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Friday, January 18, 2013

John Reid Memorial Tournament - Day 3

SSAC vs. NSWC tomorrow afternoon!!!

Semi - Final Action
shots:  45-25 FINAL
-Jost kicked out midway on an iffy boarding call and SSAC took full advantage.

NSWC 5 - Notre Dame 3 FINAL - NSWC advance to tournament final
Shots:  35-32 NSWC
First Period
The Hounds just can`t seem to get much going so far and are starting to look a bit tired.  NSWC went ahead with 2 quick goals late in the period on goals from Tak Anholt and `99 born dman Nolan Kneen.  Dillon Dube and Kaden Elder have had some good hard work shifts but have nothing to show for it.  Nolan Reid has been good Defensively but not outstanding along with Newfoundlander Elijah Francis.  Hannoun and Anholt have been impressive so far with their speed, hustle and hands.

Second Period
Notre Dame goalie Brett Evens has had some rebound issues which has led directly to Benjafield PPG early in the 2nd.  He then added goal midway through the period with Mokhtari getting the assist.  The line of `99 Almeida, `99 and Anholt have dominated a lot in the tournament and always creating space for one another.  Mokhtari, Hannoun and Benjafield are also dominate in the offensive zone consistently.  We really like the level of compete that Hannoun brings as he`s not the biggest guy in the world but plays a big game - same goes for Burgart who also has another strong game for NSWC.  Burgart is not flashy by any means but does his job in his end and knows his limits on the ice.  The Hounds responded with a PPA of there own from big Tyran Brown who banted in a a rebound shot of Nolan Reid.  The entire D-core of NSWC has been extremely sold - limiting ND`s chances and boxing out in front of Luding to see.

Third Period
The Hounds started to put some good shifts togther and control the play midway through the 3rd but it wasn`t enough.  They got goals from Brady Third and Gage Ramsey who had some strong shifts throughout the 3rd and showed a lot of hustle in the loss.  Elder and Dube also had some good shifts creating offense but the NSWC defence and Luding were up to the task for the most part.  We thought `99 born Nolan Kneen played well in this game and was rewarded with a goal and 2 assists.  He can be an offensive threat but needs to remember his own end a bit more sometimes.  Dante Hannoun and Quinn Benjafield had an assist in the 3rd as they both played extremely well.  Tak Anholt was good but not outstanding in this game.  Jordy Bellerive has people double checking the roster to make sure he is a `99 born!

Sherwood Park 6 - Red Deer Black 4
Shots:  34-30 Red Deer

OHA 1 - Calgary Northstar Sabres 2  (FINAL SO)
Shots 44-20 OHA
First Period
This games has really lacked intensity from the get go.  The offensive chances have been few and far between to this point.  OHA's entire d-core has played - litmiting the Northstars #1 line of Aucoin/Dunn to very few chances.  Beck Malenstyn is back in the lineup and has made an immediate impact as he has an assist on Carter Kyles hard work in front where he out-muscled Yewchuk and banged it in.  Malenstyn also had a great PK shifts and is a good leader - working hard every shift for OHA.  Koch hasn't stood out in this one yet.  Ryan Kielty and Liam Nijhoff have also shown a lot of jump and both play well in the d-zone and on the PK.  Yewchuk hasn't been overly impressive as for being the biggest kid in the tournament and still needs much improvement in his skating.  Although it has improved in recent months and shot will need a bit of work moving forward too.

Second Period
Not much happening at all in this game but OHA has continued to impress with a solid defensive game.  All defenceman have played solid in moving the puck up the ice and limiting the Northstars to a few scoring chances.  Anagnostopolous hasn't seen much work but absolutely robbed Brayden Dunn on a rebound in tight, late in the period.  Malenstyn has continued his strong play and some nice rushes in finding the open ice and isn't afraid of the high traffic areas like some of the skilled guys can be.  Koch has had some good shifts as well - showing speed, creativity and is good on the PK.  OHA's PK have all been outstanding.  The Northstars are looking rather flat and just can't seen to get much going.  Chase Goods has played some good defence he's not overly flashy but makes the simple players.  Connor Page has also shown a lot of hustle for the Stars.  Hildebrand hasn't had to make to many tough stops but is keeping his team in it.

