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Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27, 2012 newsletter is ready

I hope everyone is having a great holiday and enjoyed Christmas and are enjoying the WJHC.  Some players are rising and making things very interesting.  There were several tournament over the weekend and several coming.  I wish you all a Happy New Year and wish you all safe travels!

The December 27, 2012 newsletter is now ready.  In this edition of the newsletter, we update the Top 200 for 98's, Top 130 for 99's.  As well, stats have been updated for all players in the 98 and 99 age group with the exception of some PCAHA teams. The Top 40 western American players are updated.  The Rankings continue to be updated as scouts tournament reports come in and get reflected in the player rankings daily.

We had a chance to speak with a power forward who models his game after Dustin Brown.  His size and shot are his main attributes and should have a very good chance at going in the top 2 rounds.

Next, I interview a very physical defenceman who is also putting up good offensive numbers this year.  He choose not to pick a player to model his game after as he wants to be his own defenceman.

Then we speak with a defenceman from one of the acadamies who see's the ice extremely well and has been one of the most rapid risers in the draft rankings this season.

Lastly, interviewed is a goalie who is flying under the radar but has all the tools to be a WHL draft pick and a dark-horse pick at that!

Team Rankings
The top 20 team rankings make its Sixth appearance in the newsletter since all leagues are now under way. We also list who their next games are against.

Mid Term Provincial Category Award Winners
With the season at about its mid point, we look province by province and hand out awards in several different categories from best skater to defensive forward and so on.  We polled several WHL scouts, our own scouts and others who are close to bantam hockey.


Anonymous said...

I guess everyone is entitled to his own opinion

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why some AA Bantam players in the Royals are not on the list. Leading scorers and highly talented.

Anonymous said...

NSWC has all the great 99s and need more on the rankings. Bellerive,Kneen,Almeida,Mackdonald,Stapley,Crookshank,Leas,De Jong,Versluis are all multiple great players in their own way. They will be the face of team B.C next year and lead NSWC where they want to go.

Anonymous said...

The reson there not on there is because there is 17 kids better then your son on the AAA team. Dont forget your kid only has 2 letters under the logo and will not get drafted

Anonymous said...

The AA Royals players are left off the list because all they do is beat up on the lower teams. What did they do against the best AA team in Calgary the Wranglers......nothing a total non factor.

Anonymous said...

The peewee team was nothing without their first line bellerive ran the show.....leas plays a3 and played a2 that year why would you mention him?

Anonymous said...

Its too bad you never see anyone take a risk on an Alberta Bantam AA player. There are a few (although very few) that should probably be considered. Every province has its organizational scheme though and it wouldn't make sense to scout all of AA for a very few players that they can list out of 15AAA next year anyways. The WHL draft is much less revealing than a WHL protected player list. Simply go to the Calgary Macs Midget tournament website and look how many undrafted 97s are already on the those lists.
Or take a player like Joshua Harris from CAC in Edmonton that jumped undrafted straight from Bantam AA (where he dominated and made his zone team)to major Midget AAA.

Anonymous said...

Bellerive is a strong 99,

in Med Hat he played well against the weak teams, but was lacking the maturity in the tough fought matches,

in St Albert, I assume we see the same performance, outstanding when he gets his mojo going in a soft game but otherwise struggles in the tough mental games.

Someone should tell this boy its not all about shooting everytime the puck is on your stick,

this is why the hockey gods made the rules allowing 5 talented atheletes to play on the same side at the same time.

Cool Eh?

as per the other 99's , I am sure they will be fine next year when they are the 2nd years