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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tyler Benson cracks 100 points last night

Saturday Action
Vancouver Thunderbirds 3 - Coquitlam Chiefs 3

Friday Action
SSAC Southgate Lions 11 - Edmonton KC 7
SSAC came in to the game at 19-0-1 but found themselves down 5-0 before the game was 15 minutes old.  However, they would storm back with the next 5 goals before the midway point of the 2nd period and were tied 7-7 after the 2nd.  SSAC would score all 4 goals in the 3rd to improve to 20-0-1 prior to the xmas break.  Tyler Benson would pick up 3 goals and 5 assists in the game and up his remarkable first half totals to 39-61-100 in 21 games.  He will need just 32 points to break Ty Rattie's 07-08 record of 131 points.  Benson is currently on track for over 160 points.  Also in the game, KC star forward Alex Rotundo continued his hot play with 4 goals, giving him 31 in 22 games.  A final note is that people are going to start taking notice, if they haven't already of '99 born Josh Patterson who is fulfilling a similar role that Benson did to Estephan last year.  Patterson has 50 points in 21 games and could come close to Benson's 83 from last season.

NSWC Winterhawks 12 - Richmond Blues 0
North East Wolfpack 7 - Battlefords Barons 1
The North East Wolfpack look primed at joining West Central in westerns and represent Saskatchewan for the 2nd year in a row.  Last night, they defeated Battlefords 7-1 thanks to 3 goals from Riley Mayer and a pair of markers from two '99 born players - Kris Bzdel and Connor Tuffs.  '99 born goalie Hunter Arps continues his successful rookie bantam campaign, stopped 19/20.  Arps is now 8-0-0 with a 1.88 GAA this season.  Battlefords leading scorer Brandon Lesko replied with his 13th goal of the season.  He leads Battlefords in scoring with 27 points in 13 games.

Swift Current Kabos Raiders 4 - Humboldt Broncos 4
Both teams go 2/7 on the PP and Swift Current out-shoot Humboldt 43-21 in a 4-4 tie.  Braxton Stenson turn aside 39/43 for Humboldt and has played very well this year despite a sub-par team.  '99 born Erik Gardiner, brother of PA Raiders forward and first rounder Reid Gardiner continues to impress with 2 goals for Humboldt.  Erik now has 9-7-16 in 15 games.  D - Matthew Parsons picked up 1-1-2 and has been very good this season.  For Swift Current, Dylan Rossiter and Tanner Nagel paced the attack with 1-1-2 each.  The captin - Nagle has 20 points in 13 games now.

Estevan Bruins 3 - Balgonie Prairie Storm 1
The Estevan Bruins continue their assent up the SBAAHL South Standings on the heals of another strong performance by goalie Carter Phair.  Phair has been a very under-rated goalie all season long but scouts are now taking notice.  Offensively, the Bruins were led one again by Kolten Ganson who scored twice and he now has 5 goals in his past 3 games.  Ganson leads the Bruins with 13 goals in 16 games.  '99 born forward Eamon Milligan scored his 8th of the season for Balgonie who drop to 7-8-0 on the season.

Regina Monarchs 2 - Yorkton Terriers 1
The Regina Monarchs remain hot in winning 2-1 on Friday night.  Brett Merk scored his 9th of the year and has 26 points.  Mason Mullaney scored his 11th of the year for Regina.  JJ Fofonoff scored the lone marker for Yorkton.  Yorkton held a 34-31 shot advantage with Matthew Lenz stopped 32/34.  Both teams were 0/4 on the PP.

West Central Wheat Kings 9 - Moose Jaw Warriors 2
Winnipeg Hawks 8 - Interlake Lightning 0


Anonymous said...

So what your telling us is that this league has bad goalies and bad D,all around. 10-7 what was his plus minus which what counts. But you won't.

Anonymous said...

This is a better question what was his +/-. That tells alot more of his playing ability. More so when you have a score like this one.

Anonymous said...

Cause we all know +/- is the true measuring stick. Benson is a stretch as a first rounder IMO. WEHP needs to wake up and move both Benson and Clague down. I wouldn't have them as top 10

Anonymous said...

POE's Kawaguchi scored way more than 100 pts last season at this time of the year and didnt fare very well in draft. Too much emphasis on points.

Anonymous said...

Regina Monarchs goalie Matthew Lenz stopped 33 of 34 shots.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been around the game of hockey! Your comment is the stupidest comment I've heard on this site yet. Benson and Clague not in top 10, give your head a shake. I'm glad your not a scout because your team would get destroyed.

Anonymous said...

I hope anyone putting down Benson is either a) being sarcastic or b) gets back on meds.

This kid is a generational talent. No forward close to him in Western Canada this year. Period. Clague is a different player but could run a WHL powerplay tomorrow. Both exceptional talents.

Anonymous said...

Every year we have a generational talent from western Canada... Hmm. Benson should apply for exceptional status like McDavid and prove it.

Anonymous said...

Matt Barzal applied for exceptional status to play in BCHL (no, not WHL), and got denied.

Anonymous said...

Barzal lacked the size and strength that Benson possesses that could give him an advantage in applying for exceptional status if he so chose. How would everyone compare him to Barzal? I think Barzal is probably a better skater, but Benson is a better shooter and plays a better game in the corners.

Anonymous said...

To anyone questioning Benson and Clague's high rankings, I have one question - have you seen them play? These 2, along with Quenneville, Steel and Jevne outclass anyone else in the league. Benson is a fantastic all-round player, the 'full-meal' deal and while his point totals are impressive, they do not tell the whole story; he is much better than just the stats he puts up. Special status not need in the west as WHL drafts from 2nd year bantam, not first year midget like the eastern clubs.

Anonymous said...

I will make this simple. the 98 group no one is not even close to the 97. No 98 is close to Barzel or any of the top 6

Anonymous said...

Benson is good against average players. put him against strong players and his is just ok. Sorry to burst your bubble. and yes I have seen him. take off the rose colored glasses.

Anonymous said...

I'd strongly disagree with that. Benson was very close to as good last year. Benson is superior to number 4 pick Estephan, some even suggesting he was better by the end of last year (top scorer at the John Reid). Watching Benson play directly against Barzal last year at the Westerns I would say that they are in fact close enough to be difficult to determine. 98 is not as deep as last years pool or even the 99 pool but the top end talent is superior than last years. Also, Clague and Quennville were the two best defencemen in Alberta last year, ahead of number 3 pick Guhle. That is not a knock on Estephan or Guhle who are both very strong players, but the top 98s in Alberta are very strong this year.

Anonymous said...

ok to make it more obvious what is SSAC record vs top 10 teams this year

Lost to POE, BWC tied Heat, to name a few,

They as you said, should not lose. but they did and have. He is not If any look at N Patrick. I would take him in a second.

Anonymous said...

December 26, 2012 4:07 PM

you are dreaming, take a drive and see the players from other areas.

SSAC is not playing any teams with any deep talent. POE made them look very average at best.

Anonymous said...

I think all you hockey dads with big egos need to pay this eh more money and hold more meaningless debates about these 14 yo phenoms.

Anonymous said...

Barzal is better then himself, he is a +97.5

he is just a kid born in 1997 and people said he was better and more skilled than Connor MacDavid.

Barzal has prooven nothing even close to McDavid.

so now that we have that cleared up, I agree the 98's are and should only be classed and compared to 98's, and the same with the 99's and 2000's etc

currently Tyler Benson is considered the top 1998 player around, and this may change in a couple weeks or could solidify the statement #1 draft pick.