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Friday, February 24, 2012

Late Friday


AMBHL Playoffs
Leduc 5 - Lloydminster 2
- Series tied 1-1

SSAC 5 - CAC 4
-SSAC Advance to North finals.  Dylan Stewart 3-1-4 in the losing cause.

Calgary Bisons 4 - Calgary Royals 1
-Bisons win 2-0 series and advance to South Final.  98 born Matthew Phillips with 2-0-2.  Morrissey stopped just 9/13 shots.

Medicine Hat 6 - Airdrie 5
-Medicine lead series 1-0.  Hallas had 2-4-6, Taupert with 3-1-4 and White with 1-3-4.

SBAAHL Playoffs
Melville 4 - Estevan 1
- Melville gets 1-2-3 from Dakota Boutin, while Neuls and Cole each pick up 1-1-2.  Estevan team scoring leader Tanner Jeanott with the lone goal for Estevan.

Prince Albert 7 - West Central 6
- The Prince Albert Junior Raiders pull off the big upset over West Central tonight in Prince Albert.  Prince Albert had just 4 wins in 24 regular season games this season while West Central was 13-7-4.  For West Central Spencer Bast, D- Shane Collins and Josh Stang all had 2 goals.  Collins had 2 assists as well.  For Prince Albert, who fired 52 shots had a big game from Matthew Campese with 3-2-5, Drew Warkentine with 2 goals and Reed Gunville 3 assists.  Late season addition Matthew Meyer seems to have given the Raiders another option up front as he scored once again.

PCAHA Update
BWC defeat Surrey 4pts to 0 (13-3)
Cloverdale defeat Langley 4pts to 0 (11-2)
Semiahmoo defeat Seafair 5pts to 1 (10-4)
NSWC leads Abbotsford 3pts to 1 (8-1)


BisonParent said...

Way to go Bisons! Great job Bubba (Phillips)! Keep rollin' boys!

Anonymous said...

well another defeat against POE guess OHA will have to beat them in kihbit if they are going to beat them at all, not enough depth after reagan fiust sideroff to compete with the three big lines of poe, shovy played great in goal, good night against a weak triple A team from PG tho OHA 6 PG 2, Barry outstanding in his first full game were the team in front of him did there job, another tilt with PG sunday and on they go.

Anonymous said...

Was wondering what the criteria is to get comments posted. I feel like I am wasting my time with this site and my comments. Other friends are saying the same thing. I am guessing that if the comment isnt the same as your opinion , you dont post it. I guess that is fine, after all, its your website, but I am looking for another one, hopefully with more info.

Anonymous said...

I agree, this site really does lack information. I can list about 20 other bantam sites that offer much more than this one. The blog only offers one opinion and nobody else seems to matter. The rankings are also incorrect, the content is lacking and the stats are wrong. I will start up a site in the next week kor so

Anonymous said...

Start your own site and talk about your team and kid. The fact that WEP posts your negative comments gives it credibility! By the way its playoff time. Who cares about POE and OHA...

Anonymous said...

Go start your own. Maybe then you will appreciate the amount of time and effort it takes. And that you can't please them all. Good luck. In the mean time thanks wehp for providing more free info than I can find any where else. Keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

It should be very clear to oha that there is a massive gap after top 5 teams in bc. Poe third line had no problem with oha number 1. Strength on puck another issue as well. Can't compete with only 2 top players. Poe has many. They also played that game without one of their better forwards in KAwaguchi who is out
With upper body and two aa call ups.

Anonymous said...

NSWC 8 - Abbotsford 2...... NSWC routed Abbotsford in final 2 games by out scoring them 15-2!!!

Anonymous said...

February 26, 2012 @ 10:16am - The site is decent, not perfect like many would like, but let's be honest and remember for the most part the this site is volunteer based.

Therefore, a suggestion might be..... offer suggestions of improvement to the site administor and reach out and volunteer to assist the administor in keeping better record of stats and news items that will assist in preparing and managing site content for the readers to read!!!

Anonymous said...

'...They also played that game without one of their better forwards in KAwaguchi who is out
With upper body and two aa call ups.

February 26, 2012 11:59 AM...'

Those 2 aa call ups are better players than half of their aaa forwards. It is surprising that they aren't ranked by WEHP for the draft. They deserve to be looked at.

Anonymous said...

AA call up comment is completely false.only player from POE AA that deserves a very serious look is Tanner Wishnowski.He came late to program and AAA already picked.

Anonymous said...

poe obviously has more depth then oha but oha has a special talent on there team if they had some secondary scoring they would be able to beat poe but until then i dont see it happening