Third Period
The play picked up in the 3rd as the Northstars tied the game midway through the period.  Parker Aucoin finally broke through and used his good shot, scoring for the Stars.  He has been more noticeable in the 3rd.  Both teams defences are playing strong as well as both goaltenders when called upon.  It is a treat to watch Beck Malenstyn as he plays a tremendous game at both ends of the rink.  He has great speed, vision, IQ, creativity and leads his team by example.  Koch also played well, using his speed.  Kielty, Kyle and Nijhoff have all had strong games as well and all 3 play a hard-nosed, gritty game and like to mix it up a bit.  Rizzolo and Stevens both look extremely solid on OHA`s backend.

Heading to a shootout.  Jordan Fizanza took a 5 minute major in the final minute of OT but Hildebrand was strong for Calgary Northstar Sabres.

OHA - KOCH (miss)
Stars - Dunn (goal)
OHA - Ward (miss)
Stars - Aucoin (miss)
OHA - Malenstyn (miss)

Edmonton MLAC 4 - St. Albert 3 FINAL
Shots:  21-14 Edmonton

Calgary Royals 5 - Winnipeg Monarchs 5 (14 mins remaining)
Shots:  27-25 Royals

Quarter - Final Action
POE 3 - Lloydminster 2 FINAL
shots: 29-27 Lloydminster
First Period
The Heat are really controlling the play for the most part with the exception of 2 late POE PP's.  The Heat defence core are playing extremely well, shutting down the POE top forwards.  POE's PK units have played well limiting the Heat's PP to minimal opportunities.  Cole Johnson, Zane Franklin and Tre Doyon have all thrown some big hits and all play a gritty game.  We are especially  impressed with Doyon's hustle, gritty play and d-zone work as well as PK work.  We really liked '99 born Zane Franklins play but it looks like he could work on conditioning a bit moving forward.  Cole Johnson has shown a tone of strength and is a force on most shifts.  For POE, forward Marcus Mitchell continues to a physical force, he's not super big at 5'9 134lb but plays with a tonne of heart and we've enjoyed viewing him!  Kale Clague once again exiting the zone with ease and is truely dominant.

Second Period
Two quick goals by Dallas Goodwin give POE the early lead in the 2nd period.  The 2nd goal was a weak goal from outside the blueline as Heat goalie Dow was then pulled in favor of McGrath.  The Heat responded midway through the 2nd with a nice backhand goal by Doyon who continues to play a great game.  He plays with a tonne of heart and is a great penalty killer.  Kale Clague continues his strong play - he always has his head up and rarely makes a bad decision out of his own end.  He has had some nice offensive rushes as well.  Marcus Mitchell continues to make his presence felt with his agitation skills and ability to draw penalties.  Jost and Mcdonald have yet to be a factor in this one as well as Shaw of the Heat.  Although Shaw is competing very hard.  The D-pairing of Jarrett and Bishop have also been strong in their own end for POE.  Nathan Spark in goal for POE is also playing well, although he can look somewhat awkward at times in goal for POE.

Third Period
A very competitive 3rd period with back and forth action.  Late in the 3rd, Kale Clague hit the post and then POE's Kutkevicius then picked up the puck, headed up the ice beating the Heat defender wide and went backhand for a beautiful individual effort and the GWG.  Mason Shaw made a beautiful move around a POE penalty killer and then dished to Clague who made no mistake and showed off his powerful one-timer.  Hines also had an assist and now has 2.  Clague and Shaw both stepped up there games and had outstanding 3rd period.  Shaw likes to play with an edge and works hard but can sometimes take some penalties which can be costly.  Doyon also played well in the 3rd and played an overall stellar game.  Jost and Mcdonald had some nice shifts but couldn't beat McGrath who was solid after replacing Dow.

Calgary Bisons 1 - North Shore Winter Club 3 FINAL
Shot:  36-20 Bisons

Burnaby Winter Club 0 - SSAC Southgate Lions 3  FINAL 
shots:  33-20  SSAC

Notre Dame 4 - Winnipeg Hawks 1 FINAL
shots:  34-18 Notre Dame

-Stay tuned in throughout the day again for the period by period updates or follow on twitter.  Good night.


