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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Still on vacation...Brief Update

Most of you probably already know who is doing what in the playoffs across western Canada but here is a very brief run-down of where we are at.

BWC leads Surrey 1-0 
- Game 2 goes Thursday in Surrey.

Cloverdale leads Langley 1-0
- Game 2 goes tonight in Langley.

NSWC and Abbotsford are tied 0-0-1
- Game 2 goes Thursday in Abbotsford.

Semiahmoo leads Seafair 1-0-1
- Game 3 goes Thursday in Semiahmoo.

OMAHA Playoffs
Kamloops vs. Kelowna in Final
- Game 1 and Game 2 go this weekend

VIAHA Playoffs
Victoria leads Nanaimo 1-0
-Games 2 and 3 go this weekend.

AMBHL Playoffs Division Finals

1Wed-Feb-22CAC Inland CementSSAC Southgate Lions7:45pmConfederation
2Fri-Feb-24SSAC Southgate LionsCAC Inland Cement7:45pmCallingwood A
*3Sun-Feb-26CAC Inland CementSSAC Southgate Lions4:00pmSouthside
SSAC won the season Series 3-0-1 (23-15)
1Tue-Feb-21Leduc Oil KingsLloydminster Heat5:30pmCivic Centre
2Fri-Feb-24Lloydminster HeatLeduc Oil Kings7:30pmSobey's
*3Sat-Feb-25Leduc Oil KingsLloydminster Heat2:00pmServus-Rusway
Lloydminster won the season series 2-1-0 (16-12)
1Wed-Feb-22Calgary BisonsCalgary Royals7:45pmWinsport D
2Fri-Feb-24Calgary RoyalsCalgary Bisons7:15pmOptimist
*3Sun-Feb-26Calgary BisonsCalgary Royals1:45pmMax Bell 2
Royals won the season series 3-1-0 (13-8)
1Fri-Feb-24Airdrie XtremeMedicine Hat Hounds7:30pmMoose
2Sat-Feb-25Medicine Hat HoundsAirdrie Xtreme7:15pmTwin Blue
*3Sun-Feb-26Airdrie XtremeMedicine Hat Hounds1:00pmMoose

Medicine Hat won season series 2-1-0 (12-13)

SBAAHL Playoffs Round 1
Battlefords vs. Humboldt
West Central vs. Prince Albert
- North East and Sask Valley receive a bye.

Prairie Storm vs. Regina Canucks
Weyburn vs. Swift Current
Swift Current vs. Melville
Yorkton vs. Regina Oilers

Winnipeg Bantam League Playoffs

1Feb 226:00 PMNotre DameWarriors0Sharks0
2Feb 238:30 PMNotre DameSharks0Warriors0
3Feb 2612:00 PMNotre DameWarriors0Sharks0
4Feb 278:30 PMNotre DameSharks0Warriors0
5Feb 296:00 PMNotre DameWarriors0Sharks0
6Mar 18:30 PMNotre DameSharks0Warriors0
7Mar 32:30 PMNotre DameWarriors0Sharks0

8Feb 228:30 PMNotre DameMonarchs0Hawks0
9Feb 236:00 PMNotre DameHawks0Monarchs0
10Feb 262:30 PMNotre DameMonarchs0Hawks0
11Feb 276:00 PMNotre DameHawks0Monarchs0
12Feb 298:30 PMNotre DameMonarchs0Hawks0
13Mar 16:00 PMNotre DameHawks0Monarchs0
14Mar 312:00 PMNotre DameMonarchs0Hawks0

Eastman Minor Hockey Playoffs
Championship Flight
Southeast Blizzard vs. Kenora Thistles Best of 3 beginning this coming weekend.

Northern Knights leads Southwest Jets 1-0.  Games 2 and 3 this weekend.  

-Winners will play in the championship series for the AA rep at provincials.


Anonymous said...

In Manitoba it will be a Warrior/Monarch final more than likely. Monarchs have had the Warriors number all year, but if the Warriors find a way to play 5 on 5 this series should go the distance. City winner will be in tough against the rural winners this year for a change.....should be a great finish to the season.

Anonymous said...

BWC beat the a bottom tier 2 team by a score of 8 to 1.
what an accomplishment, I bet non of the 6 through 10 forwards and the 4 through 7 defense saw the ice.

We all hope Jager White can help this BWC team next year (ooops - isn't the cat out of the bag yet on this rumor?)

This coach needs imported top studs to win, not your own developed skill,

Cloverdale win win the PCAHA Bannerm what an accomplishment and a shame for the private clubs

Anonymous said...

Cloverdale did not beat Langley. The game was postponed due to an injury in the 2nd period. Game #1 will have to be replayed as the ambulance took forever to get there and the ice time was not long enough. They will play tonight in Langley.

Anonymous said...

The 1st game was given to Cloverdale and Cloverdale wins the series with an 8-2 win tonight. They've won 24 in a row.

