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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sunday Results

Burnaby Christmas Tournament
Coquitlam 7 - Alaska 3
-Caleb Fantillo with 3 goals and 1 assist.  '99 dman Scott Walford with 1-4-5.  Bromhead with 2 goals.
Ridge Meadows 4 - Vancouver Thunderbirds 3 SO

Cowichan Valley 7 - Kamloops 6 OT
Burnaby 3 - Prince George 6

OHA 16 - Arizona Firebirds 1
Surrey 6 - Richmond 1

Arizona Bobcats 14 - Nanaimo 2


Anonymous said...

Good job Ridge Meadows, great new year that we don;t have to see all this stuff about T Birds and all the stuff they say, pin the loss on the self promoting coach.

His great tweeter quote to coquitlam regariding the tournamnet and the addition of an extra team was

"@CoquiltamAAA perhaps they can also explain why they put 3 of the top 4 teams in 1 pool?3homertournamnet

Well coach Poirier, i guess you found ou that your not a top 3 team, you classy quote really shows.

goof job Ridge, Merry christmas coach Poirer, merry christams!

Anonymous said...

Tbirds lose to a teir 2 team and don't make quarters. Probably very disappointed with that result.

Anonymous said...

before every one was saying t birds were going to win

Anonymous said...

Nice one Burnaby-adding AZ Bobcats-making it a better final eh-guess OHA aren't the only team padding their stats. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

no player on the tbirds have made these comments. We are obviously devastated by the loss. Everything we have done this season such as beating Langley a1 or tying OHA means nothing, because we also lost to langley a2 and Ridge. There is no excuses to these loses as they already reflect poorly on the character of our team. The tbirds are a team with lots to work on, and a team that needs to find consistency. This will all start with becoming humble.

Anonymous said...

Seriously...someone must be posting for the TBirds...I cannot believe that anyone from the TBirds organization would post any of this B.S. repeatedly....someone obviously has a hate on for this organization...I feel bad for the kids that probably have to put up with this after this post please WEHP don't post any reference to the Vanc TBirds...I speak for all when I say enough already.

Anonymous said...

PG vs OHA would make an interesting final. PG has lost by only 1 goal to OHA twice this season and would give them a run for their money.

Anonymous said...

OHA has played the past 6 weeks with a very poor team play performances.
The tournaments they have entered they should score 5 min and have 1 to zero scored. For being as this site says a top 10 team. The past 2 or 3 tournaments to which this team has entered ( they have been the favorite by a long shot), they have not entered or played any 10 ten teams or power houses at all. But yet they are barely squeaking by. Yes a win is a win. The team does have good players (not superstars) They should never be within 3 goals of any of these teams, But it keeps coming back to ties, OT and last min heroics to win. This is not how you want a team to go to St Albert, or the upcoming draft. There is not one player that is stepping up on this team. The tournaments that were selected for the years team. were not well thought out at all.

The forwards play way to deep and no separation , the Def have no idea how to clog up the lanes, the goalies rebound control is horrible and they do not know how or when to play the puck or communicate with the def players. The outcome of this tournament is irrelevant with the teams performances the past 4 games.

Anonymous said...

Poirier was stating that Kamloops, Langley and OHA were the top teams. He knows that his teams not top three and I heard they're team is falling apart with there whole first line injured

Anonymous said...

Sure 1047.

The quote is on tweeter. Spin it anyway you want but it's very clear what was intended. Plus the reference to "homertournsment"

You don't make comments like that period . It's classless and dusrepectfult to the tournament and it's volunteers.

Anonymous said...

I am in no way affiliated with Ridge or Vancouver. The public comment from the losing bench within 5 minutes of game's end was; "our goalies are like swiss cheese". It was stated in an open place and was overheard by many.