Anonymous said...

Teams that should rise in WEHP's ranking:
Notre Dame
St Albert

Teams that should fall in WEHP's ranking:
Calgary NorthStar Sabres
Winnipeg Monarchs

Anonymous said...

They had Notre Dame in the 6 spot for the longest time before dropping them. That is mostly due to the fact that teams 6-12 were/are so close. After the top 5 of BWC, NSWC, Bisons, SSAC, Lloyd, different teams will rise and fall. St. Albert doesn't belong as a top 10 team though. MLAC has spent lots of time in the top 10 and may return.

Anonymous said...

MLAC organization needs to take a look in the mirror and re-evaluate what they have accomplished this season. They have had an agenda from the get-go to showcase 2 forwards and a goalie at the expense of the development of the other players on the team. It is obvious that there depth is suspect and it shows at a tournament like this. Parents and kids are very disappointed at how things have developed over the course of the season.

Anonymous said...

January 19, 2013 at 8:10 AM
Have to agree, MLAC was badly outplayed by Lloyd yesterday.

Anonymous said...

POE is another that should jump up the ranking. They were too low before anyway.

Anonymous said...

I thought BWC was so much better then everyone. Huh???? It will be interesting to hear the excuses or do they blame their goalie?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Someone from BWC was wondering what happened to Alberta hockey. Last time I checked SSAC was in Alberta. I guess Alberta hockey is in good shape after all!

Anonymous said...

MLAC isn't a great team, but they do have some very good players. Their style of play does not indicate great coaching and they can be very sloppy at times. They just power the puck up the ice at times rather than relying on team work. However, they are not a one line team. Volcan, Jevne, and Readman are all very gifted, but Dilullo and Denardis are very skilled as well. I also like big defenseman Connor Rokosh as I think he has pretty good potential. 99s Gorda and Sieben should both be very strong next year and I don't think 99 Overton's numbers match his ability. He is a fairly good skater.

Anonymous said...

The coverage WEHP has supplied for this tournament has been horendous. Glaring errors and not as up to date as it really should be IMO. Paying for this info and the newsletter ass wipe is a complete joke. The ranking are so far off it is histaricle.

Anonymous said...

You people make me laugh. You'll all have short lives as bitching and complaining is not the secret to longevity. With the exception of maybe a couple of weaker teams on any given day/night anyone one of these teams can be beaten by one another. I'm not a BWC parent but if you think one loss to SSAC somehow means their not one of the top teams on western Canada examine your thought process. POE has NEVER beaten OHA yet OHA looses by an empty net goal and POE moves on in their pool. As far as coverage of the tournament goes its been great! As far as your disappointment with the rankings come up with your own rankings and put your son at the top you'll feel much better and live longer! What a collection of people you are that post this crap. Keep up the good work western elite.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to POE, Their goaltending held up and were full value for the win today.
Ditto SSAC.
BWC is another squad with questionable goaltending, but that's not what cost them today. The team most heavily equipped on Defence is also one of the most anemic offensively among elite squads. They brought in Jaeger White to address this deficiency but he has not fulfilled expectations. His stock has been falling all season. As the old joke goes, it's really hard to win when you don't score any goals.
NSWC is a team that produces plenty of offense and today they beat a very complete Bison's team. Benjafield has been a real surprise (to me at least).
Didn't get to so any of the ND game, but I've been a believer in their potential for a couple months and I'll enjoy every minute of their battle with the Winter Club Hawks.
This is great stuff and my compliments to WEHP on the coverage here and on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the POE pretenders (as somone earlier referred to them) you came up big when it was needed.

Nice to see the boys who don't get any ink or praise enjoy some success and come through in the clutch to help their team gain victory.

As for the horrific defence crew, surely you did a good job today, well done!

To the much maligned goalkeeper...great job! keep up the good work!

To the clown who keeps criticizing this site and it's coverage,unless you have something better to offer...go away, nobody is giving your petty posts any credibility whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

St Albert looks like they have shaken off the rust....That Connor Deighton is a force out there, playing both forward and Defence exceptionally well.