Anonymous said...

its a technicallity as to if Cloverdale beat Langley in game #1 it was 3-0 for Cloverdale as the injury occured and was at the end of the 2nd period, shots were 28 - 9 Cloverdale carrying much of the play. Game was suspended as mentioned due having to wait for the Ambulance to arrive and the ice time ran out - rink would not let the game run over its booked time. PCAHA have the final say as to if this game can stand or not as an offical win. Game #2 just finished and Cloverdale won 8-2. No game 3 as it appears that game #1 is now an offical result - Cloverdale advances.

Anonymous said...

SBAAHL South playoffs are incorrect. First round will be #1Storm vs. #8 Regina Canucks
#2 Weyburn vs. #7 Swift Current
#3 Melville vs. #6 Estevan
#4 Yorkton vs. #5 Regina Oilers

Anonymous said...

Players move associations for one reason or another. Many of you feel its due to " My kid is a star" syndrome or " I want my kid on the best team"
Many move from public associations to private clubs and visa versa. This in the long run helps all programs. BWC had many 99 go to NSWC. They also had 98's leave to Seafair, this helped Seafair. 97 went to Clover from BWC. This helped Clover, its a 2 way street many come and go for many reasons. Many complain about this until these players are on your sons team. If Anonymous came with a name , I don't think the jabs would continue. NSWC has many programs that work with H4 and Atom players where there is only 8 or 9 on the ice not 23. Instead of complaining about other programs make your association better.

Anonymous said...

Thats right 1050 am let the kids move around show them that if its not good where you are then just leave to a better situation. If the money is no object lets put them on teams with 8 players and show them that humility and teamwork doesnt matter its about getting you on the ice as much as possible Its funny to me last years draft had 4 first rounders out of Calgary these kid grew up playing on teams of 19 players and played games up to bantam on one hour time slots im sure they played spring hockey but at the end it was character that has devoloped these players not the ability to all play were they wanted.Its the reason that team bc is rarely a winner at u16 and 17 tourneys lots of talent no team work bc hockey need to set boundries like evry one else private clubs like bwc will always be around because there are always people that think results are what makes players when the truth is challenges are what builds character and character builds players.

Anonymous said...

Thats the problem hockey has be come an elitist sport where money can produce players and alot of kids who could be great players fall through the cracks

Anonymous said...

Is Seafair a private Hockey Club like BWC and the NSWC?
I was told that the Seafair hockey association is a city team

Anonymous said...

Seafair is a association program. However, Richmond and Seafair pull from the same area, So you can jump ship if you don't like something. You can go back and forth if you don't make a team you can go try out for the other.

Anonymous said...

While we are on the topic of private clubs...

Can someone explain to me why this rule ONLY applies to Private Clubs?

(b) A player whose parents’ permanent place of residence is outside the private
club’s “defined residential area” shall be eligible to register with the private
club Minor Hockey Association if:
(i) He or she is a first-time registrant within the PCAHA; or
(ii) He or she has played for another PCAHA member Association, but
has not been carded “A” or “B” within the jurisdiction of the PCAHA at
any time during the preceding two (2) seasons.

Isn't this the definition of an "unlevel" playing field? J/S

Anonymous said...

Feb 12/12 11:57 am. it looks like the sharks and monarchs??

both up 2 games to nil.

watch out for them sharks they bite


Anonymous said...

Feb. 24 4:02 PM. I'm not sure I understand how you see the private club rule (if it's evenly applied) as unlevel? The way I read it is that people new to PCAHA territory can register at the private club if they want, but players from within the PCAHA boundary who have been carded on a rep team other than the private club's own, in the previous 2 years are not elegible to register.

I am from outside of the PCAHA, so don't know their district policies like the back o my hand. I do think there are times that part b) (ii) is overlooked, just as rules about residency tend to be overlooked by BC Hockey throughout the province for some players. It's not necessarily what the clubs, academies or associations do, it's what district and provincial regulators allow them to do and let slide sometimes that bothers people. BC Hockey definitely has a residency regulation, it's just not applied hard and fast in every case.

Feb. 23 7:16 AM; some valid observations are made. The minor hockey "super teams" that have evolved in recent years, be it through planning or overlooked application of rules have not resulted in exceptionally strong results at higher levels of competition. I hate to say it, but the outcome of unchecked politics is becoming obvious, especially at provincal representative level. Far too many quality players whose families don't or won't play the political game are "falling through the cracks" at every level.

I don't like to roll over meekly saying "But that's hockey!" due to the negative impact some aspects of the culture are having on players and the game in particular. However correction, no matter how necessary, is bigger than any one person and daunting to look at.

Anonymous said...

While we are on the subject of parents permanent address, how did a certain former Moosimin resident end up being able to make a Saskatchewan bantam zone team when he is listed as #6 American player for the bantam draft. Can anyone clear up how it works in Saskatchewan.