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Monday, December 24, 2012

AMBHL South All-Stars named

The AMBHL has named its All-Star team for the game being played January, 12, 2013 in Red Deer, AB.

G - Nick Sanders - Calgary Bisons
G - Logan Drackett - Calgary Northstar Sabres
G - Kurtis Chapman - Airdrie Xtreme

D - Ryely McKinstry - Calgary Bisons
D - Carter Cziakowski - Calgary Flames
D - Kyle Yewchuk - Calgary Northstar Sabres
D - Reece Soukoroff - Calgary Royals
D - TJ Brown - Red Deer Rebels Black
D - Tash Bowles - Southeast Hockey Hounds
D - Jared Freadrich - Camrose Vikings

F - Tyler Steenbergen - Red Deer Rebels White
F - Sean Montgomery - Calgary Royals
F - Parker Aucoin - Calgary Northstar Sabres
F - Tyler Anderson - Lethbridge Golden Hawks
F - Steven Lawrence - Calgary Flames
F - Matthew Phillips - Calgary Bisons
F - Jordan McConnell - Airdrie Xtreme
F - Owen Guenter - Okotoks Oilers
F - Jeff De Wit - Red Deer Rebels Black
F - Slater Dykema - Southeast Hockey Hounds


Anonymous said...

This team looks good with most guys the obvious picks! Am curious why Medhat forward is Dykma though? Don't they have 3 guys in the top 10 or 15 in scoring?

Anonymous said...

i wonder which dad you are ???? lol. we have played you guys twice,and have won both times and went to your tourney.and yet your best forward was dykma.he may not put the points up that you three do,but he does not have the talent on his line,like your top line.put him on that line and he would be right up there in points.i would say he is the best two way player in the yes for the south team we welcome him with open arms.

Anonymous said...

Best two way in the league is 'a stretch'!!

Good player. No doubt! But best two way player? Cummon?

Anonymous said...

Team looks Solid. Expect Phillips and Aucioun to carry most of the offense. While on defence look to Tash Bowles and Ryley Mckinstry to try and stop the north.

Anonymous said...

Good group

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that some people in the hockey world feel that scoring goals is the only way to define a good hockey player. A team is made up of players with various strengths. All teams need the hard working, two way players who sees the ice like dykma. Good pick for the all stars.

Anonymous said...

In response to the "why Dykma" comment.... back in the day, scoring was what it was all about. Hockey has changed. The well rounded, two way player who get in the corners and digs, who back-checks, who plays unselfishly for the team (not their stats)- that's the kind of players coaches want. I've seen this Dykema kid play on a number of occasions. And that's the kind of player he is.