BWC was a little disappointing as the hype was large but they are barely teenagers and ups and downs are expected. Dante Fabbro is a nice player to watch, very skilled.

They caliber of the tournament is fantastic, this must be one of the best crops of Bantams in a while.

Benson and his club should end up on top....but no matter what who wins, great hockey.

Anonymous said...

January 19, 2013 at 9:49 AM

of course they will blame their goalie, as they have done all season long when they lose or win. Both goalies played well. BWC had many penalties, LOL Yeap they will blame him for this as well.

3 Private clubs advance and SSAC.
Good game boys. 2 more to go.

Anonymous said...

Even if some criticism of their goaltending is fair I don't think it has ever cost BWC a game this season. Today was no different.
They couldn't score!
SSAC gets some credit for that obviously but the Bruins don't score many at the best of times. Dante and the D is our strength. Goal scoring can't be lead from behind.
Congrats to the Lions.

Anonymous said...

A comment/question about OHA. They ARE a good team, however, I feel they may have been unprepared for this tournament. They eventually showed they could play at this level, but perhaps playing below their level at previous tournaments left them unprepared for the day to day grind at this level?

Anonymous said...

Correction in mlac sta game shots were 25 27 mlac as well as a few miscounted for both teams

Anonymous said...

The Jost call was bs!

Anonymous said...

Notre Dame is getting no help from their second and third lines. Taylor Ross is really out of shape with nothing left in the tank. Most of his points are when there is nothing at stake. Messier is a great coach. He has done a good job on development no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...

What does it cost to be a member of the NSWC?

Anonymous said...

Agree with 133.

Everytime SSAC needs a call they get it. They get the late power play against OHA and then this call.

Looks like the Alberta refs want to look after SSAC .

Hopefully NSWC. Doesn't get shafted in the final like they did against MLAC.

Anonymous said...

Read the comment on N Shore d doing a good job. What they are doing is screening off and interfering .

A good referee would call them in it all night. They have their sticks all over the hands. They are taught to use their sticks. Too much illegal stick work. It was very evident in the game against Bisons.

Anonymous said...

Wow Ross hater sad part is you pretend to be friends hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Give nswc credit fast good game nd played ok but all out of gas .. 3 on def got hurt for nd which meant 2 played and struggled ns kept feet moving

Anonymous said...

OHA has had many people kicked out of games this tournament, and is missing a 99 born forward, with a weak AA team they don't have options if another gets suspended or injured

Anonymous said...

Last year at Westerns SSAC had issues with their best players being a bit gassed in the final. Harnett is a terrific coach, but hopefully he learned from that and his top players still have something left in the tank. If not SSAC could be in trouble as NSWC has tremendous forward depth (two enviable lines).

Anonymous said...

North Shore will beat SSAC in the final

Anonymous said...

Really? The kid who got hit never came back to play in the game. Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Jan , 4-13 , south side left the door poem on the hit so give your head a shack , bad call and ruined a good game

Anonymous said...

Beat SSAC. You must be from BC and rolling up far to many left siders!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I cannot believe how out of touch and ignorant that some parents that post on this site can be. To say that MLAC is trying to showcase 2 players and a goalie is the farthest thing from the truth there can be. Our team has played them 3 times this year and they have always given us a tough hard game. They play their systems well and if you don't like the fact that Two possible 1st round picks play more than your kid go back to snowbank hockey as this is Bantam AAA. You should thank your lucky stars for those two players as you won the EBIT tourney, you are on the verge of going 3-1-1 in the John Reid and you have a playoff spot locked up. Be proud MLAC

Anonymous said...

Hey 10.05

Yes from BC. And guess what? Another BC team skates by the top Alberta team with 6 first years .

And I will predict it now NSWC will be the top team in Western Canada next year .

Better team some of this Alberta teams therevis more to the game then head shots and cheap shots.

Anonymous said...

Having seen MLAC play a handful of times this year. They have skill coming from the backend that goes un-noticed. Gorda is one of my favorite 99's to watch. Herdlika, Rokosh, Wood, and Belcourt, are all great skaters with improving ability to make plays and play defense.
Ps. sorry if this came up twice the first one said it failed.