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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

50th Annual Burnaby Christmas Tournament

The tournament will begin on December 27, 2012 at 8:00 AM and wrap up with the final on December 31st at noon.  Games will be at the Bill Copeland Arena and the Burnaby Lake Arena.

Collingwood Conference
Boyd Division
Coquitlam Chiefs
Prince George Cougars
Richmond Blues
South Delta Storm

Wong Division
Kamloops Jardine Blazers
Langley Eagles
Vancouver Thunderbirds

Colbourne Conference
Marino Division
Arizona Firebirds
Cowichan Valley Capitals
Ridge Meadows Rustlers
Seafair Islanders

Smith Division
Alaska Jr. Aces
Burnaby Bulldogs
Nanaimo Clippers
Surrey Thunders


Anonymous said...

Wong group has all top teams in tournament compared to coulborne which is a tier two teams

Anonymous said...

predicting a repeat of last year where the 4 teams in the wong div play in the semi finals

Anonymous said...

T birds will be top 4.

Anonymous said...

it's ridiculous how uneven these groupings are...

Anonymous said...

As a member of the vancouver tbirds i want to ask who ever is boasting about our team to please stop. Let the way we play dictate how we are judged. Stay humle, stay hungry.

Anonymous said...

This entire tournament is a tier2 even tier 3 tournament and all the local teams in flt 1 and flt 2. Only oha is top ranked team. nswc did the right thing with going to denver and playing top 20 98aaa teams and continually improve and bwc most likely going to la to do the same thing

Anonymous said...

I guess not one of you have ever watched this tourney or been in it. They always put top 4 together then next 4 and so on ( their opinion on team rankings ) after round robin teams separate to make playoff rounds. Due your homework non hockey parents.

Anonymous said...

T-Birds should cruise to an easy GOLD.

Anonymous said...

If it isn't apparent to everyone already ... the recent over-the-top messages hyping the Thunderbirds are from folks ridiculing the earlier posts about how good that team is and their Coach's insistence on being placed in Flight 1. It's pretty obvious really.

Anonymous said...

Tbirds are in prime shape for this one. Will be a force that will be tough to deal with and clearly the early favorite. Kudos to the coaching staff on their success and ability to bring out the potential of the team.

Anonymous said...

Great Pool For Tbirds being ranked in top 4 for this tourny. Should make semi final.

Anonymous said...

T-Birds are are an average team and should be treated as such, just look at their performance is Lethbridge against average Alberta teams!

Anonymous said...

T- Birds are for real and getting better every game. They should have been invited to st albert

Anonymous said...

Tbirds are a good team, but good is far from Great or Elite status.

the Burnaby Minor Tournament will proove nothing for them.

If the Tbirds would go to St Albert they would finish up like the other 3 PCAHA temas did in Medicine Hat.

Have fun this year and learn from your mistakes, make the changes needed to be considered a top 10 Western Canada ranked team

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that too much emphasis is put on team rankings here. Only the parents can be interested in this.
Surely scouts are only interested in players. I agree that great teams may have some great players. But weak teams have great players also.
For the players who aren't ranked high because they are on a lower team- don't take all this ranking nonsense to seriously we know who you are.