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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Road to the Westerns - February 9th

AMBHL Action
Calgary Northstar Sabres 2 - Calgary Royals 1
The Calgary Royals have their 13 game AMBHL winning streak ended at the hands of their likely first round match-up in the Northstar Sabres.  The Sabres will finish 4th and now have a record of 10-17-4 while the Royals drop to 25-3-3.  The Royals are also just 2 points up on SSAC for the overall league lead.  Both teams have 2 games remaining.
In this game, it was Austin Wagner scoring his 17th goal of the season with under 1 minute remaining to give the Sabres the win.  Team scoring leader Jordan Xavier scored his 27th goal in 31 games.  Xavier now has 46 points.  Ben Zinkan picked up 2 assists.  G- Nicholas Patterson turned aside 37/38 shots he faced.  For the Royals, it was Tyler Rohl scoring his 14th.  G- Jake Morrissey stopped 16/18 shots.

Medicine Hat 6 - Lethbridge 3
If the season ended today, this would've been another first round preview.  The Hockey Hounds with the win move to 15-9-7 and Lethbridge sit 4th, just 2 points back of RD White for 3rd with a record of 10-17-4.  For the Hockey Hounds, it was Michael Doneff scoring twice, giving  him 8 goals this season.  Jaeger White also scored in this one, giving the '98 born 28 goals in 30 games.  For Lethbridge, D- Kyler Newman picked up 2 assists, giving him 14 points.  Chase Bell picked up his team leading 14th goal and 34th point.

Calgary Bisons 1 - Calgary Bronks 1
In yet another first round playoff preview, it was the Bronks and Bisons playing to a 1-1 draw.  The Bisons have 42 points and the Bronks have 40 with each just 1 game remaining.  The Bisons will finish up in Lethbridge and the Bronks will play host to the Hockey Hounds on the weekend.
Bisons Braylon Shmyr scored his 38th of the season and Ryan Shupe scored his 3rd of the season for the Bronks.  G- Riley Morris stopped 32/33 shots for the Bronks and Logan Thompson stopped 38/39 for the Bisons.

The best of 3 division semi-finals will begin on February 14, 2012 and end by February 19, 2012.

PCAHA Playoffs
Hollyburn 5 - Vancouver Thunderbirds 1
-Hollyburn will now move on to play BWC.

Langley 3 - Coquitlam 3

- Just a reminder that the final Bantam Showcase in Manitoba will take place this weekend in Winnipeg.  Action will begin tomorrow morning at 9am and will feature teams from rural Manitoba such as top ranked Pembina Valley along with Westman, Parkland, Interlake, Yellowhead, Eastman, Central Plains, Norman.  In addition, teams from the Winnipeg leagues will take part, including Brandon and the Winnipeg B2 teams, made up of 98 born players.

Other news
With just under 3 months remaining until the 2012 WHL Bantam Draft which takes place on May 3, 2012, we are now slowly starting to put together lists of 99 born talent from across western Canada.  This weekend,   we will have another look at some up and coming players as the Brandon Tournament of Champions will enter in its 50th year.  In addition, several of western Canada's top peewee teams will take part in the historic and likely the top peewee tournament all season long, taking place in Quebec.  The Quebec International Peewee Tournament features teams from all over the world and western Canada will be represented.  BWC, NSWC, Winnipeg, Langley and Yorkton will all take part.


Anonymous said...

Was at the Royals/Sabres game last night. Sawchenko was not dressed for game. Word I was hearing from parents in the stands is concussion from puck in the head. Not taking away from their 2nd goalie, but Sawchenko will be needed to win for that team. How long is he out for?

On game note, Royals outplayed Sabres. Outshot them by quite a bit. Cant score goals. Royals should take first series, regardless of loss last night.

From bits I saw of Bronks/Bisons game, two very even teams. Will be interesting in first round, as should go the distance with potentially last goal winning the series.

Winner of that and likely Royals will be a good 2nd round match-up, with winner likely beating who ever comes from other division.

Just my thoughts, and curious on Sawchenko injury.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:00...Royals outplayed the Sabres??? Sabres had 4-5 break aways and numerous 2 on 1 chances...not sure what game you were watching? Not too many goalies incl Sawchenko would have stopped the 2 Sabres' goals last night, both goals were just perfect placed shots...

Anonymous said...

Royals outshot Sabres 38 - 18. I would say the only Sabres player that outplayed the Royals was the Sabres goalie.

Anonymous said...

I agree (I wrote 8:00). The two shots by Sabres were not getting stopped. Great shots. On scoresheet, and noticebaly during game, shots were 38-16 for Royals. Maybe 2 great shots, but Royals had major advantage of puck possession and offensive attack. What game were you watching?

Anonymous said...

Both of you are right. Royals dominated most of the game but Sabres had 4 or 5 quality chances and capitalized on 2 of those. Shots were 38-18 for Royals. Royals needed a loss before entering the playoffs no matter what. Very difficult to keep everyone motivated when winnning almost all your games.

Anonymous said...

I find it quite amusing that the Royal's goalie, Morrissey, who gave up 2 goals on 18 shots (which is a typical shot count faced by Royals goalies) was named the 3rd star of the game, while the Sabre's goaltender, Patterson, who faced 37 shots and only let in 1 goal, wasn't recognized at all.

Obviously the Royals parents were picking the stars. I am so glad this season is coming to an end, so we can put all this fabricated Royals hype behind us. I'm not taking anything away from the team, but put any goalie from this league on thier team and they will have similar stats.

I also caught the Bisons / Bronks game. Now there was some quality goaltending on behalf of Thompson (Bisons) and Morris (Bronks). Those two kids kept their respective teams in the game, on numerous occasions, as both of them have done all season long. It will be an interesting series between them. The Bronks have a far superior defense over the Bisons, however the Bisons have much more firepower if their forwards are in the groove.