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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blogging from the road

My family and I have decided to take a much needed holiday before things really start to heat up down the stretch with provincial camps and the later rounds of the playoffs.  With that said, here is a very brief update on the happenings.

Aidrie leads Lethbridge 1-0 in the best of 5
- They will play game 2 today and game 3 if nec tomorrow.
- Tristan Thompson had 2 goals in game 1.

Medicine leads Red Deer White 1-0 in the best of 5
- They will play game 2 today and game 3 if nec tomorrow.
- 98 born Jaeger White scored 3 in game 1.

Calgary Bisons and Calgary Bronks tied at 1-1
- The deciding game takes place tomorrow.
- Nick Merkley left the game with an apparent ankle injury
- 98 born Phillips had 2-2-4 last night for Bisons
- Hudson Elynuik has 4 pts in 2 games.

Calgary Northstar Sabres and Calgary Royals are tied 1-1
- The deciding game goes tomorrow.
- Royals Cole Josefchak leads them with 2 goals.
- Zach Sawchenko returned from injury last night, allowing 4 on 26 shots.
- Jordan Xavier has 4-2-6 in 2 games.

Leduc leads Camrose 1-0
- First game went to 2 OT
- Camrose F- Curtis Miske had 2-2-4 in game 1.
- Starzynski had 2 goals for Leduc and Young 1-2-3.

Lloydminster Leads Spruce Grove 1-0
- Game 2 goes today and game 3 tomorrow if nec.
- Chandler Klein had 1-2-3 for Lloyd in game 1.

Sherwood Park and Edmonton CAC are tied at 1
- Deciding game is this morning.
- Sherwood Park Sam Steel has 6 points in 2 games.
- CAC F- Dylan Stewart is injured in game 2.

Edmonton SSAC leads St. Albert 1-0
- Game 2 goes today and game 3 tomorrow if nec.
- 98 born D- David Quennville scores the OT winner in game 1 and had 2 goals.

Quebec Peewee International Tournament
The NSWC Winterhawks peewee squad have moved on to the quarter-finals against New Jersey today after a 4-3 over St. Louis yesterday.  Justin Almeida had 1-2-3 and Jordy Bellerive 0-2-2.  The Winnipeg Railcats got 2 goals each from Bealieau and Briscoe in a 6-5 win yesterday and advance to the semi-finals today in their division.

PCAHA Playoffs - Round 3
Semiahmoo 2 - Seafair 0

The Sask Valley Vipers defeat the North East Wolfpack in a first place showdown last night in Warman 4-0. The New York Times were actually in attendance as they have been following around the Wolfpack this week for an article they are writing on bantam hockey in Canada.

From Thursday night, one of the lone Saskatchewan rated first round prospects Jayden Halbgewachs scored 2-4-6 in a Balgonie 8-4 win over Yorkton.  Balgonie finishes the SBAAHL regular season as the leagues top team with a 21-2-1 record while Halbgewachs finished with 55-34-89 points.  He will finish second in league scoring behind Terrell Draude of Sask Valley.

In Regina, both Conner Chaulk and D- Michael Eskra had 3 goals in a 6-4 win over Moose Jaw.  Eskra led all SBAAHL defenceman in scoring with 20-17-37 this  year.  Chaulk had 19 goals this season.


Anonymous said...

Merkley will not play this Sunday

Anonymous said...

Semi blew a 3-1 lead vs Seafair

Game 3 to be played in Semi with PCAHA ref coordinators present (too many teams questioned their home ref calls)

Interesting you ask ?

Anonymous said...

Seafair/Semi tie 3-3, game 3 Thursday night in Semi. Gawdin was everywhere for Seafair, 2 goals 1 assist and a half dozen other good chances

Anonymous said...

Final score , NSWC 1, Abbotsford 1

So much for the top 4 winning their games in two straight

Welcome to playoff hockey

Anonymous said...

Abbotsford Tied NSWC 1-1 last night

Anonymous said...

What's interesting is how some of the top players disappear in big games or against the better teams. Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Feb 19th, 1:39. The gamers will always rise to the top. Check out the BC Major Midget scoring leaders. Undrafted (now listed)Matt Revel leading all 96's in scoring against bigger, stronger opponents. Teammmate and top 2011 draft pick is 7th in scoring amongst 96's.
Moral of the story. If your kid is truly a stud, his day will come as long as he keeps the right attitude and works his butt off. (Long live Linsanity)

Anonymous said...

Ambhl 1st round is best of 3. So is 2nd round. Airdrie vs med hat. Royals vs bisons. Ssac vs Cac. Leduc vs Lloyd

Anonymous said...

Revel second for 96's

Anonymous said...

It can work both ways Top picks out of alberta Mappin and Point leading 96s in alberta. You are right auctually the top scorer for 96s in bc is Chace lang for 96s but to your point he to was a little later pick in the draft Revel went undrafted and has had a great year proving that the draft is a snapshotin time. I think with all of these 4 examples the common thread is hardwork.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot about Chase Lang.

Anonymous said...

Play in the BCMML this year is a huge drop off in caparison to years past and basing ability on points seems irrelevant! Line mates, power play time and minimal depth from 95 & 94 players all contribute to the success of certain players. Coupled with these factors are outside factors. The fact that parents are aloud to control the score sheet could also contribute to the success of some. Ask any Nanaimo parent on either side of the 1996 birth year and they'll confirm.

Anonymous said...

So, who should control the scoresheet. How many rinks have real scorekeepers and timekeepers. Parent scorers has been an age old problem, but there is no way around it. As well, how often do you see kids skaye to the ref to give him the assists before they celebrate with their team mates. I always chuckle when I see that.