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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Burnaby Christmas Tournament Results

Day 2 Results
Ridge Meadows 3 - Arizona Firebirds 1
Kamloops 7 - Langley 3
Arizona Bobcats 8 - Prince George 2
Surrey 8 - Burnaby 3

Day 1 Results
Coquitlam 5 - Prince George 4
Seafair 4 - Ridge Meadows 2
OHA 2 - Vancouver Thunderbirds 2
Arizona Bobcats  5 - South Delta 1
Prince George 4 - Richmond 2
Cowichan Valley 8 - Arizona Firebirds 0
Surrey 5 - Nanaimo 4
Burnaby 4 - Alaska 2
OHA 4 - Langley 3
Kamloops 6 - Vancouver TBirds 2
Arizona Bobcats 4 - Coquitlam 3
Ridge Meadows 1 - Cowichan Valley 0
Richmond 2 - South Delta 2
Surrey 3 - Alaska 3
Burnaby 5 - Nanaimo 2
Seafair 7 - Arizona Firebirds 0


Anonymous said...

T bIrds come back from a 2 to 0 deficit to tie OHA 2-2 in game 1 of the Burnaby Bantam Tourney.

Stats pack Wegleitner 1G 1A Hunter 2A Daerendinger 1G Lin 1A Paler-Chow 20 saves. Georeopoulos/Prchal shut down another 1sr rounder.

Anonymous said...

if you are going to do this then do it otherwisse its a waste of time.
Keep up or don't but this half crap is getting old

Anonymous said...

OHA looks horrible for being a top 10. 3 goals today should not have gone in.

Anonymous said...

Tbirds are out of their league here
OHA playing down to their competition
Langley can't compete with hockey teams that can skate and move the puck, Langley's top players invisible other then the big cheap shot hits behind the play or after the whistle.

I wonder how many games before 11 gets kicked out or suspended?

anyone want in on this willy wonky golden ticket game wager?

Burnaby's coaching and team could be the wolf in sheepskin clothing here, goaltending second to none

Anonymous said...

Langley plays aggressive,
OHA is playing teams that have no business
Scoring on them. Defense and goalies should be playing much better.
T birds were down and came back should ha e won but proved something out there.
Tbirds goalie outplayed other goalie .OHAgoalies both ranked way to high

Anonymous said...

OHA got lucky against Langley with late goal. Should be a good rematch if they play in semi or final.

Anonymous said...

Burnaby? Playing in the weakest division is the wolf? what did they finish in flight one 1-10-1? come on man

Anonymous said...

Richmond is aweak team.They have won 1 game in last ten in the absence of their best player.

Anonymous said...

I assume it will be OHA, Surrey, or the Bobcats fighting for gold

Anonymous said...

Cowichan vs OHA tomorrow at 10:45

Anonymous said...

Most of the scores seem pretty close, cant say that the games that I watched have been outstanding, watching the T Birds play, it is like watching paint dry, no creativity, no flow, thats whats wrong with minor hockey, look at the Bob Cats, puck movement, skill, creativity. Not saying the skill level between the 2 teams is equal, but whats wrong with trying to coach it and develop it in games. dont mean to offend anyone but just an observation.

The game should be about skating, puck movement, skills, anyone can couch to trap, trap sends the message your trying not to get embarrsed and to try keep the score close, while you play 95 percent of the game in your own end.

Anonymous said...

OHA defense and goaltending weak for a so called top 10 team goalies look like dear in headlights.

Anonymous said...

So much for the 7th ranked team. 1 tie,and 2wins by 2goals or less. In early rounds.
So much for your all star pick in net.
PG,BHM,Tbirds all had better goaltending this Tournament. 7 goals. So one is either not watching games. or ranking.g based on score alone in the past.