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Monday, January 14, 2013

WEHP Releases Top 10 Team Rankings

* Rankings reflect many factors and are not just subject to league or tournament play in determining position.  Strength of opponent is also a factor.

Top 10 Team Rankings for January 14, 2013
1.   Burnaby Winter Club (19-1-2  116-11) 
2.   SSAC Southgate Lions (24-0-2  194-54) 
3.   North Shore Winter Club (19-2-2 137-26)
4.   Calgary Bisons (22-2-2  159-64) 
5.   Lloydminster Heat (18-2-5  131-66) 
6.   Calgary Northstar Sabres (20-5-1  137-61)
7.   OHA  (35-3-2 165-66) -Tournament Play/Not part of league
8.   Winnipeg Hawks (18-3-1  130-39)
9.   POE (11-1-0  85-20)
10.  Winnipeg Monarchs (19-2-1 112-41) 

Honorable Mention
MLAC Scott Pump (16-6-3  130-80), Sherwood Park Flyers (13-7-6  136-90),  Calgary Royals (16-9-1 117-89), Winnipeg Sharks (15-5-0  91-54), Notre Dame  Hounds (12-2-4  82-44) Midget AA League

Top 5 Saskatchewan AA Bantam
1.  North East Wolfpack (15-3-2  98-42)
2.  Regina Pat Blues (15-3-1  106-48)
3.  West Central Wheat Kings (18-3-2  115-54)
4.  Swift Current Kabos Raiders (9-6-4  85-71)
5.  Sask Valley Vipers (10-8-3  85-68)


Anonymous said...

4 Alberta teams in top 6!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what ND did to drop out of the Top 10. I think you had them at #6 all season.

Anonymous said...

Ummmmmm - where are the T-birds on this list? They just won another game to reach 5 wins on the season!

Anonymous said...

BWC always rises to the top. They win Westerns, they win in the Hat, and they should keep the streak going with a win in St Albert.
So why all the rumours about Batchelor leaving or being replaced? I know he gets most all of the best talent to work with, but the guy has got to be bringing something to the table. Does the club just think they have a better candidate, or is JB retirng? I don't get it.
Any info from BWC people?

Anonymous said...

Batchelor knows when to hang his hat up,

he may be looking at the talent pool coming up and see no superstars he can replace with the talent leaving, too much recruiting and rebuilding required.

my oppinion is once Jager White goes back home, Dante Fabbro, Jake Kryski, Owen Seidel, Matt Barberris, and Cameron Ginnetti move on, so will BWC Legendary Coach.

Who knows, I may be wrong but you never know becuase it almost looks to make some real common sense.

Anonymous said...

T-Birds aren't here yet because we can't get the scouts out to watch us play. They dont realize how good we are. But they will. Give them time. They will find us.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry JB is coming back for at least a few more years. He has the job until HE wants to retire. These rumors are from people that have no clue about what going on.

Anonymous said...

I think Batchelor is going to take a job with one of the hockey academies, probably POE. But I dont think he's moving for another year, after he retires from his day job.

Anonymous said...

The calgary royals should win St. Albert. Awesome play lately. Just watch.

Anonymous said...

There should not be any drop of in talent for BWC next year. It will be a different balance, for sure ... not the stocked D-corp that they have this year, but with as much over-all talent. The A2 team is obviously their pipeline and this year's squad is actually a little better than last year's. All that is required is for a 2 or 3 recruits to come in next summer, as usual, and presto!

NSWC should be equally loaded however, so it will be another two horse race. Which, as anyone can see, is all it is this year.

Anonymous said...

BWC next year will not be even in the same league as this year. Not a top team in pee wee and have lost 3-4 players from that team. Unless " move in" they won't be that strong

Anonymous said...

Batchelor's style won't work with POE. Bad move for both if it's true.

Anonymous said...

January 16, 2013 at 9:13 PM
I agree. OHA is a better fit for Batchelor, and his reputation will help them recruit.

Anonymous said...

Why would JB go to this place, they are a mess. you did not see it in the weak tournaments they have been in most of the season. they players are not a 1st or even 2nd after the showing vs N. Dame. Williams is good against bad teams, but with the teams at St Albert. He was lost and not good at all. I hope the parents see what everyone else has known about this team. But you were warned months ago.

Anonymous said...

OHA will bounce back tommorrow