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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 24, 2013 Newsletter is now ready!

The January 24, 2013 newsletter is now ready.  In this edition of the newsletter, we update the Top 200 for 98's, Top 130 for 99's.  As well, stats have been updated for all players in the 98 and 99 age group with the exception of some PCAHA teams. The Top 40 western American players are updated.  With the completion of the John Reid Memorial Tournament, the rankings have been adjusted accordingly as some players really helped their cause while others have fallen.  There are several new players who are making their first appearance in the newsletter.

I had a chance to interview a big defenceman who played a solid shut-down role in St. Albert.  He doesn't play a flashy game by any means but is very steady nonetheless.

We speak with one of the top 99 born defenceman who was named to his leagues all-star team, which is no small honor.  He will be someone to watch as we head in to the 2014 Bantam Draft season and for the rest of this year with a top 10 team in western Canada.

Interviewed, is one of, if not the top defenceman in all of Western Canada.  He combines offence and defence and has routes in the WHL already from his family.

Lastly, we interview another top first year bantam player who is making a huge name for himself and will almost certainly be a first rounder in 2014 as well.

Team Rankings
The top 20 team rankings make its Seventh appearance in the newsletter.  Some major adjustments made on them with the completion of the John Reid Memorial Tournament.  A pair of Saskatchewan teams make their appearance on it as well.

John Reid Memorial Tournament Review
Reviewed is the John Reid Memorial Tournament.  We give several scouting reports within a game by game report.  There are nearly 20 full game reports from the tournament with dozens of players highlighted and scouted.


Anonymous said...

Here are my opinions of the PCAHA Flight 1 98 draft prospects so far this year as it relates to the latest WEHP rankings. This is the only league I watch these days, getting too old to travel. The WEHP rankings are usually quite near the target so thats where my scouting hobby starts, my thoughts are just my own.
The WHL draft looks for player potential not current skills. Although current skills are great they do not always transform into what is needed a few years down the road. A teams standing really shouldn't matter when it comes to ranking a player. Players can look good surrounded by other good players but fade away when challenged with adversity on a loosing team. Stats are great and can be entertaining but they are not everything. Dedication, work ethic, desire and sacrifice are just as important as skills and skating at this young age.

Solid top team
Shugrue-Elite goalie-Good ranking
Fabbro and Barberis are undoubtably the best pair of elite D in Flight 1. Both have great skills and vision, very worthy of their high ranking.
Kryski- OK ranking. White-good elite player, good ranking.
Uy - Fast but not a quick thinker. OK ranking.
Seidel - Average player-Ranking a bit high for me.

Solid top team
Anholt and Benjafield-fair rankings good draft potential.
Hannoun-good skillful player but very small. WHL?
Colebourn-good D fair ranking

A good average team
A lot of hype early about this team and none of it has happened.
Kelleway - good but not an elite goalie, could work on his agility.
Regush very average, ranked too high
Big team with even lines nothing to write home about.

A good average team
Paivarinta, Wickman and Skapski all good D worthy of rankings.
Olishevski-OK Ranking. Timid

Vancouver T-Birds
A nice average gritty team.
Georgeopoulos is their best D by far, solid work ethic and is worthy of his ranking. His size doesn't seem to be a problem. Strong kid.
Forwards don't impress. Average talent all around, no other draft prospects.

Good average team.
Gingras is the top forward. Agree with ranking but sometimes seems unfocused.
Gerth-this ranking I just don't understand. I see tall and thats it. Maybe I'm missing something. Ranked too high.
Lansdell-not as good as in Peewee, still a gritty player but doesn't show as much this year. Ranked too high.
Cholowski- nice steady skater but don't see much grit. OK ranking

South Delta
This team has just earned promotion to flight 1 and should fit in with the lower teams.
Weak goalies, D is slow to move the puck and unskilled.
Tilsley -Their best forward. Elite centreman, all around skills and intense work ethic, plays an edgy game. I really like this kid, he never quits. I rank him a lot higher.

A good average team.
Fantillo is their best forward looks like a winger not a Centreman. Has some speed and can finish, but I don't like his attitude, could pass more. Needs to work on team play to be more productive if he wants to move to the next level. Ranked too high.
No elite D to talk about.

