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Monday, December 24, 2012

WEHP Release Top 10 Team Rankings

* Rankings reflect many factors and are not just subject to league or tournament play in determining position.  Strength of opponent is also a factor.

Top 10 Team Rankings for December 24, 2012
1.   Burnaby Winter Club (17-1-2  108-11) 
2.   SSAC Southgate Lions (20-0-2  151-47) 
3.   North Shore Winter Club (16-2-2 111-24) 
4.   Calgary Bisons (19-2-1  140-53) 
5.   Lloydminster Heat (16-2-5  131-66)
6.   Notre Dame  Hounds (12-2-4  82-44) Midget AA League
7.   OHA  (31-3-1 147-56) -Tournament Play/Not part of league
8.   Calgary Northstar Sabres (17-4-1  120-52)
9.   POE (11-1-0  85-20)
10.  Winnipeg Monarchs (18-2-1 107-40) 

Honorable Mention
MLAC Scott Pump (14-5-3  113-68), Sherwood Park Flyers (11-5-6  112-67), Winnipeg Hawks (14-3-1  105-37) ,  Calgary Royals (15-7-1 97-72), Southeast Hockey Hounds (13-9-2 132-90)

Top 5 Saskatchewan AA Bantam
1.  North East Wolfpack (11-3-1  72-33)
2.  Regina Pat Blues (12-3-1  86-42)
3.  West Central Wheat Kings (14-3-1  92-48)
4.  Prince Albert Venice House Raiders (11-6-0  104-74)
5.  Saskatoon Bandits (9-4-1  55-38)


Anonymous said...

Bruins on top. John Batchelor rules!

Anonymous said...

Hard to agree with sbaahl rankings especially with Saskatoon bandits.....p.a a stretch now too.

Anonymous said...

Been watching alot of the winnipeg sharks practices/games and im very impressed by #1 Jeremy Link, very talented goalie. dark horse in the upcoming draft i'd say.

Anonymous said...

Batchelor has little, if anything, to do with it. Any reasonably competent Coach with the depth of talent they "draw" into BWC (not to mention the best group of Defencemen in Western Canada this year) would do as well. I've even heard one parent suggest that the club's A2 Coach could get more out of the A1 group. Maybe that's who will step in and take over next season?

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone "step in" to take over the A1 team next year?

Anonymous said...

There is always turnover in Coaching. It just comes more slowly at the winter club. People get tired of the same old act and there's got to be opportunity for Atom Coaches to move up to PeeWee, for A2 Coaches to move up to A1 and so on. Change is good, and I've heard that Batchelor is ready to move on anyways.

BTW, congrats to OHA on the win in Burnaby!

Anonymous said...

4:56 PM

You've heard, rumour has it, someone told me, a parent said.... You obviously don't understand a good program even if it hit you in the head. Good coaches run the programs, not the parents. People that aren't involved are always trying to stir up controversy because of's probably better you shut it then make anymore foolish comments!!

Why do past NHL's bring their kids to be coached by him?
Ask those NHL's how good of a coach he is?
Why do a lot of his past alumni return to help him every year with his summer training camp?

The only person to step in will be Batchelor until he retires.

Anonymous said...

i'm a long ways removed from bwc, and i'm not jealous of anything, but even out here in Abby I've heard people say that Batchelor is leaving next year.

I also seem to recall that he was bumped out of the winter club a few years ago too. Maybe this time he's gonna jump before he gets pushed?

Just sayin what I've heard.

Anonymous said...

Jan 2 1:18 PM

Good programs are here to develop hockey players not coaches. There is coaches turnover in other programs and look how poorly run they are. Why risk experimenting with other coaches and jeopardize a program when you have known top end coaches in place? Makes zero sense to change!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd say change is good in Coaching. Prevents one guy from taking liberties, being untouchable. There are kids who definitely don't want to play for guy because of his antics on the ice in practice or in the locker room and if it never changes it's real of discouraging, no matter how many wins team racks up.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your input. I'll send your comments it to our house league coordinator. I hope people like you aren't selling parents elite programs with comments like that!!!

Anonymous said...

January 6, 2013 2:22 PM
I've heard the same complaints and am not surprised that a change is coming.
There's no way he is the basis of success in Bantam. They win everything in Atom and then at PeeWee and then - surprise - Bantam. How can that have ANYTHING to do with the Coach?

Anonymous said...


Complaints come from parents that their kids didn't make the team or parents that are not realistic about their kids ability.

Your parking lot gossip info is absolute trash and not accurate.
No change is coming until JB doesn't want the job.

You just answered the question about why you wouldn't want change. Why change a successful program if it's not broken? Look at other programs with a very good talent pool and have zero team success. Your just another blow horn making no sense at all.