This was a hard fought double overtime, shootout loss to a lower tiered team. It was a battle and enjoyable to watch. I'm sure both teams have injuries. It was not the goalies fault, not the referees, not the tournament schedueler or anything else. 17 players aside, same rules for all, Ridge played well and won.Bit of luck eithor way, sure. Get over it, it's part of the game. One of the losing coaches shootout players scored,more of the Ridge coaches choices did. That's it Good for Ridge.Win lose or draw all share in credit and fault. If you can't handle team sport and it's team responsibilities stick to golf or any other individual game. Learn from adversity don't point a finger every time

With support like that and such obvious and clearly preferential treatment for one or two players who consistantly underperform relative to the constant opportunity and promotion they benefit from; is there any wonder this is a team divided????Learn people...

Anonymous said...

Ridge was lucky to win, a shoot out, flip a coin, but won fair n square. birds only team to take a point off OHA 2 to 2

Anonymous said...

Richmond ranked #7 in BC what a joke, have you seen this team play at the Burnaby tournament. The team is sinking as fast as the Titanic. Their defense is house level at best. Move them back down to tier 2 where they belong. For some reason they only have one coach behind the bench, that obviously doesn't know what's he's doing and it shows in the way he's dressed in jeans behind the bench. Real professional Richmond Minor.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I am going this right, but here it goes, I want to Thank the NSWC,POE and NSWC for not entering this tournament. This tournament was done well for true Minor league Association teams. However, I do not understand why OHA feels the need to enter a tournament , where they are not a level playing field. They are a spring team. They were not 100% better then any of the rest of the teams. But its not apples to apples. At least a few associations understood this. OHA did not.

Anonymous said...

Dec 31, 2012
11:15 PM

I agree with the comment that Richmond Minor should have stayed in tier 2.

simple stats (4 games played against the winterclubs and Richmond had 1 goal for and 26 against in 186 min of play)

They had a couple shining games, but have fallen well off the tier 1 status.

If Richmond thinks that their injured captain will be the turn around point to their season, it won't. He has shown nothing in the early season, lacks skill, skating and hockey sense, (unfortunately rehab is long and the season will be over).

PS: nice coaching wardrobe in the Burnaby tournament,


Tier 2 teams such as South Delta, BWC A2, and Seafair have more talent then your squad.

Anonymous said...

Why the hate on OHA ( I have nothing to do with them ) BWC/NSWC play by different rules than any other team in pcaha ( some may call it cheating ) yet some how their to be looked up to. OHA just plays tourneys and I think coached well play well and act like normal people. Winter clubs take pride in winning provincials and etc by an unfair advantage. Bantam teir 1 would be a great crap shoot if you took winter clubs out of league play. Would be fun to watch. Western banners should be taken from BWC

Anonymous said...

Jan 4 6:06

Your another low hockey IQ guy that just wants to point fingers at the winter clubs If you haven't noticed that there are many players moving all over association not just the winter clubs. I get tired of listing all the players that are playing at associations that they don't live in. You want to slag the winter clubs and talk about unfair advantage??? Take your blinders off and stop blaming !!! Run a good program with good coaching, good development, and maybe you won't be at an unfair advantage!!!!
PS I would be very careful with your words because its very easy to find out who makes these comments

Anonymous said...

Sorry the club means that much to you, sad really.not sure of other teams that have kids playing on it that don't live in that community. BWC how many kids on that team live in Burnaby??? That's an unfair advantage.coaching seems a lot better when the team has way more talent than every other team!!!!! How many kids have gone to the next level from the club in the last 15 yrs compared to other associations. Not many at all considering what talent you start with over there.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:28 If you have a bitch about PCAHA rules then take it out with them. My kid plays where the Eagles fly and we had 3 players that so called moved to the association that don't live in Langley. Is that a fair or unfair advantage??????

Is it an unfair advantage when good coaches develop players and get the most out of of their ability? I call it good coaching and I wish that I would have moved to a Winter Club. Our coaches still carry a manual and the parents run the team!!!I got sold a bag of pucks. Too many non hockey people making decisions.
I don't care how many made it or didn't make it, a better program with good coaching and development will at least give them a way better chance at success!!!.

Yes a bitter parent. Sorry