An average team
Tallarico is their star player, could be ranked higher. Small but gets the job done. This kids skills are tremendous. Someone may take a chance on this kid. Technically good.
Bizzutto, big kid but slow and unsteady. Looks uninterested and lazy at times. Not sure about him at all. Ranked way too high for me.

An OK team fairly balanced. Don't see any good draft prospects here though.

Burnaby minor
Not a great team don't see any draft prospects here.

Anonymous said...

Nice oppinion

which one is your kid,

Tbirds are still the best team in PCAHA

Gingras is a top 10 pick

Anonymous said...

give it a break about the comments about the tbirds...we know its just some parent that dislikes the team we know its not ANYONE from the team

Anonymous said...

Nswc 4 elite forwards for thus years draft
Interested to see where they go

Anonymous said...

Good thing you were not in St Albert or Medicine Hat, your oppinion would have changed if you would have listened to the actual scouts present.

I can say, I was present and was approached by several scouts and listened to them complimenting kids on the postional play and smart hockey sense rather then the ones that over focused on their personal points and individual skill sets.

Good luck with your old style retired scouting opinnion and career as a WallMart Greater.

I guess in your eyes its what you currently see is all you think you get

take a look around you, there is a fool on every corner willing to listen to everyone that says he was a represenative or use to be scout.

WEHP does provide failry accurate information, and like everything in life this info is to be used as a tool to help people help their kids.

Anonymous said...

Nice scouting report, some good insights. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

January 23, 2013 at 10:52 AM
Thanks for posting. Interesting, thoughtful comments. Especially about the idea of Bantam players being ranked as "prospects". We're not necessarily talking about the best players, but the best prospects for Major Junior. It's why attitude, work-ethic and discipline are sooo important.
Now I'll offer my two cents on a few players from your list.

Fabbro and Barberis are truly elite players AND great prospects. Wouldn't look out of place in a Dub camp tomorrow. What we would all think of Shugrue if he played for a low-profile team, like Ridge Meadows or North Vancouver? I could be wrong, but my guess is he would not stand out. I think his reputation is based on the Winter Club's success.

I don't think Hannoun's size will be an issue in Junior A or even the Dub. Beyond that? Probably. See Gilbert Brule.

Regush is a mid-rounder. How high does WEHP put him?

Pavarinta is just BIG. But to your point about Junior prospects ... that's probably enough to warrant a pick.

Georgeopolous will be a good Jr B Dman, or maybe a 6th in the Dub. Late-rounder at best.

Gingras has the physical set but where's the hockey sense? Cholowski would frustrate a WHL Coach. Junior A should be his ambition.

South Delta
Tilsely is worth a mid-round pick, could make it in Major Junior.

Nothing there.

Tallarico is just too small. Like all little guys (players AND goalies) he looks faster than he really is. Technically he's great but I see the better players exploit his size all the time. Bizzutto just looks clumsy to me, but again ... that size is worth a pick. Sounds crazy to some but remember we're talking prospects here, not picking a 2013 All-Star team.

They have a '99 who looks possible but that's it.

Burnaby Minor
Nuttin there. At all.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that's pretty accurate rankings although I'm not as high on Gingras or jaeger white but do agree with Tilsley kid plays with a tenacity u don't see often, 200 ft player but takes undisciplined penalties

Anonymous said...

Jan 23, 10:52

stick with your day job as it seems your hobby scouting career isn't working out for you, what organization is it you represent?

"The WHL draft looks for player potential not current skills"

seems like many of the elite picks you have agreed with are against the WHL grain of thought.

Stop contradicting yourself and maybe some people would have followed you to your Koolaide stand

example: Gerth and Benjafield are identical players (tall, and lanky, need to improve on their skating, and require more skills - but they are improving throughout the season)

Scouts don't put kids down, they explain to the parents or guardians what the kids need to improve on.

I will be around at the Final Fours, Play-offs, Provincials and Westerns if you require any further assistance, I will be wearing a white jacket but it may look pink to you if you still have your rose colored glasses on

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your list and evaluations. Sorry. Some parents are not happy that you did not talk about their son. If they wanted to ddo the work themselves then they would, But none of them even know what to look at or look for. They are very bitter and they are getting it that little jonny is not a superstar and are angry. So they put down others. Again this is very good information and is close with the WEHP site.

