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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Some brief news/notes

*Update - For those of you heading to the Prince Albert tournament.  First of all, take it easy as the travel condition are terrible on the highways around Saskatoon and area, heading north.  Secondly, the replacement team (if any) could be Scott Scissons squad from the GSHL or West Central.  We'll keep you posted.

highway conditions here:

A light night in bantam hockey last night with just a handful of games.  First in the AMBHL, it was the Calgary Royals 12 game winning steak being ended (includes the NWCAA Tournament) at the hands of the Calgary Flames 7-1.  The Flames build up a 4-0 lead after the 2nd period and cruised from there.  The shots were even at 34-34.  Kyle Dumba, brother of Matt Dumba stopped 33/34 shots......An injury riddled Sherwood Park squad, who was without 6 regular players, including a pair of key defenseman squeaked by Edmonton CAC 3-2.  D- Jacob Halliday scored the winner with just over 3 minutes remaining in the game.  Sam Steel picked up points on all 3 goals.  Steel, who we have in our top 5 overall currently has 56 pts in 16 games and is 2nd in league scoring behind Tyler Benson......In the PCAHA, it was Langley settling for a tie vs. Burnaby Minor 4-4.  Gingras scored 3 times and '99 born star forward James Malm tied it up with the goalie up to avoid the big upset....The Vancouver Thunderbirds, prior to their departure to Lethbridge for the Lethbridge four team tournament tied Richmond 4-4....In Saskatchewan Bantam AA news, the Estevan Bruins won't be attending the Prince Albert "AA" Tournament this weekend due to several injuries.  No word yet on if a replacement team will attend or if they will got with a division of 3 teams.

More later.


Anonymous said...

As Jerry Seinfeld might say, "What's the deal with Langley?"
Seriously, Burnaby is one of the wekest Flight 1 teams and they had to score a last-minute, game-tying goal with the 'keeper pulled.
Can anyone give a game report?

Anonymous said...

I have seen Langley play a lot this season and while i wasnt at this particular game, i have heard a few similar reports. langley has been banged up for quite some time now. They played in Medicine Hat with 8 forwards and 4 dmen, which clearly was not enough to compete. They won the Abby tourny with 8 and 4 and were down to 7 and 3 in the finals. I am starting to see a few of the injured return and it looks like they are on their way to be healthy soon. However, this is not an excuse for this team as they should be putting up better results than they are. Langley controlled the play and outshot Burnaby quite badly but Langley struggles to find the back of the net at times, despite numerous chances. Goaltending can be very average.

Anonymous said...

A little constructive criticism if allowed. This post really illustrates what people complain about for WEHP. For the most part, it is well received and followed as people are interested, but somewhat biased. For example, 2 games were played in BC; both ties. Langley had last minute heroics to get a tie, but Burnaby did nothing notable to get into that situation. TBirds before going to a tourney fought for a tie, and Richmond was mentioned as the opposing team as an afterthought. All four teams have relatively close records (Richmond being the highest), but 2 teams are more worthy of focus? We know that it's impossible to spend the resources to travel and report Bantam hockey across Western Canada. However, when you get one sided updates, how about a quick reply: "anything notable from the other team?" If nothing is given, mention no names. Or, how about asking for contributor from all tier 1 teams? I'm sure you have followers from most top teams. People want to be named on this site and surely will be more generous to comply.

Finally, let’s not anoint any 13 year old as a star. They have enough pressure playing AAA hockey to not need to be called out like Gretz.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

the only Langley thing to worry about is Gingras and how many tournaments and games he has been ejected or suspended in this season alone!

Its a disgrace when you consider that a skill!

When will PCAHA or BC hockey look into this before he recklessly hurts your or my son?

Anonymous said...

Note, Sherwood Park was short 9 regulars versus CAC(6 injuries, 3 suspensions resulting from line-brawl with PAC on the weekend). Sam Steel dominated as usual. CAC struggled to beat the lowly Camrose team on Saturday, the 7-4 score was flattering to the CAC club.

Anonymous said...

December 5, 2012 2:50 PM

Could it be that they aren't as good as the parents think.

Anonymous said...

Yes Langley isn't as good as alot of you think.

Not more to it then that.

Anonymous said...


Injuries? When Burnaby played Coquitlam the very next night, they had 6 forwards and 4 defense. Did they lose 5 players in the game? Actually, that might explain a comeback...

Anonymous said...

Hadn't heard the "reckless" criticism of Gingras before. I've watched him play a few games and have been impressed by his obvious skill and a physical edge that I haven't seen as dangerous. But again, I've only seen about 4 games. Not sure about the goaltending comment. Yes, the 98 looks to be average at best, but I saw the 99 play two games where he was great.

Anonymous said...

12:27 - Reckless? Dont punish Gingras because he is stronger than your son. He is a physical force out there. If your son cant take it, go find a different sport at your winter club.

Anonymous said...

December 7, 2012 10:03 AM don't like the comments- don't read, he dishes it out then complains to ref's when he even get touched, He is big with not much talent and do not try. Against strong players he shuts down and gets tossed.