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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weekend Tournament Update

Burnaby Christmas Tournament
Boyd Division
Arizona Bobcats  4-0-0  (20-7)
Coquitlam Chiefs  3-1-0  (17-9)
Prince George Cougars  2-2-0 (14-18)
Richmond Blues  0-2-2  (9-12)
South Delta Storm  0-3-1  (6-21)

Wong Division
OHA  2-0-1  (11-7)
Kamloops Jardine Blazers  2-1-0  (15-10)
Vancouver Thunderbirds  0-1-2  (5-9)
Langley Eagles  0-2-1  (7-12)

Marino Division
Seafair Islanders  3-0-0  (13-3)
Ridge Meadows Rustlers  2-1-0  (6-5)
Cowichan Valley Capitals  1-2-0  (9-3)
Arizona Firebirds  0-3-3  (1-18)

Smith Division
Surrey Thunder  2-0-1  (16-10)
Burnaby Bulldogs  2-1-0  (12-12)
Alaska Jr. Aces  0-1-2  (9-11)
Nanaimo Clippers  0-1-2  (10-14)

Today's Playoff Round Match-ups
Coquitlam - Alaska
Ridge Meadows - Vancouver Thunderbirds
(winners to meet tomorrow)

Kamloops - Cowichan Valley
Burnaby - Prince George
(winners to meet tomorrow)

OHA - Arizona Firebirds
Surrey - Richmond
(winners to meet tomorrow)

Arizona Bobcats - Nanaimo
Seafair - Langley
(Winners to meet tomorrow)

Edmonton Bantam Invitational
There are six "AAA" teams taking part at the Edmonton Bantam Invitational Tournament this weekend.  In group one; MLAC, Edge Mountaineers and Spruce Grove PAC while in the other group there are; Edmonton KC, Southeast Hockey Hounds and Fort Saskatchewan.

Blue Division
Edmonton MLAC  2-0-0  (9-3)
Calgary Edge  0-2-0  (4-8)
Spruce Grove  0-2-0  (5-10)

Green Division
Edmonton KC  2-0-0  (13-8)
Southeast Hockey  Hounds  2-0-0  (9-6)
Fort Saskatchewan  0-2-0  (8-13)

Top Scorers
1.   Alex Rotundo - KC  7-3-10
2.   Michael Doneff - Southeast  3-3-6
3.   Mac Mindus - KC  2-4-6
4.   Michael Clarke - Southeast  3-2-5
5.   Brandon Paziuk - Southeast  2-3-5
6.   Nolan Volcan - MLAC  1-4-5
7.   Jordan Taupert - Southeast  1-4-5
8.   Brandon Hagel - Fort Sask  3-1-4
9.   Ryan Jevne - MLAC  2-1-3
10. Jake Schnack - KC  2-1-3


Anonymous said...

A few days back when the tournament divisions were announced, the T bird fan club rose up and gave us their prognostications.

From these comments it appears the issue was not in doubt and victory was a foregone conclusion

Anonymous said...
T-Birds should cruise to an easy GOLD.

T birds will be top 4.

December 18, 2012 2:08 PM

Tbirds are in prime shape for this one. Will be a force that will be tough to deal with and clearly the early favorite. Kudos to the coaching staff on their success and ability to bring out the potential of the team.

T- Birds are for real and getting better every game. They should have been invited to st albert

Losing to Kamloops who have a 1-7-2record in OMAHA and getting a tie with Langley who were whacked by Kamloops says a lot about the strength of your team.

For all the T Birds posters and boosters plaguing this site, perhaps it's time to put away your pom-poms and cheerleading outfits and get a dose of reality.

Anonymous said...

Well said 828. Reality and karma struck today.

Ridge beat the T birds

They need to change the water filter in Kitsalano. Coaching cost them the game .

Anonymous said...

And you can add being knocked out of the tournament by Ridge Meadows in a shootout. Since Ridge was in the "bottom" pool that puts T-Birds as finishing in 14th place.

Humble pie is now being served. Next time listen to your players who told their parent group to shut their mouths.

Anonymous said...

T-Birds just lost to the 3rd place team in Flight 2.

Seriously, this just proves that the T-Birds are about the same level as 7 or 8 teams scattered through Flights 1 and 2. Heck, we should remember that in Tiering they actually lost to Langley A2, and only managed a tie against NSWC A2.

Anonymous said...

Spent a couple of days watching the WEHP ranked players at this tournament. Not a lot to report. Saw what I expected to see. No stand outs other than those ranked, might change the order a bit.

Anonymous said...

do you think that maybe all the
t-bird posts are from other sources

Anonymous said...

if this web mad it so you must post your email address you would not have this problem. Blame this site .

Anonymous said...

I find it difficult to believe all these T-bird posts are not coming from them directly. Find another scape goat for this embarassment. The coach's tweets alone prove the arrogance. Have a team meeting with the players and parents and warn of the dangers of social media.