Anonymous said...

January 23, 2013 at 1:10 PM

Good response. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

4:500 your scouts don't put players down, other parrents do that as you can see above. Stick to wearing pink jackets.

Anonymous said...

T birds solid in 3rd and final 4 contender .

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't read one comment string on this website without hearing a T-birds comment from the players, and the whining comments from the T-birds Parents..."It's not us, it's not us!". I can honestly say I have never experienced anything even remotely close this this. Strange, strange hockey culture.

Anonymous said...

January 23, 2013 at 1:10 PM

for all of you outside of BC , this person does not represent us by any means. He knows not what he speaks.
Just a angry misguided parent who takes joy in putting down others.

BTW Thank you for your info.
It helps 2 visions are better then 1. But when they both see them same. its proves they are correct.

Kevin Einprecht said...

January 23, 2013 at 10:52 AM
Good comments on what gets you drafted at this age. Also keep in mind that some kids won't get drafted because they've been clear about wanting to go the scolly route.

January 23, 2013 at 1:10 PM
I'd say you're bang on regarding the big bodies - Paivarinta and Bizzutto. Size will get them drafted. And who knows? They may pick up what they need to be successful. It's still a long road.

Carlson said...

I think the point of this website is to inform people about up and coming hockey players. It is not meant to be demeaning, to insult or put people down let alone children! Last time I checked hockey is a team sport so as the saying goes there is NO "I" in TEAM. Why people have to be so hateful and jealous is disgusting. Cyber bullying is what a lot of people are doing! The kids are reading this everyday so before you post your negative and hurtful comments stop and think, putting down teams and players is not the way to make better hockey players! The ultimate goal is to go as far as possible in hockey. Yes I am a Hockey parent and yes I do want to see my son accomplish his dream of one day being in the NHL. But putting down other kids is NOT going to help. So if you can't say anything nice remember karma is a B...H!

Western Elite said...

Ken - I would like to be able to post what you keep submitting but there a few things we won't post here any longer. That includes rankings, trolling posts and flaming.

Our main reason for having people submit a name or create an account to post, is to reduce the number of posts that really have no place on the board.

Anonymous said...

Carlson - January 24, 2013 at 9:32 PM
I don't see what you mean at all. I havn't see anything on this blog that could reasonably be called hateful. And I've seen absolutely NOTHING that amounts to anything at all like cyber-bullying.

Anonymous said...

January 27, 2013 at 5:45 PM

then my friend you have been on this site long enough.

There are 5 or 6 kids(98 born) that have been criticized by parents all season long,trying to promote others or family members. You do not need to go back too far to find these posts.

Its not what is written, its how its written.( and we only see the edited versions !) None of these parents would ever say these words to any player directly. All are in the top 30 at one time or another and play for the top 15 teams. I am sure many of us have them in our heads already. M

I think the post of 10:52 was done very tastefully. But getting the point across. To this person who did this Thank you. I would love to see this type of breakdown in Alberta.

Anonymous said...

I don't see what you mean at all. I havn't see anything on this blog that could reasonably be called hateful. And I've seen absolutely NOTHING that amounts to anything at all like cyber-bullying.

January 27, 2013 at 5:45 PM
Agree totally. People are critiquing players, it's simple. Along with this comes positive and negative comments. If parents can't handle this they really should stay away from blogs like this as their child will be critiqued more than this going forward. Not every negative comment about a players skills should be taken as a comment on their personality, kindness or off ice intelligence. I am sure most of these kids discussed are nice people. But that has nothing to do with how hard they shoot or their work ethic. I have never read anything that would come close to being bullying and I am sure that would not get through the moderator. Great blog with some great comments and discussions lately.
Kudos to 10:52am. Agree with your picks.

Anonymous said...

January 28, 2013 at 11:32 AM
Well said and explained. A critique of hockey skills should not be taken personally. Parents very often take this personally and overreact. Maybe listening more and reacting less would be more appropriate.