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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PCAHA Flight 1 Playoff Match-Ups

PCAHA Flight 1 Playoffs (Single game elimination)
BWC - Vancover or Hollyburn -  Feb 11
-BWC Overall Record - 44-5-5
-Hollyburn Overall Record - 23-12-2 (Flight 1 placement and Flight 2 season/tournament)
-Vancouver Overall Record - 30-19-3 (Flight 2 placement/season/tournament)
- BWC defeated Hollyburn 6-1 in pre-season.  Haven't played Vancouver this season.

Cloverdale - Ridge Meadows - Feb 15
- Cloverdale Overall Record - 47-9-3
- Ridge Meadows Overall Record - 16-21-7 (Flight 2 placement, league and tournament)
- Cloverdale defeated Ridge Meadows 12-2 this season.

NSWC - South Delta - Feb 11
- NSWC Overall Record - 38-11-4
-South Delta Overall Record - 24-19-4 (Flight 2 placement, league and tournament)
- Haven't met this season.

Semiahmoo - Port Coquitlam - Feb 9
-Semiahmoo Overall Record - 36-11-3
-Port Coquitlam Overall Record - 17-17-3 (Flight 2 placement, league and tournament)
-Haven't met this season.

Seafair - North Vancouver - Feb 11
-Seafair Overall Record - 22-17-9 (flight 1 placement and league, flight 1-2 tournament)
-North Vancouver Overall Record - 12-16-8 (Flight 2 placement, league and tournament)
-Haven't met this season.

Abbotsford - Richmond - Feb 9
-Abbotsford Overall Record - 22-24-6
-Richmond Overall Record - 23-24-5 (Flight 2 placement, league - Flight 1-2 tournament)
-Haven't met this season.

Burnaby - Surrey - Feb 8
-Burnaby Overall Record - 13-23-2 (Flight 2 placement, flight 1 league, flight 1-2 tournament)
-Surrey Overall Record - 26-18-3 (Flight 1 placement, flight 2 league, flight 1-2 tournament)
-Haven't met this season.


Anonymous said...

Seems crazy how almost all of the teams meeting in these games haven't played once this year. Not familiar with the BC format at all, is this a normal thing due to poor scheduling or a rare occurence?

Anonymous said...

Hi Just wondering if you could update a player you seemed really high on in the past. Daine Elphicke from Vernon, has moved to OHA Midget AA. I was able to see him play on the weekend in Winfield against the POE Midget AA team. Although he scored no points in a 3-2 win, he was easily the most physical player, he was the best skater, and was a force all night. What happens to a kid when he moves up like that to play as a very late 97 against men aged 17 and 18. Has he fallen off the map. That team of his in Vernon was awful, just wondering where you see him......

Anonymous said...

8:46 PCAHA places similar caliber teams into "Flights" for the regular season.

For playoffs... BC hockey groups teams together based on size of hockey association or "tiers".

A tier 1 association's A1 team is tier 1, it's A2 team is tier 2 and so on. A tier 2 association's A1 team would be tier 2, A2 tier 3, etc.

Anonymous said...

PCAHA should play best of 3 then best of 5.

Only thing they do right in playoffs is have no sportsmanship points.

Now they play one game, then a 4 point then a round robin with 4 teams and top 2 go provbincials.

Need a better playoff system lots of time to do it.

Anonymous said...

I played with daine and I hate break it to you but he is not the best skater and certainly not the best hitter. In fact he is just plain average. Sorry but that's the truth.