAA Rural Championships March 16-18, 2012
Morden, MB

Pool A
Pembina Valley
Central Plains

Pool B

Pool C

Anonymous said...

I already commented on the fact that all rural AAA teams in Manitoba are in the Rural Provincial Championships. If you look around you can find the schedule on the Pembina Valley Bantam AAA Hawks web site. Lets find some details before doing half truths.

Anonymous said...

GSHL: Greater Saskatoon Hockey League. Seperated from Sask Hockey this year through controversial realignment of provincial Bantam league. As such, not eligible for provincial playoffs. Playing for league championship.

Anonymous said...

To March 7, 2012 9:11 PM:

The GSHL is the Greater Saskatoon Hockey League. Sask Hockey punished them this year for not joining the Sask Bantam AA league by excluding them from competition for provincials. They're in city playoffs right now.

The league overall is much better than the SBAAHL in terms of competitiveness and player development. They do not have any teams that would consistently compete with the top 5 in the province, but most of the GSHL teams would consistently beat all the other SBAAHL teams (say, teams below Melville).

There is some talk of the GSHL joining the SBAAHL next year, so we'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cloverdale and to every team making it thru to Final 4 its a hard battle and every player deserves congrats for there hard work and dedication during the Season watching these teams and 13/14 year olds play was just a fantastic experience - way to go Semi/Seafair and NSWC.

PS: Personally sick of seeing people use this site to name brag about their kids or friends kids - let the kids play the cream eventually rises to the top its a long hard road with many more bumps along the way. Every player deserves a kudos for playing at this level.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Anonymous said...

While Soy has great vision and effort, Barzal is the complete package - skating, vision and puck handling. He is unquestionably the top prospect in every scouts books for 2012. For the record, it was Seto and Stukel that racked up the points against BWC. Provincials will be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Cloverdale, watched them at the beginning of the year and then saw them against BWC a couple nights ago and it was outstanding how much they have improved. They were solid from the net out and Soy and Seto did what they are expected to do, but many people forget about everyone else, great defensive preformance along with great goaltending. They really upset BWC. Nobodies bragging about their own kids, people that watched the game are just pointing out the obvious, if you dont see your sons name on this site dont get offended and start calling it "bragging."

Anonymous said...

Who else is on this site unless it is parents of the teams playing and some friends or others just out to watch - Do not think many scouts are on here writing these things - so who has the vested interested other than parents and maybe friends.

Thats all that was said.

Good Luck to every player from BC - Alberta - Manitoba for those going to the championships kudos and for those who's seasons are other work hard, train hard and most of all have fun playing such a great game. Then look forward to next season.

Anonymous said...

Captain Dustin Perillat of the Saskatoon Outlaws, leadS the team to the City Finals with impressive hits and play making on March 8/12 over the Bandits. GO OUTLAWS GO!!