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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Evening

Calgary Bisons 3 - Airdrie Xtreme 2
-Bisons take a 1-0 best of 5 series lead.

Battlefords 4 - Humboldt 3 in Triple OT
- Iron scores the winner.

Winnipeg Warriors 3 the Winnipeg Sharks 2 in OT
-Warriors lead 3-2 in the best of 7 series.  They can win the series tonight.

Winnipeg Hawks 3 - Winnipeg Monarchs 2 (End 1st)
-Monarchs still lead the series 3-2 in the best of 7.  Monarchs can win the series tonight.


Anonymous said...

Bisons had a big letdown last night. After beating out the top 2 teams in Calgary the Bisons started slow and never really got excited about the barely .500 Extreme. The only way this series goes more than 3 is if Thompson plays poorly in goal--he was good again last night.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 9:18. The Xtreme have not become a better team. They simply had to beat 6th place Lethbridge (within a few points of 7th and 8th place). They then beat MH who were only 6 points ahead of them in regular season. It's not like they beat any top teams to get to the South final like the Bisons have. The Bisons played 5 tough games against Bronks and Royals (1 and 2 (overall in south AMBHL) and last night was a let down on the ice. The Bisons have the best chance against the winner in the north. AMBHL playoff standings should be based on overall standings within the north and south and not divisions. 1 plays 8, 2 plays 7.... It is the only way to make sure that 2 top teams make the final.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what game the last 2 comments were watching last night? Sounds like disgruntled Bronks dads! The Bisons gave up 3 breakaway chances in the 2nd period. The shots on net were 36-27. If 2 breakaway goals go in and Merkleys fluke goal from behind the net doesnt go in its a 4-2 game for Xtreme. Extremes captain is also out,(Marshall Burr) which he definetly could of made a difference in this game.

Anonymous said...

To the Bison's fans...that's how the playoffs work. If you recall in 2004 the Flames barely made the NHL playoffs and came a game away from winning the Stanley Cup. So get off your high horse and watch the games objectively. That's what playoffs are all about. You don't have to win the just have make the payoffs and the real season begins. Both Teams deserve to be where they are. They won their respective divisions...period. The Xtreme have a history of doing well in the playoffs as evidenced by three Western Canadian Bantam AAA championships in the past eleven years. How many have the Bisons won? The Xtreme had some quality chances and did not bury the puck. It was a good game and could have just as easily been 3-2 the other way. Keep in mind their Captain can no longer play due to injury. Could the same be said for the Bisons without Merkley. Be objective...and understand the makeup of each Team before you comment and make a proper evaluation.

Anonymous said...

Extreme is the best team hands down in Alberta. Our record does not show how on most nights we dominated in play. We are big and physical and most importantly we have the best coach...eveyone in our dressing room is happy!...they roll the lines equally which has made us a stonger team. Because everyone feels like a contributing member of the team our team will prevail. Bisons were very lucky to win game 1 and we should win the next 3 games. Watch out

Anonymous said...

Really a 3 0 game for the Bisons. Both Airdrie goals scored on defenseman giveaways-one in the crease and one puck rolled of the d man stick for a breakaway. Neither Extreme goal created--puck basically put on an Extreme players stick for both goals. No driving to the net to create opportunities, no keep the puck in the other team's end until you create chances--simple gifts from the Bisons. Christmas only comes once a year--over in 3.

Anonymous said...

March 2, 2012 8:21 am:

Thanks for injecting some levity / humour into this thread.